Water parks in Italy

Water parks in Italy

Italy of course has plenty of nice coastal beaches as well as beautiful lakes like Lake Garda, where swimming in water with pleasant temperature is possible during the whole summer season. However, kids and teenagers sometimes want a bit extra water fun and the answer to that is of course a visit to an aqua park with water slides, artificial rivers and other fun stuff. In Italy there are more than 100 water parks in various sizes, so no matter where you are spending your holiday, you should have fairly easy access to water parks. Some of the most popular aqua parks are:


Aqualandia is the most popular water park in Italy and also the only Italian aqua park included in the 2014 list of the world’s 25 best water parks. Aqualandia was voted the best aqua theme park in Italy 9 times. The water park covers an area of 80.000 m2 and has attractions for kids of all ages and of course also water slides and relaxing areas for adults. The park is located in the small coastal town Lido di Jesolo, 46 km from Venice. Here is how to get to Aqualandia.

Getting to Aqualandia:

  • By car: If you travel by car you should exit the A4 / E70 highway from Torino to Trieste at exit S. Dona Noventa, from the exit you have about 25 km to the aqua park. If you drive from Venice you should travel direction Marco Polo airport – Portegrandi and Jeselo.
  • By train: the closest train station is the one in San Donà di Piave which is about 20 km from Aqualandia. From the train station there is a local bus line to Lido di Jesolo.
  • By bus: From Venice or Venice Mestre there is a regional bus line to Jesolo or Lido di Jesolo. The park also has a shuttle collecting tourists from campsites and holiday towns along the coast. More about that you can read on the park’s website:
  • Aqualandia address: Via M.Buonarroti, 15, 30016 Lido di Jesolo VE, Italija

Cavena Aquapark (former Gardaland waterpark)

The Cavena water park is another very popular aqua park. It has a great diversity of fun water rides, large pools and relaxing areas. Even for those with strong nerves the rides Kamika, Twin peaks and Stukas Book would probably be at the limit. As the water park is located directly next to Movieland, a combined visit with half a day in each park is recommendable.

Getting to Cavena Aquapark:

Basically, the way of travelling to the park is the same as travelling to Gardaland; read more about it here. Like in the case of Gardaland, there is also a free bus connection from the train station in Peschiera. In addition, there is also a bus collecting people at campsites in the area. Here you can see which campsites the bus stops at and the timetable.


Aquafollie is another popular water park near Venice. The park has water slides, games and fun areas for kids of all ages; for the adults there are relax areas with deckchairs and sunshade. Each day the park has Acquagym with instructors for the adults and a kids’ club with games and fun. Aquafollie which is located in the historic centre of Caorle is open from about 1 of June til Mid September. More details about the park you can find here.

Getting to Aquafollie:

  • By car: the nearest highway is the E70 / A4 highway between Trieste and Torino. If you are coming from direction Trieste you should take the highway exit Latisana (35 km from Aquafollie). If you are coming from direction Torino / Venice, you should take exit S.Donà-Noventa (25 km from Aquafollie). From both exits follow signs towards Caorle.
  • By train: the closest train station is either San Donà di Piave which is about 29 km away or the one in Portogruaro which is 28 km from Aquafollio. From both train stations there are local bus (ATVO) lines to Caorle.
  • By bus: if you are travelling to Caorle by a long distance bus, you will have to change to a local / regional bus in Venice Mestre or Treviso. From both towns you have a bus connection to Caorle. More connections are available if you travel via San Donà di Piave.
  • Aquafollie address: Viale Aldo Moro, 1, 30021 Caorle VE, Italia

AcquaPark Odissea 2000

If you are on holiday in the southern part of Italy, you should pay a visit to the Odissea water park which is one of the largest in Italy. The highlight of the park are the waterslides with names like Krono Kamikaze, Titano Roller, Skyron Rocket or Big Olimpo. For the smaller kids there are large pool areas with small slides and aqua fun. For those who like to relax there are calm water rivers and plenty of deckchairs and sunshades. Of course AcquaPark Odissea 2000 also has various animation programs and water gymnastics in the program.

Getting to AcquaPark Odissea 2000

As mentioned above, the Odiessea water park is located in the southern part of Italy. The park is not located in a city but next to a resort called Itaca Nausicaa. The nearest city is called Rossano Stazione which is about 11 km away. The nearest highway is the A3 (Napoli – Reggio Calabria); from the closest exit there is about 35 Km. Travelling to Odissea by train or bus is rather complicated and not recommended.

AcquaPark Odissea 2000 address: Contrada Zolfara, 87067 Villaggio Nausicaa, Rossano CS, Italia

Acquatica Park

Near Milan there are several water parks. The most popular is Acquatica Park which is located south-west of the town. The water park has slides in all categories, ranging from 2 meter slides in the baby lagoon to trill slides like e.g the Kamikaze. Acquatica aqua park also offers other activities like beach volley and various other, non water related games. The park operates from the beginning of June till the beginning of September. More info about the water park you can read here.

Getting to Acquatica Park:

Acquatica is located next to the the A50 / E 62 highway. The nearest exit is only a few km from the water park. From Milan there are public buses to the main road by the aqua park and if you travel by a long distance bus, you will have to travel to Milan main bus station and then change to a local bus from there on. Reach the park by train will also have to be via Milan train station.

Acquatica Park address: Via Gaetano Airaghi, 61, 20153 Milano MI, Italy

Other water parks to visit in Italy

On the map below you will find more than 40 aqua parks as well as amusement parks and Zoos which could be interesting to visit during a holiday in Italy. To find parks in a particular region of Italy you can zoom on the map and then click on the symbols which in most cases have a link to the website of the provider. Please note that many of the websites are only available in the Italian language.

If you should know about any aqua park, amusement park or Zoo which is not on the list, you are more than welcome to inform us about it in the comment field below and we will then update the map.


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