Airports in Arkansas

There are only a handful of Arkansas airports to fly into when visiting this state. However, they’re well connected to other US cities, mostly via American Eagle, Delta Connection and Allegiant Air airlines. Currently, there are 8 small and nonhub airports in Arkansas, offering commercial flights. Little Rock Airport and Fayetteville Airport are the only ones with significant air traffic. Besides them, there are dozens of general aviation airports which don’t provide scheduled flights. Note there is a map of Arkansas airports available at the end of the section, to help you visualize where each airport is located.

List of airports

Little Rock Airport – IATA Code – LIT (~ 2.2 M Passengers )

Little Rock Airport serves Little Rock City in Central Arkansas. Airport has a few other names, most notably Clinton National Airport, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport and Adams Field. Airport is the largest in Arkansas, located about 9 km east of Little Rock. Among airlines serving the airport are American Airlines, Delta and Southwest Airlines. Focus is on domestic routes, with Atlanta and Dallas leading the way. Rock Region Metro offers public transport. Moreover, airport buses, taxis and car rentals are an option.

Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Airport – IATA Code – XNA (~ 1.8 M Passengers)

Northwest Arkansas National Airport is a commercial US airport serving domestic routes. Airport is located in Highfill town, about 40 km north of Fayetteville. Similarly to LIT airport, most connected cities are Atlanta and Dallas. American Airlines and Delta are the busiest airlines at the airport. Buses, shuttles and taxis are available to reach the Fayetteville city. Also, Springdale and Rogers town are fairly close to the airport. 

Fort Smith Regional Airport – IATA Code – FSN

  • Nearby city(s): Fort Smith (7 km)
  • Airline(s): American Eagle, Delta Connection

Texarkana Regional Airport – IATA Code – TXK

  • Also Called: Webb Field
  • Nearby city(s): Texarkana(6 km), Hope (45 km)
  • Airline(s): American Eagle

Hot Springs Airport – IATA Code – HOT

  • Also Called: Memorial Field Airport
  • Nearby city(s): Hot Springs (5 km)
  • Airline(s): Southern Airways Express

El Dorado Airport – IATA Code – ELD

  • Also Called: South Arkansas Regional Airport at Goodwin Field
  • Nearby city(s): El Dorado (15 km)
  • Airline(s): Southern Airways Express

Jonesboro Airport – IATA Code – JBR

  • Nearby city(s): Jonesboro (5 km)
  • Airline(s): Air Choice One

Harrison Airport – IATA Code – HRO

  • Also Called: Boone County Airport
  • Nearby city(s): Harrison (6 km)
  • Airline(s): Southern Airways Express

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Arkansas Airports Map

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