Best Theme Parks in Europe

Visiting a theme park is one of the best ways for families to spend some quality time together. That is why nearly all countries compete to provide the best theme park holidays in Europe, upgrading its offer every year. Europe is a place with a great number of amusement parks that abound with some of the best roller coasters, wild rides, parades, circuses, events, and other amusing content. 

Whether you’re a child or an adult, the best theme parks in Europe have a wide offer for all ages and of all levels of adventure with some of the biggest attractions in the world. Many of these parks belong to the largest and most visited adventure parks in the world. 

In order to help our readers who are searching for the best amusement in Europe, we decided to make a list of the best theme parks in Europe as voted by visitors.

How did we do it?

While it is really hard to say which theme park is “the best”, it seems fair to ask the people who actually visited the parks. Among different approaches to making the list of Europe’s best theme parks, we decided to collect Google reviews and ratings of real visitors as the main source of data to rank the best theme parks in Europe. Our goal was to list the theme parks according to the rating they had at the moment.

Data were collected within a week’s period, so the list includes theme parks with more than 10 000 reviews. In case two (or more) theme parks have the same rating, we considered the number of reviews the theme park had at the moment. Therefore, the theme park with a higher number of reviews is ranked higher.

Best Theme Parks in Europe

Among hundreds of amusement parks, centers and areas, visitors chose the following 50 as the best theme parks in Europe.

50. Isla Magica, Seville, Spain

Rating 4.3

Isla Magica is a theme park in Seville with a large lake and roller coasters as the main attractions. It is one of the most popular theme parks in Spain and home to Jaguar, the first roller coaster in the country. The area also offers a lot of water activities and rides as well. Besides the attractions, visitors can enjoy numerous live shows and performances. 

Visitors are mainly satisfied with shows and the water park inside the park. Pirate shows appear to be the best.

“Fantastic fun. I recommend buying a ticket after 8PM for a discount. I paid €11 for an Adult ticket and had an amazing time.”

49. Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden

Rating 4.3

Green Grove, which is the literal meaning, is one of the best theme parks in Sweden. Colloquially known as Grönan, this relatively small park is located in the center of Stockholm. It was founded in 1883 and today has more than 30 attractions. Among the most popular rides are Monster, Jetline, and Vilda Musen. The park also serves as a concert venue.

Visitors come here to enjoy the concerts with world-famous artists as much as the roller coasters. Some complain about the big queues, others love the easy access to the park by ferry and tram.

“Well designed amusement park. If you arrive past 7 pm it’s cheaper to get an all-access pass, and past 9 pm queues are very short. I’d recommend visiting the evening time!”

Best theme parks in Europe: Grona Lund, Sweden

Grona Lund, Sweden

48. Thorpe Park, Thorpe, UK

Rating 4.3

Thorpe Park is one of the most famous theme parks with the UK’s fastest roller coaster Stealth. Among other top attractions are a large water ride Tidal Wave and roller coasters SAW – The Ride, The Swarm, Colossus, and more. Besides the rides, the park organizes various events and has a themed hotel for visitors. 

Roller coasters are a top attraction among the visitors, no doubt. Impressions about the queues are divided, many mentioning the fast passes. However, the Fright Night held on Halloween’s eve appears to be cat’s whiskers!

“Loved it. The rides are extremely scary and fun. Perfect for thrill seekers.”

47. Walibi Belgium, Wavre, Belgium

Rating 4.3

Walibi Belgium is a theme park with attractions for all ages. The park was founded in 1975 but has changed its name and owner several times. Today it contains 9 roller coaster rides and 3 water rides. The rides vary from the scarier ones to the amusing ones suitable for families with small children.

Visitors love the Halloween celebration in the park with a vampire and werewolf theme. Haunted house and FlashBack are often mentioned and some visitors compare the park to  Bobbejaanland.

“Rollercoasters, rigged games, fast food and feeling of nausea and water in your shoes after you’re done, what else could you even count for?”

46. Futuroscope, Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France

Rating 4.3

Parc du Futuroscope, as it is fully named, is a theme park in France based on multimedia. It earned its place in the best theme parks in Europe thanks to the 3D and 4D cinemas, along with other attractions such as rides and fun games. Children can enjoy Futuropolis, others can fly to Mars, hang out with Sid from Ice Age, travel in time, and much more.

No doubt, all visitors are impressed with the performing arts and the futuristic motifs. 4D technology appears to be a great experience. 

“Beautiful place, amazing garden and very clean. Plenty of food places and not too expensive. Great for a family but not with little kids.”



45. Adventure Island, Southend-on-Sea, UK

Rating 4.4

Located at the end of the Southend Pier, Adventure Island is a theme park in the Uk that opened in 1918 under a different name. Today it has nearly 40 attractions that include rides, water rides, dodgems, golf, karting and sea life adventures. There are many more facilities around such as those for food and drinks. 

