Rome Airports Guide

Rome has two airports – Fiumicino and Ciampino, serving more than 45 million passengers annually, making Rome the busiest Italian city in airline traffic.

Both airports operate with international airlines, thus offering flights to most of the countries in the world.

In this guide we’ll summarise important and useful information about Rome airports.

Airports in Rome

Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) is the main airport in Rome, located about 35km from the city center. Fiumicino is one of the largest international airports in Italy, and in 2018 it served more than 43 million passengers. It is the main hub for Alitalia and Vueling, but also has flights for low-cost airlines like easyJet and Ryanair. Fiumicino is well connected with the city of Rome, and you can get there easily by train or bus. Read more about reaching the city in our Fiumicino airport guide.

Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA)
is the smaller of two Rome airports, but it’s located about 13km southeast from the city center, thus being the closest airport to Rome. In 2018, Ciampino served a bit less than 6 million passengers, offering flights from low-cost companies like Ryanair and Wizz Air. Like Fiumicino, Ciampino also has great connections to Rome, so passengers can use public transportation or airport transfers to reach Rome’s historic city center. More about getting to Rome center can be found in our airport bus guide.

How to get from Rome airports to Rome city center

Both Rome airports have a variety of connections and offer multiple ways to reach the city center, all of which can be seen in the table provided below.  The most used form of transportation to and from Rome airports is the airport shuttle bus because it is the quickest and the most economic option for the passengers.


Fiumicino Airport

Ciampino Airport

Airport shuttle


Public bus





  • Beware that Ciampino train station is not directly at the airport, so you would need to take a 5 minute bus ride to get there.
  • ATAC, Rome’s public transportation service does not have a luggage compartment, so you would need to carry it into the seating area.
  • Make sure to validate your ticket when traveling with Rome’s public transportation.

Which Rome airport is the best?

Choosing the best Rome airport to fly into depends on your preferences – where your accommodation is located, where you’re departing from and your purpose of visiting Rome.

When traveling to Rome center

For those who want to visit the historic city of Rome and sights like the Colosseum, Spanish steps or Trevi fountain, one way is to reach Termini station.

Termini is the main railway station and a hub for public transport in Rome, and it has regular connections from both Rome airports.
Once there, it is easy to reach other sights in the city.

The nearby Monti district is just a couple of minutes away, while Trastevere district and Pantheon church are directly connected to Termini station.

When traveling to places near Rome

Civitavecchia port, the closest port to Rome for cruise ships is also reachable from both of Rome’s airports, however it’s necessary to take at least one additional line to get to reach the port.

From Fiumicino airport, you’ll need to go to the city center, get off at Trastevere station and then change lines and take the train towards Civitavecchia.
From Ciampino airport, you’ll need to go to Termini station and then take the train to Civitavecchia.

Additionally, you could take an airport bus to Termini station, and then take another bus to reach Civitavecchia.

Vatican City, the city-state in the very heart of Rome, is one of the top attractions among visitors. To reach the famous St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica the best option would be to go by metro or bus line 40 or 64 from Roma Termini.

There are direct train connections from Fiumicino train station to Tiburtina, Barberini and Ostiense train stations.
And if you’re going to or from Ciampino airport to Rome, you can reach these stations from Termini.

If your accommodation is located in greater Rome area, you can use suburban trains to get there.
There is a FL1 train going from Fiumicino airport to northern Rome districts, while FL6 and FL8 trains connect southern districts with Ciampino airport.

Traveling from Rome airports to other cities

If you’re planning your trip from Rome airports to other cities in Italy or cities in neighboring countries, you can find transportation on GetByBus homepage, or see some of the available routes in the table below.


Fiumicino airport

Ciampino airport

Rome airport to Florence

Fiumicino airport to Florence

Rome airport to Naples

Fiumicino airport to Naples

Ciampino airport to Naples

Rome airport to Sorrento

Rome airport to Pescara

Fiumicino airport to Pescara

Rome airport to Siena

Rome airport to Perugia

Rome airport to Venice

Rome airport to Salerno

Fiumicino airport to Salerno

Rome airport to Ravello

Rome airport to Amalfi

Rome Airports Map

Rome Airports FAQs

  • Are there hotels near Rome airports?
    Yes, there are plenty of hotels near both Rome airports. Hilton hotel at Fiumicino is the only hotel within walking distance of airport, and directly connected to passenger terminals. All the other hotels near Fiumicino require a transfer or a shuttle to reach them. As for Ciampino, you’d need to leave the airport area to find accommodation and use either a shuttle or a transfer to reach them.
  • Is there a free WiFi service at Rome airports?
    Yes, there is unlimited free WiFi service available at both Rome airports.
  • Are there money exchange and luggage storage services at Rome airports?
    Currency exchange is available at both Rome airports, along with ATMs
    Fiumicino airport has a luggage storage located in Terminal 3, with a fee of 6 euros per suitcase for 24 hours (or part of) from the time of deposit.
    Ciampino airport does not offer luggage storage service.
  • How early to arrive when departing from Rome airports?
    It is recommended to arrive at Rome airports at least two hours before flight departure for domestic flights, and at least three hours before flight for international flights.
    Keep in mind that sometimes, due to traffic, getting to Rome airports can take longer than usual.
  • How to get from one Rome airport to another?
    Unfortunately, there are no direct lines between Rome airports, nor by public transport or a shuttle. To get from one airport to another, you could either book a taxi or transfer, or go to Termini station in Rome, from where you could reach both airports.


  1. Linda murphy   •  

    Hi can you tell me if there is a bus to Vatican city in Rome and any hotels in that area thank you

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Linda,

      the fastest way to get to Vatican city from the airport is to catch a train at the airport that takes you to Roma Termini.
      From Roma Termini you can continue by metro line A to the station Cipro (Musei Vaticani).
      Yes, you can find accommodation options in that area.

      Best regards,
      Maja GBB Team

      • Linda carrington   •  

        My accommodation is Aurelius Art Gallery Hotel. Does the buses from Ciampino airport pass it on its way to Rome ?

        • Maja   •  

          Hi Linda,

          unfortunately no, the train takes you to Roma Termini. From there you need to switch to a metro line taking you to Battistini.

          GBB Team

  2. Steve Grillo   •  

    What airport is best to fly into if wanting to first see the coliseum the day before our cruise leaves the day after?

    • Maja Tramontana   •  

      Hi Steve,

      in your case, you can fly both to Fiumicino and Ciampino. From both airports, you will first need to reach Roma Termini.
      From Roma Termini, you can continue by metro line B to Colosseum.

      GBB Team

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