Ljubljana City Guide

This capital and largest city of Slovenia is exuding both the sophistication of a large metropolis and the charm of a small town. Its name derives from the word ‘’ljubljena’’ meaning ‘’loved’’ which is not a surprise since it is beloved both by its citizens and visitors alike. Also, Ljubljana happens to be one of […]

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Slovenia round trip

It’s time to switch from urban European cities to a paradise on Earth, Slovenia. With turquoise-green rivers, mountain snow roofs and a coastline reminding of Italian pearl, Venice, this tiny European country has wrapped its natural treasures in charming rustic culture, delicious cuisine and elegant architecture. Why people love Slovenia? Well, it’s an outdoor country, […]

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Aerial view of Ljubljana's castle at sunset in Slovenia

24 Hours in Ljubljana

Away from its turbulent past, Ljubljana has become a modern, metropolitan city and a very popular tourist destination in Europe. Although it is one of Europe’s smaller capitals, it has a rich cultural scene and an amazing historical background. Anytime is good time to make a tour de Ljubljana, but we recommend the warmer season, […]

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Water park Slovenia

Water parks in Slovenia

In Slovenia there is a limited number of water parks in comparison to Italy or Spain for example. What is much more common in Slovenia are Thermal Spa resorts which almost all have indoor and outdoor pool areas and some even have large outdoor areas which can be compared to an aqua park. On the […]

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