10 Cities to Visit in Scandinavia

The first association we get when someone says Scandinavia or Northern Europe in general is coldness. However, this historical and cultural region which consists of Sweden, Norway, Iceland,  Finland and Denmark has so much more to be famous for. We will provide you a short list of absolutely must-see places if you ever decide to […]

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venezia masks

Best Carnivals in Europe

February is coming! We all know what that means – makeup, costumes, masks, role playing, parades and lots of public street partying. If you’re a fan of this festive season (well, who isn’t?) and you think that your city simply doesn’t give enough attention to this period, check out where are the best costumed parties […]

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Enjoying Valentines day

Valentine’s Day

We all know that it takes two for tango, but for love and romance as well, and that if you are with a right person, everywhere is nice, but also from time to time it is good to change your daily routine. Dash of church towers, carriages, gondolas and bridges won’t hurt. In fact, you […]

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Best Street Food in Europe

If you are a foodie traveler, then you should know where to go to make your stomach enjoy to the fullest. We offer you a list of places to visit and try out the finest meals and bites without overpaying and wasting your precious time waiting for a place in luxurious restaurants. Check out the […]

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Top 10 Student Cities in Europe

Everybody knows that the time as a student is the best period in life. Carelessness, travelling around, going out, meeting new people and lots of discounts everywhere. Who wouldn’t enjoy it? Take your chances and go studying abroad, you won’t regret it. We will present you the list of top 10 student cities in Europe […]

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New Year’s Eve in Europe

Europe is world’s gold mine when it comes to amazing, yet not too expensive New Year’s Eve parties. Among so many destinations all over the continent, we have chosen the top 10 to present to you and maybe help you decide where to spend the craziest night of the year. 1) London, England The capital […]

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Top 10 Museums in Europe

Europe is a cultural treasure. Whether you prefer history, science, art, etc., you can always find something of your own interest, no matter the city. Here is a list of top 10 musems of the Old World, attracting millions of tourists each year. 1) Louvre, Paris (France) It should come as no surprise that it […]

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Aerial view old town, Tallinn, Estonia

24 hours in Tallinn

With more than 5,000 years long history, Tallinn is one of the oldest capital cities of Northern Europe. Its Old Town is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, Tallinn is placed among the top 10 digital cities in the world, and has […]

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