Water park Slovenia

Water parks in Slovenia

In Slovenia there is a limited number of water parks in comparison to Italy or Spain for example. What is much more common in Slovenia are Thermal Spa resorts which almost all have indoor and outdoor pool areas and some even have large outdoor areas which can be compared to an aqua park. On the map below you can find about 15 water parks and thermal spa which you can visit in Slovenia and some of the most popular ones are:

  1. Aqualuna (Terme Olimia)

Aqualuna is a part of the recreational offer of the Terme Olimia which includes several hotels with spa facilities. The aqua park which is open to public is located a few km from the rest of the resort. At Aqualuna you have some great adrenaline slides including the Kamikaze, Large Tornado as well as the King Kobra which is the absolute highlight. For those who wish to relax there are various pools like the wave pool and the pool with massage seats. For the kids there is an Aquajungle with crocodile, monkey island and other exotic things. See more here.

In addition to single day admission, Aqualuna (Terme Olimia) offers several packages with overnight stay in one of the resort hotels as well as entrance to Aqualuna and the thermal spa.

How to get to Aqualuna?

Aqualuna is located in a small town called Podčetrtek which is close to the Croatian border. The driving distance from Ljubljana is about 115 km and from Zagreb 77 km. If you arrive by local bus, you can get off the bus on the main road just a few hundred metres from the entrance.

Terme Čatež d.d.

Terme Catez is probably one of the best place for families with kids to visit in Slovenia. The place has a great outdoor water park with lots of different pools, slides and activities for children. On rainy days and in the winter season, Catez has a great indoor area with pools, Jacuzzi, slides and fun areas for kids. Both outdoor and indoor aqua park are open for day visitors but if possible you should arrange a visit with an overnight stay since Catez has lots of interesting things to offer. In terms of accommodation, you can sleep in the Pirate village where the huts are build on the lake or how about sleeping in a tepee in the Indian village or in a cattle wagon in the western village. You can check out all the options at Terme Catez here.

Čatež is open all year; many times a year they have great package offers for families.

How to get to Terme Catez?

Terme Catez is located in the small town called Čatež ob Savi which is a few km from the highway A2 / E70 which runs between Ljubljana and Zagreb; from Ljubljana there is about 105 km to the water park and from Zagreb only about 40 km.

  1. Vodno mesto Atlantis

The Slovenian capital Ljubjana also has a water park / Thermal Spa. The Vodno Mesto Atlantis is a wellness oasis with indoor and outdoor pool as well as wellness program including various saunas, massages and other forms of feel great services. As opposed to other Thermal Spa’s in Slovenia, Atlantis is a day visit only.

How to get to Vodno mesto Atlantis?

Atlantis aqua park is located in the eastern part of Ljubljana at the address Šmartinska cesta 152. The park has a large parking area and a bus stop (line nr. 27) located just outside the entrance.

  1. Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice

The water park Terme 3000 is probably the place to pick for adrenaline junkies. In the water park there is a 22 meter tower which is literally covered in water slides. The absolute highlight is the Aqualoop which is something you would not even find in one of the many amazing water parks in Spain. The Aqualoop is a waterslide with a 360 degree loop where you can reach a speed of 80 km/h but if this is not enough, you should try the Kamikaze slide. For those who like to relax there is a total of 30 indoor and outdoor pools to choose between at Terme 3.000, some of them with black thermal water. You can read more about the water park here.

How to get to Terme 3.000?

The aqua park is located in Moravske Toplice in the north eastern corner of Slovenia. From Ljubljana there is a driving distance of 185 km, from Graz in Austria 122 km and from Zagreb in Croatia about 170 km.

Other Thermal Spa’s / water parks in Slovenia, you can find on the map below, just click on the right side menu or on the icons on the map to see more information about each aqua park. If you are aware of any additional place in Slovenia which you think we should add to the map, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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