Venice City Guide

Capital of the Veneto region, Venice is a unique city known for its canals and churches which, together with breathtaking scenery, make it one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Numerous museums and art galleries are all worth visiting during your stay, since the city is an authentic cradle of Italian history and culture. […]

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24 hours in Bologna

If you want to feel a touch of medieval, then Bologna is the place to go. Full of Renaissance towers, the city offers one of the best cuisines in Italy and an excellent mix of bars, clubs and sights as well. Vibrant, rich and captivating, Bologna is not flooded with tourists like other Italian cities […]

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Why Go to Bari

Beautiful, historic, coastal, youthful, charming, Mediterranean… all these can only give a small insight into what Bari has to offer. As the capital of the Puglia region and a real student hotspot, Bari is more urban than the neighbouring Lecce and Brindisi, with a breathtaking, recently renovated, opera house and beautiful buildings that are perfect […]

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The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

Italy on a Budget

People say Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go. But why stop only there? Don’t just stay and imagine how the rest of the country looks like. The birthplace of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, the fashion capital of Europe, the country of amazing cuisine and friendly people… I […]

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Gondola on Canal Grande in Venice, in a beautiful summer day in Italy

24 hours in Venice

It is again that time of year when love is all around us – roses, chocolates, everything you come across is heart-shaped. But why not invest in a romantic trip and surprise your partner by visiting the Italian cradle of love – Venice. Venice has something special that cannot be described, it is charming, peaceful, […]

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Festivals in Italy

All roads lead to Rome. Well, to Italy. As one of Europe’s top tourist destinations Italy has successfully developed a unique kind of tourism which attracts the visitors and makes them want to come back at least once more. From the magnificent eternal city of Rome, romantic Venice, fashionable Milan and historic Florence to splendid […]

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