A Day in San Marino

As you probably already know, San Marino is among the smallest countries in the world. More precisely, it is the fifth smallest, but probably the most curious one. This micro-country is a sole survivor of Italy’s former (and powerful we must add) city-state network and it is still holding on as the world’s oldest surviving […]

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National park Krka

Roški Slap

The Roški Slap waterfalls is one of the most beautiful spots inside the national park, despite that majority of visitors to the Krka national park is not even aware of its existence and what it has to offer. Roški Slap is an official entrance to the National park Krka (open whole year), it is located […]

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Fortica Omis

If you are on holiday near Omis in Dalmatia and are a fan of historical fortresses, stunning views and a bit of hiking, you should plan a visit to Fortress Starigrad (Fortica), a 14/15th-century fortress situated on a hilltop 260 meter above Omis. What’s the history about the fortress? Fortica is from the time when […]

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Street in Zakopane

Visit to Zakopane

It’s time you met Poland’s best-known mountain resort, Zakopane, situated only few miles from the Slovak border! This charming place is an excellent place for all sports enthusiasts, thanks to its base for hiking in summer and skiing in winter. Moreover, in addition to outdoor facilities, Zakopane is known for its wooden villas, dating from […]

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