Top Nationalities Visiting Croatia

Top Nationalities Visiting Croatia

Ever wondered who visits Croatia the most? This small country on the Mediterranean gathers about 20 million visitors each year. A big part of the country is situated by the Adriatic sea. Therefore, the country boasts the long coastline and thousands of islands.

Thanks to its pleasant climate, ancient architecture and authentic cuisine, Croatia is becoming more popular each year. Also, its position in Europe makes it easily accessible by all means of transport.

We were curious to know who visits Croatia and which places the most. So, we decided to pick the most visited Croatian cities and islands and make a statistic by sorting the top nationalities for each place.

With the help from many Croatian tourist boards, we got the official tourist data of nationalities visiting Croatia the most. So, if you ever wondered who visits Croatia and where your fellow countrymen travel to the most, discover it in our infographic overview below.

The detailed statistics of all bigger coastal cities and islands, as well as descriptions, are available here (PDF, 20 pages, 3.8 MB)

Top Nationalities Visiting Croatia Infographics

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