Airports in Iowa

Iowa is one of the US states where the majority of air traffic is focused to one city. In this case, that’s the Des Moines area, whose airport handles about 3 million passengers each year. In total, there are two small hub and three nonhub Iowa airports offering commercial flights. However, all these airports are operated by major US airlines and their subsidiaries. We also included some general aviation airports offering charter flights. Des Moines Airport and Eastern Iowa Airport handle the biggest percentage of air traffic in Iowa. Make sure to check the map of airports in Iowa at the end of the post.

List of airports

Des Moines International Airport – IATA Code – DSM (~ 3 M Passengers)

Des Moines Airport is the largest Iowa airport, although classified as one of smaller US airports. Airport is located about 5 km SW of Des Moines, and it serves its greater area. There are more than 20 daily flights from the airport, all to the domestic destinations. Chicago and Denver are top cities connected with DSM airport. As for the airlines, American, Delta and Frontier offer most flights. To reach Des Moines city from the airport, passengers can choose between Des Moines Area Regional Transit, HIRTA buses, taxis and car rentals.

Cedar Rapids Airport – IATA Code – CID

  • Also Called: The Eastern Iowa Airport
  • Nearby city(s): Cedar Rapids (3.5 km)
  • Airline(s): Allegiant Air, American, Delta, Frontier

Dubuque Regional Airport – IATA Code – DBQ

  • Nearby city(s): Dubuque (12.5 km)
  • Airline(s): American Eagle

Sioux City Airport – IATA Code – SUX

  • Also Called: Sioux Gateway Airport, Col. Bud Day Field
  • Nearby city(s): Sioux City (11 km)
  • Airline(s): American Eagle

Waterloo Regional Airport – IATA Code – ALO

  • Also Called: Livingston Betsworth Field
  • Nearby city(s): Waterloo (6 km)
  • Airline(s): American Eagle

Mason City Municipal Airport – IATA Code – MCW

  • Nearby city(s): Mason City (9.5 km)
  • Airline(s): Air Choice One

Fort Dodge Regional Airport – IATA Code – FOD

  • Nearby city(s): Fort Dodge (6 km)
  • Airline(s): Air Choice One

Southeast Iowa Regional Airport – IATA Code – BRL

  • Nearby city(s): Burlington (3.5 km)
  • Airline(s): Air Choice One

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Iowa Airports Map

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