Montenegro airports

When flying to montenegro you have two international airport to choose between in the country or alternatively you can use the airport in Dubrovnik which often has better better connectivity to many European countries

Podgorica Airport – IATA code TGD

~ 1 million passengers

The airport by the capital Podgorica is the second busiest airport in the country, the airport is located about 10 km south of the city, getting to town is possible with taxi or pre-booked transfer. Montenegro airlines, usually  has flights to destinations like Belgrade, Vienna, Istanbul, Rome, Paris, Ljubljana and Zurich. From Podgorica bus station there is buses to most cities in the country as the country is fairly small, you can reach any town in less than 4 hours. From the Podgorica train station, you have train local trains main to the eastern part of the country, but also to Sutomore and Bar on the Montenegrin coast.

Tivat airport – IATA code TIV

~ 1 million passengers

Despite Tivat being a city with only around 10.000 people its airport has now surpassed the Capital airport in number of passengers, this is mainly do to the large number of seasonal flights arriving in the summer season. During winter the airport has flights to Moscow and Belgrade, during summers season to more than 15 different countries. The airport is located just a few km south of Tivat centre, unfortunately there is no public transport from the airport, so the only way to get to popular holiday destinations like Tivat, Herceg Novi, Budva or Kotor is take a taxi or pre-book a transfer before your arrival.

As mentioned above the airport in Dubrovnik might be a useful alternative when travelling to Montenegro, the Čilipi Airport is located 30 km from Herceg Novi, 58 km from Kotor and 72 km from Budva. During summer season there can be lots of traffic at the border between Croatia and Montenegro, so travelling to / from Dubrovnik requires and extra buffer time wise.

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