Visitors discuss entrance wristbands, there are different experiences regarding queues. Many like the fact that the park is near the beach.

“Cool place to spend time with children. Affordable prices for food. After the fun, you can go for a walk along the seaside promenade and eat puffy ice cream.”

44. Legendia, Chorzów, Poland

Rating 4.4

Legendia park is located in Silesian Central Park being the largest amusement park in Poland that is open all year round. The park started working in 1956 and today features several roller coasters, but not all of them are in function. However, the park features other attractions as well such as a zoo, swimming pool and more. All in all, enough to be on the list of the best theme parks in Europe.

Of course, most visitors come here to try the roller coaster rides. Others come to enjoy the walks along the lake or food and drinks.

“Beautiful theme park surrounding a lake. Good rides and very well maintained park.”

43. Zoosafari Fasanolandia, Fasano, Italy

Rating 4.4

Zoosafari Fasanolandia is a theme park with the main feature being the drive-through safari park. It is one of the most popular theme parks in Italy that also includes walking around the animal areas, shows and rides. The park is divided into several areas with different wildlife. You can see the only male African elephant in Italy, as well as other animals from different continents.

Visitors discuss the carousels and their prices. Sea lions, seals and dolphins are among the most attractive animals. 

“ Cool experience. Make sure to ration your vegetables and maybe pick some up before you arrive. Also, don’t bring a car you care about getting scratched up.”

42. Madurodam, The Hague, Netherlands

Rating 4.4

The Dutch miniature park hosts replicas of famous Dutch landmarks built at a scale of 1:25. The park was opened in 1952 and its entire net goes to various charities in the Netherlands. The interesting collection of miniatures includes the tulip fields, windmills, museums, Schiphol Airport, the skyline of Rotterdam and more. Although it does not contain roller coasters and wild rides, we agreed it deserves to be on the list of the best theme parks in Europe.

Visitors often say that the park is a great amusement for the entire family. 

“We had so much fun there learning the history of Holland by seeing those miniature buildings and indoor scenery. Be a giant for a day.”

Best theme parks in Europe: Madurodam


41. Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands

Rating 4.4

Beekse Bergen Safaripark is the largest zoo in Benelux with more than 1200 animals of 150 species. Visitors can explore the park by organized bus, in their own vehicles or by boat. Besides safari, visitors can enjoy various other activities and children can play at Speelland Beekse Bergen. 

Some visitors complain about the traffic jam in the park, boat tours are highly recommended and most visitors would tell you it’s great fun for the entire family. Also, the park responds to most reviews.

“Cool zoo! You pay 26 euro for an adult ticket and 9.50€ for a car exit. And you can spend the whole day inside.”

40. Walibi Holland, Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

Rating 4.4

Walibi Holland first opened its doors in 1971, but since then it changed the name several times. Today it features several roller coasters as well as thrill rides, water rides and family rides. It guarantees a good time for both children and adults. It is also possible to stay overnight in the park area. 

Roller coasters are all visitors are talking about, but Halloween attractions are worth a visit as well. Some visitors refer to malfunctions in the park, while others compare it to Efteling. 

“Very organized and clean. Waiting lines are almost smooth. Sinitizers everywhere. The virtual waiting lines made riding games even better and less crowdy. top! Worth it!”

39. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, UK

Rating 4.4

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is one of the most famous theme parks in the UK. The park features several roller coasters, water rides, thrill rides and many other attractions. Most of these are record-breaking attractions, so no surprise that it is one of the best theme parks in Europe. Children can enjoy the attractions in Nickelodeon Land. 

There are different experiences regarding the queues. The most attractive ride appears to be Icon. Others discuss the wristbands and the roller coasters.

“Very good. Rides for the kids but lots of roller-coasters as well. Plenty of places to eat on site overall was a fun day”

38. Mirabilandia, Savio, Italy

Rating 4.4

Mirabilandia is the biggest theme park in Italy, also home to the second-tallest Ferris wheel in Europe called Eurowheel. The park features almost 40 attractions among which are roller coasters and rides. The most popular attractions are Katun and iSpeed roller coasters. Besides the rides, visitors can enjoy shows, theme areas and restaurants.

Visitors discuss carousels, shows and other park features while the owners respond to each review.

“Must see. Recommended to buy Flash pass in advance, to avoid long queues. Buy it online not on the same day or you will pay almost twice.”

37. Brighton Palace Pier, Brighton, UK

Rating 4.4

The Brighton Pier is a popular entertainment area in the UK featured in many works of British culture, apparently one of the best theme parks in Europe as well. The pier is more than 100 years old, first opened in 1899. Attractions of the pier include various activities and rides suitable for the entire family. If you get hungry, a great food offer is everywhere around.

Most visitors praise the arcades but also fish & chips and donuts. However, many have a little advice for everyone who visits: beware of the seagulls. 

