Airports in Indiana

State of Indiana only has 4 airports offering commercial flights. Out of those four, only one is medium-sized, and that’s Indianapolis airport. The airport is also listed in top 50 best rated world airports. The remaining Indiana airports handle only domestic and regional flights, and they combine for a little more than 1.5 million passengers each year. Therefore, in this list we’ve also included a small table of other, nearby airports, located in other US states. Also, don’t miss our map of airports in Indiana at the end of the post.

List of airports

Indianapolis International Airport – IATA Code – IND (~ 9.5 M Passengers)

Indianapolis Airport is one of the medium-sized US airports, located 11 km from Indianapolis. Airport is the largest in Indiana, and the only one handling more than 1 million passengers. About 150 flights are serviced every day, with Delta and Southwest Airlines having the most flights. However, the airport also offers flights by low-cost airlines like Allegiant and Contour. Atlanta and Chicago are top connected cities with IND airport. To get to Indianapolis, there are scheduled bus services, taxis and car rentals.

Fort Wayne International Airport – IATA Code – FWA

  • Nearby city(s): Fort Wayne (12 km)
  • Airline(s): Allegiant Air, American, Delta, United

South Bend International Airport – IATA Code – SBN

  • Nearby city(s): South Bend (4.5 km)
  • Airline(s): Allegiant Air, American, Delta, United

Evansville Regional Airport – IATA Code – EVV

  • Nearby city(s): Evansville (4.5 km)
  • Airline(s): Allegiant Air, American, Delta, United

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Indiana Airports Map

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