Heraklion Airport Bus

IATA code: HER
Passengers: ~ 5 million

Heraklion International Airport “Nikos Kazantzakis” (HER) is an airport situated about 5 kilometers east from the city of Heraklion, close to the town of Nea Alikarnassos.

It’s the main airport of the Island of Crete and the second busiest airport in Greece, after Athens International Airport (ATH). The airport serves 5 million passengers annually.

Since the airport is both a civil and military facility, passengers are often requested not to take any photographs or videos of the runway.

If you’re landing at Heraklion, check out our guide for relevant and important information about the Heraklion Airport.

How to get from Heraklion Airport to Heraklion

There are several ways to get to and from Heraklion Airport, including public transport and private options.

Local bus

City buses operated by KTEL company run all year round every 10 to 15 minutes, with higher frequency during the summer period.

On Sundays and holidays, there are fewer departures. Buses are full-sized blue coaches.

Please keep in mind that some buses will take you to the Bus Station A, located in the Old Town, close to the port, and some to the Bus Station B, situated west from the Old Town. 

Bus tickets can be purchased directly on board, drivers accept only cash and EUR currency. Travel time is around 20 minutes, depending on the traffic.


If you prefer a comfortable ride over a crowded public transport, we recommend you to take a taxi operating 24/7. You will find a taxi parking in front of the Terminal.

The fare from the Airport to the Heraklion city center is usually 15 to 20€ one-way.


Another way to travel to Heraklion is with a private, door-to-door transfer from Heraklion Airport to your accommodation in the city.

You can pre-book a transfer for a hassle-free experience, professional driver will wait for you at the airport and take you to your destination.

Renting a car

For those who would prefer to reach the city and explore the area on their own, the best option is to rent a car directly at the airport.

At Heraklion International Airport you’ll find the following car rental companies: Avis, Budget, Autohellas, Travel Star, etc. Car rental booths can be found on the ground floor of the main terminal.

Renting a bus

Larger groups of passengers should consider renting a bus at the airport. However, it is recommended to book it online, so the bus rental companies have enough time to advise you on the meeting point and all other information.

Heraklion Airport airlines

A large number of airlines handle domestic and international flights here.
Most of them are seasonal since Crete is a popular summer destination.

Some of the most popular flights are to or from Belgrade, Berlin, Warsaw-Chopin and other destinations in Europe.

Here’s a list of airlines with the most frequent flights:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Corendon Airlines
  • easyJet
  • Nordwind Airlines
  • TUI Airways
  • Wizzair

Facilities and Services

The airport offers a range of services and amenities for passengers waiting for a flight or are on a layover.

  • ATMs
  • Baby Room
  • Currency Exchange
  • Duty-Free Shops
  • Luggage Storage
  • WiFi (in the dining areas and Duty-Free shops)

Heraklion Airport Accommodation

There are no hotels at the airport, but there are several hotels nearby. You can stay at the Sofia Hotel, the Hotel Asterion Nea Alikarnassos or Pasiphae Hotel. All of them are pretty near the airport, but there are no shuttle buses that stop there.

Check out other available accommodation near the airport on the map below.

Heraklion Airport FAQs

I arrive late at the airport. Will it be a problem for me to get to the city?

There are several bus lines operating from the airport to the Heraklion city centre from early morning to late night hours, but in case you miss the bus, you can always take a taxi which are at your disposal 24/7.

Is there a free WiFi service available at Heraklion Airport?

Yes, there is a free WiFi available throughout the airport terminal.

Can I exchange money at Heraklion Airport?

Exchanging money at Heraklion Airport is easy, there is a currency exchange service placed at the Arrivals and several ATMs inside the terminal building.

I am continuing my journey outside Heraklion. Are there any direct lines to other destinations?

Besides the blue colored city buses, there are also green colored regional buses connecting Heraklion with other Crete cities.


  1. Pat   •  

    Which bus station should I go to for a bus from Heraklion to Chania then on to Kissamos?
    I will be flying in.
    Many thanks

    • Melani   •  

      Dear Pat,

      First, you need to take a bus from Heraklion Airport to Bus Station A and then transfer to the bus to Chania bus station. The bus departs every half hour from 5.30 am to 9.00 pm. The bus from Chania to Kissamos departs from the bus station in Chania.

      Best regards,
      Melani GBB Team

  2. Isaac Atripatri   •  

    Hi GBB Team!!

    I will arrive at the Heraklion Airport on July 21 around noon. and I need to get to Maronica Guest Home in 4 Xanthoudidou str. & Grigoriou Lampraki str. Koutouloufari, Chersonisos 700 14

    Which bus should I take from the Airport to get to this address. Thanks much in advance for your kind response.

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Isaac,

      there is a local bus operating between Heraklion and Aghios Nikolaos. It basically passes near Hersonissos, where your accommodation is.
      That means you would have to reach the city first and then transfer to a bus to Aghios Nikolaos. During weekdays, afternoon departures are at 14:45, 15:45, 16:45, 17:45, 18:30, 20:15, 21:15.
      Unfortunately, we don’t have the information about the bus stops. We suggest you tell the driver where you need to take off.

      You can also consider taking a taxi which would cost you €30-€40.

      Best regards,
      Maja, GBB Team

  3. Cristina   •  


    I would like to get from Heraklion Airport to Agia Pelagia, Arkadiou Street. Which buses should I take to get there?