“Amazing place with a lot of fun activities for all ages. Great day trip to visit Brighton.”

36. Tibidabo Amusement Park, Barcelona, Spain

Rating 4.4

Tibidabo Amusement Park is located on Tibidabo, a hill overlooking Barcelona. Open since 1905, the park is among the oldest ones and among the longest-running parks in Europe. Most of the rides in the park are the original ones from the beginning, the most popular ones include the 1928 Avió airplane ride, a replica of the aircraft that first flew from Barcelona to Madrid. 

Visitors discuss the funicular and the panorama visible from the top. The church located next to the park receives many compliments as well.

“Great place to spend some time with family or friends. Easy to reach by bus from the Placa Cataluña.”

Best theme parks in Europe: Tibidabo

Tibidabo, Barcelona

35. Alton Towers, Staffordshire, UK

Rating 4.4

Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire is a complex that consists of a theme park, water park, hotels, spa and mini-golf. In 2019, the park was the second-visited theme park in the UK. There are nearly 40 attractions that include 10 roller coasters and several rides. The most popular ones are Wicker Man, Nemesis, The Smiler, etc. 

Roller coasters are the main attraction, some discuss the monorail and passes. The owners are doing a good job replying to all reviews.

“Just had a fantastic weekend away for the scarefest. Great way to celebrate Halloween. We will definitely be going back in the near future.”

34. LEGOLAND Germany, Günzburg, Germany

Rating 4.4

The German version of the iconic Legoland is located halfway between Munich and Stuttgart. Open in 2002, it soon became one of the most popular theme parks in Germany, and soon one of the best theme parks in Europe. The park features Lego miniatures of German cities and landscapes, but also more than 40 rides and other attractions suitable for both adults and children. 

Among different themes in the park, visitors love the pirate theme. Some praise the cleanliness and food. 

“Much recommended to adults and children. Great work of really devoted and talented people. Enjoy!”

Best theme parks in Europe: Legoland, Germany

33. PortAventura World, Salou & Vila-seca, Spain

Rating 4.4

PortAventura World is a resort where the PortAventura theme park is located. The park is the most visited in Spain and among the top-visited in Europe. No wonder it is the most visited since the park has great train connections and Reus Airport and Barcelona Airport are within an hour away. Besides PortAventura park, the complex has two more theme parks – Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic Park.

Shows, especially those for Halloween are loved among the visitors. Many discuss the queues and passes with different impressions. 

“ These are one of the best rides I’ve been on. Very fun to go with friends. Takes a day to enjoy. Skip the long lines by buying the express card. I would recommend that.”

Dragon Khan in Portaventura

Dragon Khan in Portaventura

32. Children’s Town Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

Rating 4.5

Children’s Town Bucharest is a great place to keep your kids entertained as it has plenty of rides and activities. The park is located outdoors, so the best time to visit it is from spring to autumn. The park is easily accessible via public transport.

Visitors love the fact that both children and adults can have fun in the park. 

“Pleasant and very colorful. Something different than the rest of Bucharest’s parks.”

31. Gulliver Park, Valencia, Spain

Rating 4.5

Gulliver Park in Valencia features a giant Gulliver over which children can freely climb and slide. It is actually a playground in the form of Gulliver with interesting structures kids can explore for hours. Adults can take a break on the surrounding benches and let their kids play.

The slides are very attractive and visitors advise putting on some thick jeans to avoid friction. 

“Amazing place!!! Great to walk around the park. I think this is best for families with kids! Don’t miss out to visit”

30. Linnanmaki, Helsinki, Finland

Rating 4.5

Linnanmaki is a popular amusement park in Helsinki that was opened in 1950 in order to raise funds for Finnish child welfare work. The park has a total of over 40 attractions that includes rides, water rides, roller coasters, playgrounds, theme activities, etc. There are also plenty of other facilities including food and drinks, an ideal fun for an entire family.

Wooden roller coaster appears to be the greatest attraction. Some complain about the queues. 

“Come as early as possible, of course it gets very crowded during the day. Some attractions are long waiting times. Very helpful staff who speak English. Enjoy!”

29. Leolandia, Capriate, Italy

Rating 4.5

Leolandia is one of the biggest theme parks in Italy dedicated to families with children. There are about 40 attractions suitable for both children and adults, from the cartoon characters, rides, pools, shows, educational farm, Minitalia and much more. Not to mention numerous other facilities around. The park is often voted the best theme park in Italy.

Visitors mostly discuss amazing shows and conclude that the park is suitable for children and their development. Some recommend it over Gardaland as it is cheaper. 

“A great day out for the whole family. Perfect for kids up to early teens, lots of rides and attractions for the smaller kids too.”

28. Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Rating 4.5

The most visited theme park in Scandinavia annually attracts more than 3 million visitors. Liseberg is a park consisting of almost 40 attractions that include roller coasters, rides, shows, thematic celebrations and more. All these are suitable for entire families, especially, small children. Many additional facilities serve traditional Swedish cuisine. 

Visitors mostly love thematic celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas. Other attractions include concerts and the wooden roller coaster Blade. 

“Went to the annual Christmas Market. It was a fantastic experience. Great ambiance and lots of craft foods and goods being sold.”

27. LEGOLAND Billund Resort, Billund, Denmark

Rating 4.5

Legoland in Billund is the original Legoland park that opened in 1968 next to the Lego factory and Billund Airport. Almost 2 million visitors come to the park each year which makes it one of the biggest attractions of Denmark. Therefore, no wonder the park has ranked as one of the best theme parks in Europe. It has 9 themed areas, roller coasters, rides, water rides and much more.

Roller coasters and facilities around are favorite among the visitors. Some discuss the prices. 

“Excellent theme park with a lot to see and do. Varied rides which are good for different ages. Loads of different areas and you could easily spend a day here and not see everything.”

Best theme parks in Europe: Legoland, Billund

Legoland, Billund

26. Heide Park Resort, Soltau, Germany

Rating 4.5

Heide Park Resort is one of the largest theme parks in Germany and the largest one in the north of the country. There are more than 40 attractions that include roller coasters and water rides. Hotel Port Royal and Holiday Camp are there to accommodate over a hundred families.

The wooden roller coaster, along with several other attractions, appears to be the most interesting for the visitors. Some visitors discuss the prices.

“Amazing place with loads of fun. Pretty much good service from the employees. If you lose something in the park just report it at the info desk, not only they will find it for you but they will even ship it for free.”

25. Astérix Park, Plailly, France 

Rating 4.5

Parc Astérix is a French theme park featuring a famous character and the second biggest theme park in France after Disneyland. Visitors here enjoy roller coasters and rides in the theme of the ancient civilizations. They can choose from thrills to rides suitable for entire families. The park also has a full schedule of various shows. 

In most cases, the park is above visitors’ expectations and its attractions are worth a visit. 

“100% Better than Disney. Will advise anyone visiting France to take kids here for the day. Spotless, friendly and no queues.”

24. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rating 4.5

Tivoli Gardens is the most popular place in Denmark and the top attraction of Copenhagen. The park opened in 1843 which makes it the third-oldest amusement park in the world. It is also among the most popular and most visited theme parks in Europe. The park has roller coasters and rides, the most notable being Rutschebanen, the wooden roller coaster. 

Visitors really praise Tivoli’s concerts, Christmas market and decorations, the light show and its other attractions. The staff replies to most of the reviews. 

“A must-see if you are in Copenhagen. There are different summer, autumn (Halloween) and Christmas themes.”

Tivoli Gardens at night

Tivoli Gardens at night

23. Phantasialand, Brühl, Germany

Rating 4.5

Phantasialand is one of the top German theme parks that has around 2 million visitors each year. More than 30 attractions include roller coasters and water rides for both children and adults. The most popular rides are Black Mamba, Taron and Colorado Adventure. Visitors can also enjoy various shows performed in the park.

Roller coasters are mostly discussed as the main attraction of the park. Others love thematic events and shows.

“Amazing Funpark. Frequently new coasters, everything super clean and nice staff. Absolutely recommendable!!”

22. Prater, Vienna, Austria

Rating 4.5

Prater is one of the largest amusement parks in Austria featuring the Giant Ferris Wheel, the symbol of Vienna. Other attractions such as rides are usually available from March to October. Among many things, the park is also home to the famous waxworks museum Madame Tussauds and Prater Dome, Austria’s largest disco. 

Visitors mainly praise the Giant Ferris Wheel, others love the thematic events such as Christmas markets and Oktoberfest. 

“It’s a beautifully kept old amusement center with many attractions and restaurants. Many options for kids and adults. Relaxing nature around the place to walk or picnic. Refreshing Viennese attraction!”

Prater at night

Prater at night

21. Gardaland, Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy

Rating 4.5

Gardaland is the most famous amusement park in Italy, no doubt. It is located on Lake Garda which is how it got its name. The park receives almost 3 million visitors annually and is often listed among the best theme parks in Europe and the world. Visitors can enjoy more than 30 different attractions with worldwide popular rides. 

Gardaland app system appears to be the best solution for reservations. Many recommend subscriptions for discounts.

“A place to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Everyone has an activity to enjoy. Lovely food spots and eateries available. I think their entertainment game has been going strong and constant.”

20. Disneyland Paris, Chessy, France

Rating 4.5

Disneyland Paris is probably the most famous theme park which is no surprise since it is the most visited park in Europe with around 15 million visitors per year. It is also the most reviewed park on our list. The park is actually a complex consisting of two theme parks, the other one being Walt Disney Studios Park, resorts and other facilities. Disneyland Paris is also the most reviewed theme park in Europe.

