Visit Cavtat: aerial view

Visit Cavtat

Cavtat is a small town on the Adriatic sea, known for the beaches and historical buildings. Its charm is often recognized by those who visit Dubrovnik, only about 20 km away. Therefore, it is no wonder many decide to visit Cavtat as a day trip from Dubrovnik since they share the atmosphere, but not the […]

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Greece small towns

Best Small Towns in Greece

The cradle of civilization and the ultimate Mediterranean destination, Greece has it all! From the turquoise waters, incredible islands and unique architecture to splendid landscapes and ancient remains, no wonder Greece is one of the top destinations in the world. If visiting Greece, don’t stick to Athens and Zakynthos only, there are many marvellous places […]

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Why Visit Mexico

Mexico is a destination of ancient ruins, magnificent beaches, cosmopolitan cities, mariachis and tortillas! This lively country has a culture everyone is familiar with and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Visiting Mexico guarantees warm weather and lots of incredible landscapes. Check out the best reasons why visit Mexico as soon as possible! Diverse […]

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Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro

Why Visit Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth-largest country in the world. Brazil is a synonym for lively rhythms of samba, colourful carnival, long stretches of sandy beaches and one of the most popular football centres. Dive into the otherwordly landscapes, incredible wildlife and unique culture. If still not sure if Brazil […]

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