National Parks in the Philippines: The mysterious mossy forest

National Parks in the Philippines

With 240 protected areas of which 35 are national parks, the Philippines can boast great biodiversity. Namely, the parks are dispersed across Luzon, the Visayas, Mindanao and smaller islands. They are suited for wildlife and nature enthusiasts, but especially adventurers. Very often trekking a mountain can be paired with catching waterfalls and hot springs and […]

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National parks in Vietnam

National Parks in Vietnam

Home to vivid jungles, tenacious rivers, golden coastlines and dramatic limestone mountains, Vietnam truly is an adventurer’s wonderland. The whole country boasts 34 national parks that offer tremendous diversity. Behind every mangrove tree lie cascading waterfalls and exotic wildlife that are not to be missed. Steadily becoming the gem of Southeast Asia, Vietnam ranks high […]

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