Many visitors mention the fast pass for less waiting. Mickey Mouse is obviously the main character of the park and other famous themes include Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ratatouille and more.

“Loved every minute from start to finish. Staff was amazing. Amusements where my daughter had the time of her life would love to go again.”

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

19. Nigloland, Dolancourt, France

Rating 4.6

Nigloland is another French theme park that is among the most visited ones in the country. It got its name after the mascot Niglo meaning ‘hedgehog’. The park features about 40 rides and shows along with other facilities such as 8 theme restaurants. The park is divided into 4 thematic areas – Canadian, rock’n’roll, magic and Swiss.

Halloween appears to be the most attractive event in the park. Others admire the scenery. Some compare it to Disneyland, especially in terms of tickets and queues. 

“Awesome for the kids and adults! Everyone loved our day here, the park is very clean and the rides are always working and staffed appropriately. Food not bad and not stupidly overpriced.”

18. Djurs Sommerland, Nimtofte, Denmark

Rating 4.6

Another Danish theme park on the list is a seasonal park that primarily works during the summer, all the way till Halloween days. The park has a little below a million visitors a year and is one of the largest tourist attractions in Denmark. There are over 40 attractions that include rides, water rides and roller coasters. More than enough to be ranked on the list of best theme parks in Europe.

Roller coasters and buffets are the main topics among the visitors. Some discuss the long queues and the current situation with coronavirus. 

“It’s such a pretty park. The rides are good and free time activity is well. Tigeren thrills pretty hard. It was one of my best days.”

17. Paultons Family Theme Park | Home of Peppa Pig World, NP New Forest, UK

Rating 4.6

As the name reveals it, Paultons Family Theme Park is all about Peppa Pig and other famous cartoon characters. Besides the roller coasters and rides, the park also hosts a collection of around 80 animal species. There are over 70 attractions and they are primarily designed to be suitable for small children.  

Visitors mainly discuss the queues, some complaining about them, others satisfied. Many recommend taking a season ticket. The dinosaur park is the main attraction. Park owners tend to reply to all reviews. 

“The best day ever!! said my little daughter. Beautiful place and amazing rides. I really recommend it to every family! It should be two days to spend in Paultons Park so we will come back again.”

16. Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi, Georgia

Rating 4.6

Mtatsminda Park is a famous park overlooking Tbilisi in Georgia. It is equipped with attractions such as rides, carousels, slides, a roller coaster, a funicular and a Ferris Wheel. Besides that, the park hosts various events and festivals. There are numerous cafes, souvenir shops, picnic zones and more.

The funicular and Ferris Wheel are the top attractions, no wonder since they provide a splendid view of the city. 

“Beautiful nature, excellent place who loves green parks and attractions, also you can find some restaurants and cafes. I especially liked the view which presents the whole capital.”

15. West Midland Safari Park, Bewdley, UK

Rating 4.6

West Midland Safari Park is primarily a safari park, as the name reveals it, but the park is rich in thematic and amusing interactive content that families with children adore. The park is divided into numerous thematic areas, depending on the animal species. It displays both live animals and interactive exhibits of extinct animals. 

Visitors love the animals, especially giraffes and the dinosaur area. Visitors are allowed to feed the animals, which is what they love the most. 

“Loved it here! My daughter had such a great experience feeding the animals and walking around the dinosaur park. A great day out for families and other groups!”

14. Le Pal, Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre, France

Rating 4.6

Le Pal is both an amusement park and an animal theme park. That means that visitors here enjoy the zoo but also more than 20 different other attractions such as roller coasters, rides, etc. However, there are over 600 animal species in the park and it is possible to stay in one of the 24 lodges. 

Visitors are impressed with the performing arts and the zoo. Others discuss their favorite animals they saw in the park.

“Huge place. Lots of crazy rides and zoo too. Hard to finish everything in one day, especially weekends. Long waiting times for the rides. Great value for money.”

13. Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, Cleebronn, Germany

Rating 4.6

Another wildlife and theme park on the list is located in Southern Germany and it is the oldest amusement park in the country. Erlebnispark Tripsdrill offers a total of nearly 30 attractions such as playgrounds, roller coasters, museums and a theater which all together make it one of the best theme parks in Europe. Visitors are allowed to pet and feed the animals and the park is open throughout the summer season. 

Visitors are mainly satisfied with the prices and the big attraction appears to be the wooden roller coaster, along with several other interesting spots in the park. 

“Fantastic park with so much to do! I love how the whole theme is done, it just looks so nice! And the coaster in this park is awesome! Just stunning! One of the best parks for me!”

Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

12. Toverland, Kronenberg, Netherlands

Rating 4.6

Toverland is often referred to as the best theme park in the Netherlands. The park was designed for children till recently, but in 2018 it decided to extend its offer and make it attractive for adults. The park has numerous rides, shows, food and drink facilities and souvenir shops. 

