Dune Filming Locations

Where Was Dune Filmed (Best Locations to Visit)

All sci-fi fans know that Dune walked so Star Wars could run. This beyond-epic space opera shaped the genre of what we call science fiction. With six books, released in 1965, Dune Saga introduced us to the mesmerizing sand landscapes of planet Arrakis. If you’re wondering where was Dune filmed, of course we got you […]

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Downtown Cabo San Lucas - Best Beaches in Mexico for families

14 Best Beaches In Mexico For Families To Enjoy

Planning a vacation with your loved ones? Look no further! With its amazing coastline of over 9000 kilometres, Mexico is a paradise for beach lovers.  Whether you’re seeking relaxation in the shade, trying out new water activities, or finding kid-friendly amenities, you’ll find a beach that will meet your needs.  Mexico beaches are so much […]

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