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About Us

Hi! 👋

We are a team of travel bloggers from Croatia and are here to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Our story began back in 2014 when Morten started an informative blog about bus lines in Croatia. He wanted to help other travelers plan their trip in the simplest way and give them all the necessary information in one place. And that is exactly what he did. 

Over time, his blog grew and so did his team. The company was initially founded as a startup, but now consists of over 50 employees. Today, we are one of the most advanced “cloud-based” platforms for selling bus and ferry tickets, with over 20 million users. 

With our blog growing from day to day, we started covering a wider range of topics related to travelling. That is why on our blog you can find information about airports, filming locations, city guides, ideas for single day trips, etc. And all of that comes with the best insider tips and tricks to make your trip as convenient as possible! 

Besides that, we also conduct research to find out what are the top-ranked airports, amusement parks, Instagram locations and more. 



longing for far away places; an urge to travel to new places; “farsickness” or being homesick for a place you’ve never been to

Meet Our Team of Travel Experts


Shortly, the best way to describe me is as a blogger by day, an architect by night, and a film buff 24/7. When I’m not at home in Croatia, you can find me spreading good vibes, exploring new cultures and learning new languages travelling the world.

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If you can’t find me in the office, I am probably at a festival. Chasing good music is my favorite thing, especially because it includes travel. In the summer I spend my days visiting islands (preferably the ones hosting a festival) and in the winter I spend my days supporting the local football team.

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When I’m not writing about my next travel destination, you will most probably find me in the coziest animal-friendly coffee shop in town, or dancing the night away with my friends. But if you happen to see me on the street, don’t hold me up – I’m 100% running late.

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If I’m not daydreaming about writing my own book, I’m probably planning my next trip to the places that tell stories, with the less known streets and parks, while also visiting their museums and cozy coffee shops. Indulging in local food and capturing moody and cinematic shots with my camera is a bonus!

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My love for writing sparked early, and was ignited through travel blogging. I learned a lot while visiting all the beautiful places around the world, and I don’t want to stop learning. That’s why I set myself the task of discovering as many hidden gems as possible. I love exploring new places and conveying their beauty to readers through the written word.

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As a blogger from Croatia, I have a love for exploring and sharing the beauty of the world through my writing. My passion for writing is matched by my love for sports, singing, and immersing myself in new cultures and languages. When I’m not typing away at my keyboard, you can catch me indulging in delicious food and sharing my travel experiences with my readers.

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What I find enormously precious is sharing experiences. For me, this goes hand in hand with travelling. After visiting a new place, I can’t wait to sit down and write anything I found useful or important to share with others. As a linguist, I’m also very much interested in different languages and cultures and love to explore whatever a new destination has to offer!

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I am a Danish entrepreneur living in Split. I’ve traveled the world but Split captured my heart, so I decided to start my company here. However, whenever I can, I travel somewhere new and exciting with my family. If I had to list the three most important things in life, they would be my family, my dog Oskar and traveling.

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What is our mission?

Our mission is to travel all over the world with the aim of exploring every corner of this beautiful planet. 🌍 Discovering new places and trying new things is what drives and fulfills us. Considering our suitcases are packed and ready for a new adventure at all times, we are pretty sure that now we can call ourselves “professional travelers”. 🧳

So take it from the experts – planning a trip can be tricky. Lucky for you, the main goal of our blog is to make your trip as easy as possible. Why, you ask? 

Because who has the time to learn from their own mistakes during vacation? Just learn from us! We will give you all the necessary information about your desired destination and you’re good to go. 

How do we do it? 

Sharing first-hand experience and useful tips with you is our way to go! Our guides include everything you need to know, especially if you’re visiting for the first time: how to get from one place to another, how to move around, what to see and do, where to eat and much more. That way all you have to do on your vacation is to – enjoy it. 😌

So how do we manage to cover such a wide variety of topics? 

Well, each and every one of our bloggers is unique. Whether we’re talking about their favourite places to visit or topics of interest, everyone has got their specialty. From film buffs and museumgoers to adrenaline junkies and nature lovers, our team is as diverse as our blog