A lot of visitors compare the park to Efteling with different opinions. The biggest attraction is the wooden roller coaster. Many would recommend it for entire families, including adults. 

“Totally underestimated Toverland. It’s a very nice and well organized amusement park. Friendly and professional service, a very well maintained park, with all attractions in close walking distance.”

11. PLAYMOBIL-Fun Park, Zindorf, Germany

Rating 4.6

Playmobil FunPark is the largest Playmobil factory and one of the best theme parks in Europe. It is suitable for children as it offers various playgrounds, toy-inspired zones, theme areas, etc. where they can spend the whole day. Children can also celebrate birthdays in the park with different themes.  

Visitors consider the prices very reasonable. Many recommend bringing a towel as there’s a lot of water-related activities. 

“Great park. Lots to do for kids of all ages. You can bring your own food too. Memorable experience.”



Top 10 Best Theme Parks in Europe

The following list presents you the top 10 theme parks in Europe. As many as three German parks ranked in the top 10, as well as two Russian parks.

10. Hansa-Park, Sierksdorf, Germany

Rating 4.6

Hansa-Park is a German amusement park with more than 100 attractions that include roller coasters, rides, and water rides. The park was temporarily home to the first Legoland in Germany, today it is a seasonal park divided into eleven different themed areas. There are plenty of options to stay overnight, as well as many other facilities.

Visitors mostly discuss the prices with different opinions. However, they love the themes as well as food and drink facilities. 

“There are some truly thrilling roller coasters here but also plenty of child friendly rides. Thrill seekers won’t be disappointed.”

9. Dino Parc Râșnov, Râșnov, Romania

Rating 4.6

Dino Parc Râșnov is a popular Romanian park dedicated to dinosaurs. Visitors can see large dinosaur statues, enjoy the adventure playgrounds or experience a 9D cinema. Children can become a paleontologist for a day, explore the labyrinths or attend a workshop. There are also exhibitions all over the park. 

Visitors are mostly impressed with the location being in the forest but also the exhibits. 9D cinema is one of the main attractions as well.

“Very fun, entertaining and educational. Lots of attractions, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.”

8. Irrland, Kevelaer, Germany

Rating 4.7

Irrland is a theme park aimed at families with children up to 12 years. Most of the attractions are child-friendly and they include playground areas with various equipment, a farm area with animals, pools and water slides, a zoo and an airfield. Plenty of green areas also makes a perfect picnic zone. 

Visitors discuss the prices but most of them seem to be excited when it comes to picnics and barbeque. Many recommend it as a family-friendly park.

“I was there with my daughter last summer, it’s definitely a must to visit if you have kids. They love to play all kind of outdoor activities at Irrland”

7. Sochi Park, Sochi, Russia

Rating 4.7

Sochi Olympic Park was a park constructed specifically for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Besides the stadium, the park features various venues for indoor sports and Sochi Park. The latter is the first theme park in Russia and it is themed around the history of Russia. The park contains playgrounds, roller coasters, Dolphinarium, Owl Emporium, and many more attractions. 

Roller coasters are the top attractions for visitors. Many recommend visiting in summer.

“Extraordinary. You will feel like you are in drawing rather than real life it is unbelievable but so true and beautiful”

6. Divo Ostrov, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Rating 4.7

Divo Ostrov is a well-equipped amusement park in Saint Petersburg that features both children’s and family attractions as well as extreme rides. The park’s main attractions are often on the list of the world’s top amusement park attractions. Besides the fun, visitors can enjoy a wide selection of cafes and restaurants.

Visitors mainly discuss the prices and tickets, as well as roller coasters. Many say the park is also thrilling for adults. 

“The rides are great and the lines are short plus you can either buy a pass or just pay for a single ride.”

Divo Ostrov Ferris Wheel

Divo Ostrov Ferris Wheel

5. Efteling, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

Rating 4.7

This fantasy-themes park is one of the most popular theme parks in Europe and the world. Its attractions are based on legends, myths, folklore and fairy tales. The park is the largest in the Netherlands but also one of the oldest in the world, receiving about 5 million visitors a year. Visitors can enjoy numerous dark rides, playgrounds and other attractions.

Visitors recommend this park for the entire family, they love the fantasy-themed attractions. Many also recommend having the subscription. 

“One of my favourite places in The Netherlands. It’s always fun, no matter how many times you go. Loved the Turkish pizza on the Fata Morgana square.”

Efteling, Baron 1898

Efteling, Baron 1898

4. Park Mirakulum, Milovice, Czechia

Rating 4.8

Mirakulum is an amusement park divided into several areas that include a zoo, a labyrinth, a water park and trampolines. Also, there are enough green areas for families to have a picnic. It is not possible to stay overnight in the park, but there are plenty of accommodation options nearby. 

