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Ski Resorts Slovenia

Slovenia, a small central European country, is known for its lakes, mountains and ski resorts. Winter sports adventurers who cannot afford going to Austria, Switzerland or France, can go to Slovenia, where they get the cheaper, yet equally beautiful experience. The Alps, Lake Bled and many other destinations offer you a variety of fun and adventure. However, when it comes to skiing, which is by far the most popular winter sport, all Slovenian resorts have a direct access to and from the lowlands enhanced by modern cable lift facilities.

To help you decide between dozens of fully maintained yet not too big by size ski centres, we have prepared a short top list of Slovenian winter destinations:

1) Kranjska Gora (the Gorenjska region)

Both summer and winter resort situated near the borders with Austria and Italy, Kranjska Gora is close to Triglav National Park. The landscape beauty stands out with the peaks of the Julian Alps, the forests from Mojstrana to Rateče and ski zones attracting alpinists, hikers and skiers. It is also the older ski resort in Slovenia.

  • The resort is very easily approachable by car since it is located near the international highways.
  • The slopes are suitable for all level skiers (Kranjska Gora and Gozd Martuljek for beginners, Podkoren for more advanced ones).
  • Daily ski pass costs approximately 30,00 €.
  • Check out other prices and offers.

2) Mariborsko Pohorje (the Podravska region)

The biggest Slovenian ski resort provides a perfect combination of ski slopes, wellness-spa centre, local Štajerska parties all wrapped up in a stunning natural surroundings of Maribor, the country’s second biggest city. It also has the longest night skiing trail and offers slopes appropriate both for the beginners and the most demanding ski adventurers.

  • You can reach the resort by the city bus nr. 6.
  • If you’re coming by car, don’t worry about the parking space, since the resort has a spacious parking lot up front.
  • The ski passes vary depending on the time of day, so check out this list before purchasing anything.

3) Rogla (the Savinjska region)

At 1571 m above sea level is situated Rogla Olympic and Ski Center. It is perfect for families wishing to pursue winter pleasures as snowboarding and skiing. Apart from these typically winter sports, the centre also guarantees you great time in hiking, soccer, squash, mountain biking, horseback riding, swimming, tennis and many other activities.

  • Rogla is one of the first ski resorts in Slovenia which allows you to buy your ticket online so you avoid waiting in line.
  • Full day ski pass costs 32,00 €.
  • More information on the prices.
Winter resort ski slopes

Slopes of winter resort with trees

4) Krvavec (the Gorenjska region)

Krvavec is a popular resort close to Kranj and Ljubljana. The ski centre is located on a peak of the Kalška mountain range and provides a gondola which takes the skiers to the slopes within 7 minutes. Other than skiing, the resort also has a rich entertainment and recreation programs. An additional plus is its vicinity to the Lake Bled (35 km) and to the international airport of Ljubljana (8 km), ideal for the foreign visitors.

5) Vogel (the Gorenjska region)

Thanks to the natural conditions which make the ski season from December to May possible, Vogel is number one Slovenian resort in snow reliability. It lies on the first mountain barrier above the Adriatic Sea, so there is more snow than in other parts of similar altitude in the Alps. The ski centre is situated in Triglav National Park above Lake Bohinj, giving spectacular views and well-groomed slopes and trails to its visitors.

  • Daily ski pass costs 30,00 €.
  • All the prices are available here.

Note: If you are going to Vogel for the first time and plan to stay in the area for more days, you should plan time to see Lake Bled, which is one of the most beautiful sights in Slovenia, Bled is fairly close to Lake Bohinj, so you don’t need much time to get there.

6) Celjska Koča (the Savinjska region)

The Celjska Koča ski centre is situated only 7 km away from Celje. It is equipped by a modern snow-making and light system, which allows night skiing every day as well. The lodge is close too, and it’s a place offering relaxation after your skiing practice. You can enjoy Slovenian specialities and later spend the night in one of the 57 beds adjusted for family vacations or larger group of friends.

  • It is one of the cheaper ski resorts, therefore one daily ski pass costs only 16,00 €.
  • If you are interested in other activities, accommodation and offers, visit this link.

Ski resort Vogel in Slovenia

7) Cerkno (the Goriška region)

At the border between the Gorejska and the Primorska regions, you will find the Cerkno Ski Resort. The city of Cerkno is only 10 km away from the slopes and it is connected to the ski centre by ski bus. The ski area is adjusted for all levels of ski practice, from beginners to professionals. It has been at the same time the most modern and the Best Slovenian ski resort for the last 3 winter seasons.

  • The price of a daily ski pass is 29,00 €.
  • The official website provides you with all the necessary information on the resort.

8) Kope (the old city core, Koroška)

The Kope Mountain-Tourist Centre is situated in the highest part of the Pohorje mountain range. Alpine meadows turn into magnificent ski slopes (8 in total) during winter surrounded by pine forests hiding city’s mountain farms. The snow season lasts from November to the late spring. A various terrain is offering quality skiing for beginners and also for more experienced skiers.

  • A single daily pass costs 27,00 €.
  • For further information, including ones on accommodation, check out this website.

9) Straža Bled (the Gorenjska region)

This stunning lakeside resort is truly a winter paradise. The Straža ski area is reserved for skiers and snowboarders and it is only a few minutes away from the centre of Bled. The slopes are equipped with artificial snow and light system for night skiing. The Straža zone is reachable by chairlift from the Bled’s centre. Also, with a 30-40 minute bus ride you can visit the ski area of Vogel in the Bohinj Valley (the bus ride is free with your lift pass).

  • Lift pass covers Straza, Vogel, Krvavec and Kranjska Gora resorts.
  • Daily pass from 09:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. costs 17,00 €.
  • See the prices of lift passes.

10) Stari Vrh (the Gorenjska region)

On the line between the Poljanska and Selška valleys is situated the Stari Vrh Ski Centre. It offers night skiing, a sled run, ski trails for all levels of skiers and a children’s playground. It is a typical family resort, very close to Škofja Loka and Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, so you can plan a one day trip to see more of the country.

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