Top 7 lakes to visit in Germany

Autumn has kicked in which means it’s time to do some hiking and picnics in nature! Replace the pebbles on the beach with colourful leaves in the woods, or maybe hit some of the lakes – in Germany. Yep, you heard it! Not only does Germany has some of the best ski resorts in the Alps, but it also has mesmerising, beautiful lakes. Check out our top 7 pick of the most stunning lakes in Germany!

1) Köningsee

Literally translated, the name of this lake would mean “king’s lake” which is not entirely untrue. Although there had not been kings in Bavaria since the 19th century, Köningsee can proudly carry this title at least because of its crystal clear water which doesn’t cease to amaze its visitors. The major part of the lake is located on the territory of Berchtesgaden National Park, the only national park in the German Alps. For the full experience, visitors have two options at disposal: a boat ride to St Bartholomew’s Church or to Pier Salet Alm at the upper part of the lake or simply rent their own paddle boat and enjoy the scenery at their own pace. Rules for visitors, timetables and prices Köningsee for can be found here.

How to get to Köningsee:

  • The closest train station is located in Berchtesgaden. From there you can take the buses to Königssee (line 841 and 842) and Schönau (line 842, 843 and 846).

2) Alpsee

A lake beneath castles? Sounds like a fairytale! The Alpsee is located in the in the Ostallgäu district of Bavaria. It has almost five kilometres of shoreline and up to 62 metres of depth. In the vicinity of the lake the visitors can find two amazing castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castle. Visitors are advised to visit the lake in the early morning if they want to avoid crowd later. Whether you want to take a swim in the crystal clear lake or row a boat around the lake, the fun is guaranteed. Also, nature lovers can go for a hike on the hiking trails near the lake and simply relax or have a picnic.

How to get to Alpsee:

  • The closest town to the Alpsee is Füssen from which the visitors can take a local bus line nr. 73 or 78. The closest airport is Munich Airport and from Munich to Füssen takes around 3 hours of drive.

3) Bodensee

Bodensee has probably the most interesting location of all lakes on the list and that’s because it is surrounded by three different countries – Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Also known as the Lake Constance, Bodensee makes the largest lake in Germany and it’s quite popular tourist destination during spring and autumn. Besides enjoying the beauty of the lake, visitors should definitely pay a visit to the nearby town of Constance. This town, rich with history is perfect for an evening stroll after spending the day on the lake. Whether you prefer to go shopping, try some local food or visit the attractions, Constance is your pick number one.

How to get to Bodensee:

  • The best option to reach the lake is to reach first the town of Friedrichshafen by bus or train. The closest larger cities near Bodensee are Stuttgart or Munich.

4) Lake Laach

A lake inside of a volcano? It’s possible in Rhine Valley! To be more precise, Laacher See is an 8 km wide caldera filled with a lake. How did this happen? Well, the eruption of the volcano happened almost 13 000 years ago and it was so strong that the ash from the eruption can still be found in parts of the North Sea. Some geologists claim that the volcano is still pretty active, considering the fact that the lake sometimes produces “bubbles” caused by CO2, suggesting there still might be magma under the lake. Nonetheless, the visitors can enjoy the beauty of the lake with a paddle boat available for rent. For an overnight stay, visitors have a nearby campsite at their disposal.

How to get to Lake Laach:

  • The closest city to Lake Laach is the city of Koblenz, located 37 km southeast of the lake. From there we suggest to rent a car in case you don’t have your own since there’s no organised public transport to the lake.

5) Eibsee

Eibsee is what you would call a paradise for Instagram enthusiasts. The lake has beautiful crystal clear emerald water and it is surrounded by colorful trees and mountains. Sounds like a winning combo for every traveller who loves snapping photos of nature. Another interesting fact about the lake is that it lies just under the highest mountain peak in Germany, Zugspitze. Almost 3000 m above sea level will give you an impressive panoramic view of the lake and its surrounding area. Getting to the peak is not a problem at all since there is a cable car available at Eibsee lake.

How to get to Eibsee:

  • Eibsee is located 9 kilometres southwest of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and it can be reached by Cogwheel train from the main train station in Garmisch → timetable

6) Lake Tegel

Located near Berlin Tegel Airport, this amazing lake is a great place to visit with a family, especially families with small children. And why is that so? Well, besides having colourful pedal boats available for rent, you can also spend some quality time with your kids at the Robinson Crusoe playground. The playground is large enough for kids to play on wooden houses or ropes while parents can enjoy a nice picnic. And if that’s not enough, you can try local specialties at one of the restaurants located along the lake waterfront. A lunch with a romantic view – sounds tempting to us!

How to get to Lake Tegel:

  • If arriving from Berlin, take train S25 from Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station to Tegel station. From there take local bus line 133 to bus stop An der Mühle (Berlin). It is the closest bus stop to the playground.

7) Lake Müritz

The one thing that makes this lake stand out among the other lakes on this list are the gorgeous colourful cabin-boathouses. The lake is the largest in the state of Mecklenburg–West Pomerania and it is also part of Müritz National Park. Besides doing a scenic boat ride across the lake, the visitors can choose between a large number of cycle trails or do a guided walk which the national park provides regularly. If you’re a bird lover, there’s a big chance you might catch a glimpse of rare white-tailed eagle. A great opportunity for a stress-free day trip, would you agree?

How to get to Lake Müritz:

  • The closest town to Lake Müritz is Waren and it can be easily reached by a bus from Neubrandenburg. The closest airport is Berlin Tegel, 2-hour drive from the lake.

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