Visitors recommend experiencing a train ride in the park, as well as a tank ride. Underground tunnels are one of the top attractions in the park, along with picnics and visits to zoos.

“Perfect place for the kids and adults to have fun and play or relax! Good coffee, good fast food!”

3. Familypark Neusiedlersee, St. Margarethen im Burgenland, Austria

Rating 4.8

One of the largest theme parks in Austria features about 80 attractions divided into four areas. The adventure castle attracts the youngest visitors, the fairytale forest is based on well-known fairy tales. The adventure island contains roller coasters and large rides while the farm allows children to meet animals. 

Many discuss the prices being reasonable. Halloween is the biggest event in the park and visitors love the gastronomic offer. 

“Great amusement park for the whole family. Many nice attractions suited for young and old. We directly upgraded our day ticket to a year ticket on site.”

2. Europa-Park, Rust, Germany

Rating 4.8

Europa-Park is the largest theme park in Germany and one of the most popular ones in the world along with Disneyland Paris. Therefore, it ranked almost on top of the best theme parks in Europe. There are 13 roller coasters and about 60 other attractions, including several water rides. The park is divided by the countries in Europe, it hosts various events and especially celebrates Halloween. 

According to the visitors, the biggest attraction in the park is the Blue Fire roller coaster. Most of them say the park was a great experience.

“Fantastic park. Rides for every age and taste. From super fast upside down to lazy river rides. Food and drink places plentiful and cheap. 10/10.”



1. Energylandia, Zator, Poland

Rating 4.9

According to the visitors, Energylandia is on top of the list of the best theme parks in Europe. The park is located about 50 km from Krakow being the largest amusement park in Poland. It has around 50 attractions of which are about 15 roller coasters. Other attractions include carousels and rides. The park is divided into zones depending on how extreme the attractions are. 

Visitors love the roller coasters and consider the prices being reasonable. Many would say that the queues are not too long for such a park. 

“Great fun, many rides, plenty of food options, excellent locker system, artificial beach and you so not get ripped off by the prices.”

Largest Theme Parks in Europe

The biggest theme park in Europe appears to be Kudykina Gora Park in Russia, followed by Alton Towers in the UK. Check out the full list of theme parks by size with more than 5000 reviews.

