Bus Companies Montenegro

Bus companies Montenegro

Relative to its size, Montenegro has quite a few bus companies, due to lack of rail road, bus is the main means of public transportation between cities. The bus companies in the country are in the most cases small family operated companies, in Podgorica and some of the popular tourist locations e.g Kotor, Budva, Tivat, a bit larger bus companies can be found.  

Intercity bus companies

The market for intercity buses is not liberalized, meaning that bus companies need to obtain a licence to operate a specific route. The great thing about domestic intercity buses is that they are really cheap, the downside is that the buses often are quite old. International bus routes like Budva to Dubrovnik or Kotor to Belgrade are very popular especially during summer season, on these routes the buses are usually in a better condition. From Montenegro there are frequent international buses to Croatia, Serbia, BiH, North Macedonia, Austria, Germany, also Italy, Albania can be reached by bus. The following companies operate domestic and international buses:

Alba ToursAlo ExpressAutoprevoz Zaton
Blue Line d.o.oBožur PodgoricaEURO LINE TRAVEL
Express ToursGlušicaGlunex
Jadran EkspresJadran lineKrivokapić Turs
LalatovićLazaroMS Tours
Old Town TravelR-lineRoyal travel Cetinje

Bus rental companies

Being a tourist country chartering a bus if of course not a problem in Montenegro, in the capital Podgorica as well in touristic towns like Bar, Herceg Novi, Cetinje, Budva, Kotor etc, you have one or more companies offering bus rental services, if you are looking to rent a bus you can easily do that here, or contact on of the bus companies listed here:

Blue Line d.o.oBožur PodgoricaGlušica

Bus tour companies

The market for bus tours targeted to the domestic population is fairly large, considering the economy of the country. Bus tours for tourists is something one should look for locally, online you will not find many offers. Below we have listed some of the bus companies doing bus tours.

Blue Line d.o.oExpress Tours

City bus companies

Local and regional public buses is available in Podgorica and the mid sized cities, some of the companies doing regional transportation are the following:

Blue Line d.o.oJadran line

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