Buying a return ticket

This document explains in detail how to purchase a return (Two way) bus ticket on our website (If you are reading this on a mobile phone or tablet, the illustrations shown in this post will look differently on your device, but the principle will be the same)

On the home page of, which looks like image 1 below, you have to do the following.

  1. Select departure station – (where you wish to travel from)
  2. Select destination station – (where you wish to travel to)
  3. Select travel date – (for your outbound trip)
  4. Select travel date – (for your returning trip)
  5. Press “SEARCH”
Return ticket Getbybus


The website will now list possible departures (If any) for your outbound trip (left column image below) as well as possible departures for your return trip (right column image below). You can easily see departures on other dates, by using the date picker just above the search result, once you have picked the right travel dates you can continue to next step.

Return routes


To select your outbound departure click on the departure time you desire in the left column, once you do that, additional information available for that departure will expand and be shown below the route you have clicked on, here you can see special information related to the route e.g. if the bus has special departure location or other information you should know about.

Once you have selected the outbound route, you will notice lines from same operator are marked with red colour in the column with the outbound routes (See image3 below), these return departures from the same company usually have special low price. You obviously can pick any of the departures in the right column.



Once you have decided which return route to take, you just have to click on the route, this route will now expand like the outgoing route did when you click on it, here the same principle apply, additional information is displayed below the route. Once you are happy with your pick, just click on the buy now button.



From here on the buying procedure is more a less the same as when you buy a single ticket, so you can read about the next steps here.