City Guide Krakow

The dragon-based legend has created a mythical atmosphere which permeates the streets and squares of one of Poland’s most popular cities. Home to Europe’s largest and most beautiful square Rynek Główny, fantastic cuisine, friendly people, vibrant nightlife and maaany students, Krakow leaves no one indifferent, whether it’s for the city’s attractions, cultural scene or simply […]

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Munich Cathedral

Munich City Guide

When you think of Munich, the first thing that most likely comes to your mind is Oktoberfest with all the delicious beer and savory food, such as currywurst or sauerkraut, or perhaps the traditional Christmas markets with their snowy and magical atmosphere. However, there is much more to Munich than that. This city is truly […]

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Istanbul City Guide

Majestic Istanbul – the greatest European city, cradle of civilization and the magical place where East and West meet each other. Millenniums of history, tradition, culture and art are collected in this overwhelming city. One has to experience this magnificent melting pot at least once in a lifetime, and we are presenting you a guide […]

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