Serbian airports

Serbia currently has 5 international airports, the main airport is the one in Belgrade which accounts for more than 95% of passengers travelling to and from Serbian airports.

Belgrade Airport –  IATA code BEG

~ 6 mio passengers

The Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is located 18-19 km west of the city center, the airport is the main hub of the Serbian carrier Air Serbia, also Wizz air has a base at the airport. The airport has whole year connection to more than 50 cities, during summer season this number grows to close to 100 destinations. Getting to Belgrade centre from the airport is fairly easy, here you can see what travel options you have. If you need to continue your travel to another city in Serbia, you can so either from the Belgrade bus station or the Belgrade rail station.

Nis Airport – IATA code INI

~ 300.000 passengers

The Niš Constantine the Great Airport is the second busiest airport in Serbia, but compared to Belgrade airport it is a really small. The airport is located about 4 km from the center of Nis, currently the only option to get to the city is taxi or transfer. Since 2015 Wizz air has been operating from the airport and in 2016 Ryanair opened their first two routes one from Nis to Bratislava and Nis to Berlin. The increased number of low cost routes from/to Nis is attracting passengers from whole Serbia.

Morava Airport – IATA code KVO

~ 0 passengers

The Morava airport is used to be only a military airport but since 2012 the airport also have a terminal for commercial flights, unfortunately there is not yet any carriers operating from the airport.

Vrsac Airport – IATA code None

~ 0 passengers

The Vrsac international airport is another Serbian airport which current are not in use, for the next years it is planned that the runway should be upgraded to handle plains up to 30 tons, which could make the airport interesting for cargo and passenger carriers.

Ponikve Airport – IATA code UZC

~ 0 passengers

The Užice-Ponikve Airport or Lepa Glava airport, is located in the western part of Serbia 8 km west of the city Jelova Gora. Also this airport does currently not have any scheduled flights.

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