Getbybus Student Discount

Q: Are there student discount on all departures?

A: The bus companies available through GetByBus all have different pricing schemes; some have a flat price for all passengers, others have an adult price and discounts for specific groups which in most cases also include a student discount. To find the student discounted prices, select number of student passengers as shown in the image below:

Image 1

Image 1

Q: How to check if student discount is available for a departure or not?

A: After you search for bus connection as shown on the image above (e.g. bus from Split to Zagreb) on the search result will appear all the departures displaying student discounted prices, if there are any. To check if the price is discounted, hover (put your mouse cursor over) the price and a small window which shows the prices for discounted groups available on a specific route will pop up. If it says student, then there is a student discount on that specific route and it should display the same price as the one you hovered (see image below).

Image 2

Image 2

Q: Is there a student discount on return ticket?

A: Yes, in most cases if you pick a company which has student discount on the outbound route, most of the returning routes from that same bus company will also have the student discount available on the returning leg.

If you pick another bus company for the return trip, you can also pick a route which has a student discount. In that case what you are buying is actually two single tickets and not a discounted return student ticket.

To see how to buy a return ticket, click here.

Q: Is the student ticket always cheaper then regular ticket?

A: No, not always. Usually, the cheapest ticket you can find for a specific route is the early bird ticket. If your route has an early bird discount, you will see a discount symbol next to the price on the search result; you can also check here to see all routes which have a special discount.

Q: What student card or evidence do I need to buy a student ticket?

A: Basically none of the bus companies has any specific rule in relation to which student ID’s are accepted. It is basically up to the driver to approve it by check in. From all the students who bought a ticket from us, there was never any issues as far as we are aware. If for some reason the driver does not accept the student ID you show, you will have to pay the price difference between the ticket you bought and a regular ticket. If you have any problems in relation to this issue by check in, you can always call our helpdesk, the number is stated on your ticket.

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