Buying a single ticket on Getbybus

This document explains in detail how to purchase a single (one way) bus ticket on our website (If you are reading this on a mobile phone or tablet, the illustrations shown in this post will look differently on your device, but the principle will be the same).

Selecting your route

On the home page of, which looks like image 1 below, you have to do the following.

  1. Select departure station – (where you wish to travel from)
  2. Select destination station – (where you wish to travel to)
  3. Select travel date
  4. Select number of passengers (by the categories on Image 1)
  5. Press “SEARCH”
On the website, you will now see a list (if any) of the available departures for the route and travel date you picked on the home screen. As illustrated on the image below you can easily switch your travel date by using the Quick date picker above the result list. If you wish to do a new search between other cities, you can use the search form at the top of the screen.

Information about routes

  • When you click on one of the routes listed in the search result, the route will expand and display special info which applies to the specific route. As you can see on Image3 below, you can see a map of the driving route of the bus, details about the stops and way points (e.g. borders).
  • The majority of buses depart from the main bus station, but in case the bus DOES NOT depart from the main bus station in the city you travel from, there will be listed some special stops like the example shown on Image 3. (You can read more about finding your bus departure location here.).
  • Last but not least, it is stated if the bus company operating the route you have picked require you have a printed ticket to board the bus or is it an M-ticket (as in the case on Image 3).

Once you have found the route you wish to travel on – click on the blue “BUY TICKET” button which will take you to the sign in process.

Routes not available online

On some search results you might see the following displayed:

  1. Sold out at Means we have no more tickets available online, you might be able to find tickets at sales agents or at the bus station. However, we can’t provide any information about availability at other sales points.
  2. Online sale closed: Means that online purchase of tickets for the departure is no longer possible. Tickets might be available at other sales points. However, we can’t provide any information about availability at other sales points.
  3. Not available online: Means that tickets for this departure can not be purchased online. Tickets might be available at other sales points. However, we can’t provide any information about availability at other sales points.

SIGN IN on Getbybus

To purchase a ticket on you need to be signed in to our system, so the first screen you will see after clicking the “My tickets” at the search result is the screen shown here:

On this screen (Image 5 above) please note the TIMER (19:29 minutes); this means that the tickets you have picked are reserved for 19 minutes and 29 seconds and once the timer reaches 00:00 your tickets will automatically be released so that other travellers can purchase the ticket. If you wish to purchase them you should complete your purchase before the timer reaches 00:00.

At the top of the screen (Image 5) you see a button saying “my tickets”; when you click on the button the following screen will be visible.

If it is the first time you purchase a ticket you have two options:

  • Sign up using a Google account by clicking on the ˝Sign up with Google˝ icon (Image 6), if you do so, please remember that you will receive your bus ticket on the E-mail account attached to your Google plus account
  • The second option is to click on “SIGN UP” (as shown on Image 6) which will take you to our sign up screen.

If you have already used to purchase a ticket you can sign in to our system using the e-mail and password or Google plus account you used by your prior purchase and then continue from there on.

SIGN UP (Registering) on Getbybus

At the sign up screen on (Image 6 below), you will have to enter your e-mail, name and a password of your choice.

Pay attention to adding a correct e-mail address because if you enter a wrong one you will not receive your ticket after you have completed your purchase.

The name you enter on the Sign up screen will automatically be transferred as first passenger to any ticket you wish to purchase but you can overwrite this during the purchase process.

Adding more passengers to your ticket

Once you have picked your ticket and are signed in to, you will see a screen (Image 7) below; pay attention to the timer (marked red box) and the blue box with the information about the route you are in the process of buying a ticket for (check if the cities and the travel dates are correct).

Once you filled in the information about the passengers you previously selected, you are able to add more passengers by clicking the button (as shown in the Image 7) and repeat the procedure by filling in the required information.

NOTE: You can add as many passenger as you want provided there are still seats available, but keep an eye on the TIMER,because this is the time you have left to complete your purchase (including the time spent on adding your credit card details).

Red button “Remove” – remove passengers you have previously added

If you have a voucher code, you can click the text ”VOUCHER CODE? Click here” (number 2 on Image 7), an empty field will show up where you can enter the code and press ”APPLY”. Pay attention to the total price amount which should be changed according to the voucher.

Buying a ticket via CorvusPay

For the payment of your bus ticket you will be redirected to the site of our payment provider, which looks like the image you see below. On this site you have to enter you credit card details as well as your personal data and once filled out, you can press the “Pay” button which will initiate the 3D secure payment process.
  • The 3D secure payment is an additional security layer attached to your credit card. Depending on your bank’s procedure for 3D secure, you might have to enter a pin or use a token code to confirm the payment.
  • In case your payment was not registered successfully, you will get an error message. In most cases the error is related to the 3D secure, so you will have to contact your bank and check how you can pay with 3D secure.
  • If your payment is accepted you will be redirected back to our system where you will see the following screen:

We HIGHLY recommend you click on the big blue button “My tickets” which takes you to your account on; from here you should download and save your ticket. Our system will of course also send the ticket to your e-mail address but in case you have mistyped your E-mail by the registration, you are not dependent on the E-mail.

From the My tickets area, you can also click on the city name from where you are travelling to see the information about the bus departure location.


  1. Tim   •  

    Hello, any bus connections today 18.10.2021 from Zagreb to banja Luka ? And when?

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Tim,

      yes, there are 2 available departures for today, check them on the link and book your tickets easily.

      Have a nice trip!
      GBB Team

  2. Jessie   •  

    I can’t find a place to buy Dubrovnik airport shuttle bus ticket. From Dubrovnik airport to old city.

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Jessie,

      unfortunately, we do not have the route Dubrovnik Airport – Dubrovnik at this moment.
      You can purchase your tickets on the official website of Platanus agency or before the ride at the airport.

      Best regards,
      GBB Team

  3. Tom C   •  

    Where can I get a bus from New york city to JFK?

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Tom,

      check out our JFK Airport guide and find out all the information on how to get from New York to JFK Airport.

      GBB Team

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