Kudykina Gora ParkRussia500 ha4.7
Alton TowersUK370 ha4.4
Thrope Park ResortUK200 ha4.3
Vake ParkGeorgia200 ha4.6
Huvivaltio PowerParkFinland160 ha4.6
ZoosafariItaly140 ha4.4
EtnomirRussia140 ha4.4
PortAventura WorldSpain119 ha4.4
Drayton Manor Theme ParkUK110 ha4.3
Mtatsminda ParkGeorgia100 ha4.6
DuinrellNetherlands100 ha4.2
Yunost’Russia100 ha4.6
Europa-ParkGermany95 ha4.8
PLAYMOBIL-Fun ParkGermany90 ha4.6
Heide Park ResortGermany85 ha4.5
MirabilandiaItaly85 ha4.4
Italia in miniaturaItaly85 ha4.3
Attractiepark SlagrenNetherlands83 ha4.2
West Midland Safari parkUK80 ha4.6
Ree Park SafariDenmark80 ha4.5
ERlebnispark TripsdrillGermany77 ha4.6
BakkenDenmark75 ha4.3
Fort Fun AbenteuerlandGermany75 ha4.2
EftelingNetherlands72 ha4.7
Walibi BelgiumBelgium64 ha4.3
LEGOLAND Windsor ResortUK61 ha4.1
Isfanbul Theme ParkTurkey60 ha4.2
Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement ParkNorway60 ha4.6
JuraPark BaltowPoland60 ha4.5
Wicksteed ParkUK59 ha4.4
VulcaniaFrance57 ha4.1
Tayto ParkIreland55 ha4.6
La Mer de SableFrance55 ha4.1
Freizeit-Land GeiselwindGermany55 ha4.2
Divo OstrovRussia54 ha4.7
BellewaerdeBelgium54 ha4.3
GardalandItaly50 ha4.5
nsa-ParkGermany46 ha4.6
LEGOLAND GermanyGermany43 ha4.4
Beekse BergenNetherlands42 ha4.4
Walygator ParcFrance42 ha3.9
NiglolandFrance40 ha4.6
Movie Park GermanyGermany40 ha4.1
Holiday Park, GermanyGermany40 ha4.1
Bayern-ParkGermany40 ha4.6
OK CorralFrance40 ha4.2
Cinecitta WorldItaly39 ha3.9
Isla MagicaSpain36 ha4.3
EnergylandiaPoland35 ha4.9
Le PalFrance70 ha4.6
Walibi HollandNetherlands35 ha4.4
Walibi Rhone-AlpesFrance35 ha4.2
Zatorland Amusement ParkPoland35 ha4.5
Inwald ParkPoland35 ha4.5
Djurs SommerlandDenmark33 ha4.6
MadurodamNetherlands32 ha4.4
Allgau Skyline ParkGermany32 ha4.4
Parque Warner MadridSpain31 ha4.2
IrrlandGermany30 ha4.7
BobbejaanlandBelgium30 ha4.1
Mini HollywoodSpain30 ha4.4
Walygator Sud-OuestFrance30 ha3.9
PntasialandGermany28 ha4.5
EtnalandItaly28 ha4.6
BelantisGermany27 ha4.2
Legendia Slaskie Wesole MiasteczkoPoland26 ha4.4
MinimundusAustria26 ha4.6
Parc BagatelleFrance26 ha4.2
Luneur ParkItaly23 ha4
Farup SommerlandDenmark22 ha4.7
Soči ParkRussia20 ha4.7
LeolandiaItaly20 ha4.5
Parque de Atracciones de MadridSpain20 ha4.2
Leba ParkPoland20 ha4.7
Jardin d’AcclimatationFrance19 ha4.3
Asterix ParkFrance18 ha4.5
Astrid Lindgrens VarldSweden18 ha4.6
LisebergSweden17 ha4.5
Blackpool Pleasure BeachUK17 ha4.4
Fantasy IslandUK16 ha4.3
Rasti-LandGermany16 ha4.5
Freizeitpark LochmuhleGermany16 ha4.6
Tivoli WorldSpain15 ha3.8
Children’s Town BucrestRomania15 ha4.5
Children’s World ParkRomania15 ha4.6
Parc Saint-PaulFrance15 ha4.4
Familypark NeusiedlerseeAustria14 ha4.8
Legoland Billund ResortDenmark14 ha4.5
Amusement park Ketteler Hof GmbHGermany12 ha4.7
Jura Park. Dinosaur ParkPoland12 ha4.6
Folly Farm Adventure Park and ZooUK11 ha4.8
Terra BotanicaFrance11 ha4.5
Park MirakulumCzechia10 ha4.8
Movieland StudiosItaly10 ha4.5
CavallinoMattoItaly10 ha4.5
FiabilandiaItaly10 ha4
Bunratty Castle & Folk ParkIreland9 ha4.5
Tivoli GardensDenmark8 ha4.5
FICO World EatalyItaly8 ha4
Magiczne OgrodyPoland8 ha4.7
AdventurePark HellendoornNetherlands8 ha4.3
LinnanmakiFinland7 ha4.5
Tivoli FrihedenDenmark7 ha4.3
ToverlandNetherlands7 ha4.6
Tibidabo Amusement ParkSpain7 ha4.4
Ferrari LandSpain7 ha4
Family Park SKAZKARussia7 ha4.3
Europark Vias PlageFrance7 ha4.3
Gulliver Park ValenciaSpain6 ha4.5
Grona LundSweden6 ha4.3
Fraispertuis CityFrance6 ha4.6
Julianatoren ApeldoormNetherlands5 ha4.2
Kva-Kva parkRussia4 ha4.6
EdenlandiaItaly4 ha3.4
Parc Spirou ProvenceFrance4 ha4.1
SunnylandBiH3 ha4.5
FuturoscopeFrance3 ha4.3
Chessington World of AdventuresUK3 ha4.2
Santa Claus VillageFinland3 ha4.2
Dinopolis TeruelSpain3 ha4.3
Adventure Park BrasovRomania3 ha4.6
Plopsa CooBelgium3 ha4
Adventure IslandUK2 ha4.4
Mini-EuropeBelgium2 ha4.3
Dino Parc RasnovRomania2 ha4.6
Disneyland ParisFrance2 ha4.5
Popeye VillageMalta2 ha4.3
Allou! Fun ParkGreece2 ha4.3
Family fun park GalaxyUkraine2 ha4.6
PraterAustria1 ha4.5
SkyparkRussia1 ha4.8
Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig WorldUK1 ha4.6
LEGO House – The Home of the BrickDenmark1 ha4.8
Holiday World MaspalomasSpain1 ha4.1
Brighton palace PierUK1 ha4.4
Portugal dos PequenitosPortugal1 ha4.3
The Amsterdam DungeonNetherlands1 ha4.4
The Ice Cream farmUK1 ha4.5
Plopsaland de PanneBelgium0.5 ha4.3
Mariposario De Benalmadena-Butterfly ParkSpain0.2 ha4.5
TusenfrydNorway0.12 ha4.2

Map of the Best Theme Parks in Europe


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    Gulliver is a whimsical park for kids and Port Aventura is a actually a Theme Park, which includes Ferrari Land. In fact, in 2018 was chosen as the best one in the world by National Geographic (imo I don’t think is the best in the world but certainly one of the best yes 🙂)

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