Bus Companies Croatia

Bus Companies Croatia

Below you can see a list of the most important bus companies in Croatia. The list mainly includes coach companies operating scheduled intercity lines, companies renting out buses as well as companies doing bus tours. The list is sorted alphabetically according to the carriers’ commonly used name.

Intercity bus companies

The companies listed below own buses and operate domestic bus lines like e.g Zagreb to Split or international bus lines to and from Croatia like e.g. Munich to Zagreb. Bosnian, Serbian, Italian and carriers from other countries operating lines to and from Croatia can be found on the bus companies country list according to their registered headquarter.

Antonio tours PagĆazmatrans Promet d.o.o.Ćrnja Tours d.o.o.
APZ Imotski-Autoherc d.o.oArriva – App PožegaArriva – Panturist
Autobusni prijevoz Varaždin d.o.o.Autopromet d.d. SlunjAutotransport d.d Šibenik
Autotransport Karlovac d.dBest LineBRIONI – Pula
Choro Fit In d.o.o.Croatia busFils – Pula
Herc Tours d.o.oInes Tours – DrnićJaska Turist
Jelinak d.o.oLišane TransPepeks d.o.o
Polet VinkovciPresećki Grupa d.o.o.Prijevoz Francuzević
Prijevoz KneževićPromet Makarska d.o.o.Promet Sinj d.o.o.
Puntamika line ZadarSamoborček EU grupaSlavonija bus d.o.o.
VINCEK d.o.o.

Bus rental companies

The companies in this list rent out coaches to e.g. schools, sports clubs, company events and of course tourist groups. Some companies cover rentals from a few cities while other cover most of the country. You can book a bus rental from Croatian bus companies here. The bus rental service in Croatia is generally good. Most companies have fairly new buses, but in peak time they might also use a bit older buses, especially for shorter trips like a transfer from the airport.

Antonio tours PagĆazmatrans Promet d.o.o.Ćrnja Tours d.o.o.
Arriva – App PožegaArriva – AutotransArriva – Panturist
Autobusni prijevoz Varaždin d.o.o.Autotransport d.d ŠibenikAutoturist Samobor d. o. o
BRIONI – PulaCroatia busDalmacija bus – Solin
Fils – PulaHerc Tours d.o.oJaska Turist
Prijevoz KneževićPuntamika line ZadarSamoborček EU grupa
Slavonija bus d.o.o.VINCEK d.o.o.

Bus tour companies

As in every country, bus tours are also very popular in Croatia. The companies below offer bus tours for individuals mainly targeted for the domestic audience as guides on the tours speak Croatian. Individual bus tours for foreigners are available on the Croatian market, but none of the companies in this list offer that.

Ćazmatrans Promet d.o.o.Ćrnja Tours d.o.o.Arriva – App Požega
Arriva – AutotransArriva – PanturistAutoturist Samobor d. o. o
Puntamika line ZadarSamoborček EU grupaSlavonija bus d.o.o.
VINCEK d.o.o.

City bus companies

10-15 Croatian cities have bus companies contracted to operate local and regional bus routes, some of these bus companies are the following: 

Auto promet Sisak
Autoturist Samobor d. o. oLibertas Dubrovnik
Promet SplitSlavonija bus d.o.o.VINCEK d.o.o.
Liburnija Zadar

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