    I would be interested also how to get back to the aiport from Arkadiou St., Agia Pelagia as I have a flight at 9am.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Cristina,

      In order to reach other places on the island, you first need to reach Heraklion by bus.
      KTEL bus service Heraklion-Rethimno-Chania makes a stop in Agia Pelagia. Since there are more bus stops in that area, the best would be to ask the driver to suggest the take off station which is the closest to your destination.
      The same applies for the return route.
      The first departure in the direction of Chania is at 6:30 am, and the first departure in the direction of Heraklion is at 5:15 am.

      Best regards,
      GBB Team

  4. Adam   •  

    I’m getting into Heraklion around 20:30 on 14/09/21 and will be staying all the way in Ferma! I was wondering if there are any buses/ coaches that go that way? The taxis look quite expensive so would rather take a bus if at all possible (p.s. our return is in the evening of 25/09)

    Thank you

    • Kristina   •  

      Dear Adam,

      As far as we’re aware, there are no direct buses to or from Ferma when you land at the airport there. However, you can combine your journey in a way to book a private transfer for a part of your journey, and use the shuttle bus service that will drive you to the Old Town – that way you will manage to make your journey a bit more convenient price-wise.

      Best regards!

  5. Charlotte L   •  


    We would like to go from Heraklion to Chania. I already looked for tickets but the departure is ‘Iraklio (St.Lim)’. For what does ‘St.Lim’ stand for? And what is the adress exactly?

    With kind regards,


    • Maja   •  

      Dear Charlotte,

      According to our information, Iraklio St. Lim refers to Heraklion Port Passenger Station or Limani Station. It is a bus station located close to the Heraklion port.

      Best regards,
      GBB Team

  6. Andre   •  


    How can I go by bus from Heraklion airport to the Knossos Palace? And what is the fare?


    • Maja   •  

      Dear Andre,

      according to our information, you can reach Knossos Palace by taking bus no. 2 from Heraklion bus station. This of course implies that you first take a shuttle bus from the airport to Heraklion bus station.

      Best regards,
      GBB Team

  7. Barna Bence   •  

    Hi, how can I get from heraklion to the heraklion airport, which bus station should I take? Or from?
    Thank you

    • Maja   •  


      as stated in the text, the KTEL bus company operates from Heraklion to Heraklion Airport and vice versa. The bus departs from the main bus station in the city.

      Best regards,
      GBB Team

  8. Marina Ivanova   •  

    Dear Bus team, i arrive 16/10 to Heraklion Kazantiks airport and need to get to Agios Pavios, Sacturia , 74053. what is the best route you wold recommend ? i understand that i should take a taxi for the last mile , but could i cover at least some distance by bus ?

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Marina,

      according to the information provided by KTEL, there is a possibility to get from Heraklion (city) to Agios Pavlos, but it is not the most convenient.
      Of course, this first implies that you take a bus from the airport to the city.
      KTEL suggests taking a bus to Chania first and then from Almirida to Gavalochori.
      But as you said, it looks inevitable to take a taxi for a certain part of the route.

      GBB Team

  9. Alessia   •  

    how can I get from Heraklion airport to Hotel Koukouras & Lia apartments – Kato Stalos on Aug. 16 th? Thanks a lot

    • Maja   •  

      Hi Alessia,

      you can get from Heraklion airport to your accommodation by combining a few bus lines.
      First, you need to get to Heraklion as described in the text.
      Then, you can take a bus line HERAKLION-RETHIMNO-CHANIA, and then switch to CHANIA-KASTELI which makes a stop in Stalos.
      For more details on bus departures, check out the official website of the KTEL bus carrier.

      GBB Team

  10. Šimon   •  

    Hello, please how can I get from Malia to Heraklion airport, is there any operated bus?

    • Maja Tramontana   •  


      unfortunately, that bus line is not available on our website.
      I suggest you take a look at the KTEL Chania-Rethymno website to see the details about the bus lines operating to and from Heraklion Airport.

      GBB Team

  11. Balla-Szeregnyi Zsófia   •  

    Szia. Hétköznap 22h-kor érkezünk Heraklion repülőtérre, agiosz nikolaoszon van a szállásunk. Lesz még olyan későn busz közlekedés? Át kell majd szállnunk vagy van közvetlen járat? Milyen hosszú az út?
    Köszönöm, Zsófia

    • Maja Tramontana   •  


      Agios Nikolaisthe last bus from Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos seems to be at 9:15 pm.
      In this case, consider a taxi or a private transfer as an alternative option.

      GBB Team

  12. Sasa   •  

    We will arrive on Tuesday at 01AM at Heraklion Airport, is there any night bus to Heraklion Town?

    • Maja Tramontana   •  


      according to our information, there are no regular night buses at the time when you arrive at the airport.
      In your case, we suggest you consider a taxi or a private transfer as an alternative option.

      GBB Team

  13. Martina   •  

    Hi 🙂

    I will arrive at the Heraklion Airport on September around 9:30 pm and I need to get to Hersonissos, Senses Blue Boutique hotel.
    Which bus should I take from the Airport to get to this address. Thank you cery much for your resposns.

    • Marija Štrljić   •  

      Hi Martina,

      there are bus services from Heraklion Airport (Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport) to Hersonissos operated by KTEL Heraklion. Alternatively, you can take Bus Line 1. This bus connects the airport to Hersonissos and other destinations in the region.

      GBB Team

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