Bus Companies Italy

Bus Companies Italy

Italy has a lot of bus companies, majority of those operate local and regional lines. However there is also a substantial number of coach operators competing with Italy’s train operator for the intercity passengers. Last but not least there are many bus companies which offer rental service and tourist tours.

Intercity bus companies in Italy

The intercity bus network in Italy is dense. From all the larger cities you have bus lines to most cities throughout the country. From mid-sized cities you as a minimum have buses to all mid-sized and larger cities in the region as well as to the metropol cities. Also there are lots of intercity bus lines to the major airports Malpensa and Fiumicino. There are also a lot of bus companies operating international lines to Germany, Switzerland, France, Croatia and countries further away. Below we have listed some of the most well known intercity bus companies.

Alibus Appennino ShuttleArriva Sadem
Atlassib ItaliaATMAutolinee Federico
Autolinee LumiaAutolinee RomanoAutoservizi Cerella
Autoservizi SalemiAutostradaleBenedettini
BigBusBonelli BusBusCenter
Busitalia FastCalanda Viaggi ReisenCaronna (Sky Bus)
Cilento BusCortina ExpressCurcio
Ferrovie del GarganoFiumicino ExpressFlorentia Bus
GulliBusIbusInter saj
Interbus AutolineeLeonettiBusLiscio
Marino AutolineeMarozziMiccolis
Prestia e ComandePugliairbusRocco Bus
Roma ExpressRosatoSais Autolinee
Shuttle Italy AirportShuttle Rimini BolognaSicilbus
SimetSitBusSulga Autolinee
TPER Aerobus
Viaggi l’Aurora

Bus rental companies in Italy

If you are a tourist group looking to rent a bus, you will have no problem doing so in Italy. Throughout the country there are companies offering coaches for hire, some of the companies offer rentals in different locations country wide, while others are specialist for a certain city or region. The list below contains Coach rental companies we are familiar with, if you are looking to rent a hire a coach in Italy you can do so here:

Arriva ItaliaArriva SademATAM
ATMAtlassib ItaliaAutolinee Bernardo
Autolinee CalzolaroAutolinee FedericoAutolinee Romano
Autoservizi CerellaAutoservizi SalemiAzienda Trasporti Automobilistici Pubblici
BaltourBarzi ServiceBonelli Bus
BrusuttiBusitalia FastBusitalia Nord
Calanda Viaggi ReisenCaronna (Sky Bus)Cilento Bus
ConerobusCortina ExpressCurcio
Di FonzoDiMaioDolomitiBus
EurobusFerrovie del GarganoFlorentia Bus
GulliBus Gruppo Torinese Trasporti GulliBusInter sajLeonettiBus
LiscioMarino AutolineeMarozzi
MiccolisPrestia e ComandeRocco Bus
Roma ExpressRosatoSais Autolinee
SegestaSimetSita Sud
SitBusSulga AutolineeViaggi l’Aurora

Bus tour companies in Italy

Bus holidays and bus tours are very popular among Italians, so there are quite a few bus companies operating in that area. The tours range from one day excursions, or event tours to multi day trips within Italy or to destinations in Europe. If you’re an individual tourist, you probably should look for a bus tour at a local travel agency, to make sure to get a tour with English speaking guide. The bus companies listed here do bus tours for the Italian clients mainly.

Arriva SademAutolinee BernardoBonelli Bus
BrusuttiBusitalia FastCalanda Viaggi Reisen
Di FonzoEtna TransportiFlorentia Bus
Gruppo Torinese TrasportiGulliBusRosato

City bus companies in Italy

As mentioned earlier the vast majority of Italian bus companies operate local or regional bus service which in many cases include school bus service, in cities near to airports, these companies also often operate public buses to the airport. Several of the public bus companies are in the process of modernizing their fleet with electric buses.

AdriabusAlibusAMT Genova
Arriva ItaliaArriva SademAST S.p.A.
ATVOAutolinee BernardoAutolinee Calzolaro
Autolinee RomanoAutoservizi MeridionaliAutoservizi Salemi
AutostradaleAzienda Trasporti Automobilistici PubbliciBarzi Service
BluBusBonelli BusBrusutti
Busitalia NordBusitalia VenetoConerobus
Di FonzoDicarlobusDolomitiBus
Etna TransportiFerrovie del GarganoGruppo Torinese Trasporti
Rocco BusSardabusSEAC
Sita SudSTP BrindisiTUA

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