Bosnian airports

Currently there are 4 airports in Bosnia which has international flights, usually they handle a bit more than 2 mio. passengers.

Sarajevo Airport –  IATA code SJJ

~ 1 million passengers

The busiest airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not surprisingly the airport by Sarajevo, the airport is located 8 km driving distance from the Sarajevo center, here you can read about getting to and from the airport. The airport has whole year connections to towns like Ljubljana, Belgrade, Zagreb, Brussels, Istanbul as well as several towns in Germany in addition there are several seasonal flights. If you are travelling to other destinations in Bosnia, you can do so from the Railway or even better from the bus station in Sarajevo which has connections to the whole country.

Tuzla Airport – IATA code TZL

~ 500.000 passenger

The Tuzla airport is the second largest airport in Bosnia, the airport is located 14 km driving distance southeast of Tuzla center, a taxi to the center of town should be around 10-12 Euro make sure to agree on price before entering the cab. From the airport there is also shuttle bus to Tuzla, Sarajevo and Banja Luka, if you need to get to other city, you should go to the bus station in Tuzla, from where you buses to most parts of Bosnia. Almost all the flights to and from Tuzla airport is operated by WIZZ air from Hungary, which use the airport as a Hub.

Mostar Airport – IATA code OMO

~ 75.000 passengers

The airport in Mostar is the third busiest airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the airport is located 7.5 km south / southeast of Mostar center, getting from the airport to town is quite easy, here you can see the options. If you need to travel to e.g Medjugorje or other places in Bosnia, you should either book a transfer directly from the airport or go to the bus station in Mostar, from you have buses to many parts of the country.  Current there is no whole year connections to Mostar airport, but there is quite a few seasonal routes e.g from Rome, Milan, Bergamo and many other Italian towns.  Alternative airport to Mostar is either Sarajevo or Split in Croatia.

Banja Luka Airport – IATA code BNX 

~ 100.000 passengers

The Banja Luka airport or as it is also called the Mahovljani Airport is the smallest of the 4 international airports, the airport is located about 25 km northeast of the town center, unfortunately there is no bus from the airport, so you should either grab a taxi or walk to the main road, which is 800 metre from the terminal, here you can catch a bus to Banja Luka. From Banja Luka bus station, you have connection to most parts of Bosnia. Currently the only scheduled flight to and from the Airport is an Air Serbia flight to Belgrade.

Other airports in Bosnia

There are several smaller airports with grass runways, this inlcude Bihać Golubić Airport, Glamoč Airport, Prijedor Urije Airport and Livno Airport Stipe Krišto, currently there is no plans to introduce commercial traffic to any of these airports

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Map of Airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring countries:

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