Festivals in Italy

All roads lead to Rome. Well, to Italy. As one of Europe’s top tourist destinations Italy has successfully developed a unique kind of tourism which attracts the visitors and makes them want to come back at least once more. From the magnificent eternal city of Rome, romantic Venice, fashionable Milan and historic Florence to splendid […]

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Naschmarkt in Vienna

Nowhere else in Vienna, nor probably in the entire Austria, will you find such a variety of food, drinks or handicrafts like at the Naschmarkt. Following the tradition which originated in the 16th century, the Austrians come to the market to enjoy products from many different cultures brought by the vendors representing the farmers living […]

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the temple bar dublin

St. Patrick’s Day

Traditional Feast of Saint Patrick, or more popular as Saint Patrick’s Day, is a religious and cultural holiday celebrated on 17 March since the 17th century, the day when the foremost Irish saint died. The celebrations consist of parades, wearing green, drinking and dancing. The holiday is celebrated mostly in Ireland, but everywhere in the […]

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10 Day Trips from Zadar

As Croatia’s fifth largest city with the population of almost 80,000 inhabitants, Zadar is one of the most visited tourist destinations in that part of Europe. If you have decided to visit this historically rich city, here are the 10 daily trips from Zadar we strongly recommend you to take! 1) National Park Plitvice Croatia’s […]

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stuttgart schlossplatz

City Break Stuttgart

Other than being the capital of Germany’s Baden-Württemberg region, Stuttgart is also an important industrial center, a major international airport and a large river port due to its position on the Neckar river. It is a modern city still carrying the marks of two difficult wars, which tend to be covered by modern buildings and […]

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10 Cities to Visit in Scandinavia

The first association we get when someone says Scandinavia or Northern Europe in general is coldness. However, this historical and cultural region which consists of Sweden, Norway, Iceland,  Finland and Denmark has so much more to be famous for. We will provide you a short list of absolutely must-see places if you ever decide to […]

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Aerial view of Ljubljana's castle at sunset in Slovenia

24 Hours in Ljubljana

Away from its turbulent past, Ljubljana has become a modern, metropolitan city and a very popular tourist destination in Europe. Although it is one of Europe’s smaller capitals, it has a rich cultural scene and an amazing historical background. Anytime is good time to make a tour de Ljubljana, but we recommend the warmer season, […]

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venezia masks

Best Carnivals in Europe

February is coming! We all know what that means – makeup, costumes, masks, role playing, parades and lots of public street partying. If you’re a fan of this festive season (well, who isn’t?) and you think that your city simply doesn’t give enough attention to this period, check out where are the best costumed parties […]

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Enjoying Valentines day

Valentine’s Day

We all know that it takes two for tango, but for love and romance as well, and that if you are with a right person, everywhere is nice, but also from time to time it is good to change your daily routine. Dash of church towers, carriages, gondolas and bridges won’t hurt. In fact, you […]

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