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If you have recently travelled with one of the bus companies, you can leave a review here on Getbybus. Currently we have more than 1550 bus companies in 67 countries which you can leave a review for on Getbybus.com. You are of course also welcome just to browse the reviews from other travellers, all you have to do is to select the bus company listed below. If you wish to leave a review for a bus company not yet available on our platform, please contact our customer care team and inform them about the name of the bus company; they will then make sure that the company is added and inform you once the process done.

Leaving a Review on GetByBus

There are two main reasons for adding a review. One of them is providing other travellers with the feedback about the “Quality” of a bus company before buying a ticket. The second reason is the fact that the bus companies can improve their service by using the feedback from client’s reviews.

How do we collect reviews?

All the reviews left on our webpage are strictly the ones of the passengers who have actually traveled with the bus company in question. As a proof of their trip and upon leaving a review on getbybus.com, the travellers are required to enter their ticket code (if they purchased a ticket on GetByBus platform) or to upload a photo of their ticket (if the ticket was not purchased on GetByBus platform).