Bus Companies Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bus Companies Bosnia and Herzegovina

Despite the fairly small size of the country, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has an impressive number of bus companies. One of the main reasons for this is of course the lack of trains in the country, but also the fact the buses are a cheap way of travelling plays an important role. 

Intercity bus companies

The domestic intercity bus network in BiH connects all larger and mid-sized cities. In addition there is a large network of international bus lines, to countries like Croatia, Montenegro, Austria, Serbia and Germany. All these bus routes are mainly operated by domestic carriers. Below we have listed all the intercity bus companies we know of. At GetByBus.com you can find most of the popular routes offered by the Bosnian intercity bus operators.

AD Autoprevoz Banja LukaAromaAutoprevoz Mostar
Bakić-ReisenBalkan EkspresBiss-tours d.o.o.
Bocac Tours BoksitBosna Tours
Bozic KonigBundavica Centrotrans ad Istočno Sarajevo
Centrotrans Eurolines BiHDrinatransENA TRANS d.o.o.
Euro Bus PetrolEvropa Tours FS ZENICA – BUS
Globtour Međugorje Halilovic – Big Sim IN Travel
Jerry Trade d.o.oKantić Touristik d.o.o.Kantic Line
Kole TursKondor BusKozara Prevoz
Ljaljić-Turs Milinović Neobas
Pavlović Turs Pixi Trade d.o.o. Prevoz Golubić
Prevoz Putnika Zavidovići Prevoz Turist Prnjavor-Ekspres
PTP Domuz-Trans
Semberija Transport
Trans Turist TuzlaTravnik Trans

Bus rental companies

Throughout the country you have bus companies offering bus rent for e.g school classes, companies and tourist groups. Most companies have some new buses for bus rent but the availability of the best buses might be limited in some areas of the country. If you are looking to hire a coach from a Bosnian carrier, you can do so here

Autoprevoz MostarBiss-tours d.o.o.Bozic Konig
Centrotrans Eurolines BiHCentroprevozDrinatrans
ENA TRANS d.o.o.Euro Bus PetrolGlobtour Međugorje
Ljaljić-TursPrevoz Turist PTP Domuz-Trans
Semberija Transport Smiljić Trans Turist Tuzla
Travnik TransUsora-Turs d.o.o. Viena tour

Bus tour companies

As there are limited flight options from Bosnia, bus tours are a common way for locals to go on a holiday. Many bus companies offer 7-10 days holiday trips to e.g Italy or Turkey while other offer 3-5 days trips where the participants visit several places. Of course main bus companies also arrange one day bus tours tours to concerts, sights and sports events. The tours operated by the companies below are targeted to a domestic audience.

ATP PrijedorAutoprevoz MostarCentroprevoz
Centrotrans Eurolines BiHHalilovic – Big SimKantić Touristik d.o.o.
Ljaljić-TursPrevoz TuristSemberija Transport
Suki Turs d.o.oTourist Company d.o.o.Trans Turist Tuzla
TranspromUsora-Turs d.o.o.VD Tours Commerce

City bus companies

In the larger cities, local bus companies must have a contract to operate local and regional bus lines. Here are the companies currently doing so:

Bocac ToursCentrotrans Eurolines BiHKJKP GRAS
Pavlović TursTravnik TransZeni Tours d.o.o.

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