Best Water Parks in Europe

Best Water Parks in Europe

Planning holidays in Europe, many travellers look for destinations with a good offer of water sports and activities, especially in order to entertain the youngest. If you don’t find the best beaches in Europe interesting or adventurous enough, then visiting some of the best water parks in Europe guarantees a lot of fun! 

Europe aquaparks offer a rich variety of activities and facilities for all ages. Visitors can often choose between relaxing spa treatments and adrenaline rides. Indoor or outdoor, each water park has a rich offer of attractions. There are water parks that can boast of some of the best water slides in the world. Others are located within large complexes as a part of some of the best amusement parks in Europe. While some families decide for a one-day visit, others look for an all-inclusive water park resort where they can spend their vacation. Either way, the options are endless!

In order to help our readers who are searching for the best aqua parks in Europe to spend their vacation, we decided to make a list of the best water parks in Europe as voted by visitors.

How did we do it?

It is hard to say which water park is “the best”, but it seems fair to the people who actually visited the parks. Among different approaches to making the list of Europe’s best water parks, we decided to collect Google reviews and ratings of real visitors as the main source of data to rank the best water parks in Europe. Our goal was to list the water parks according to the rating they had at the moment.

Data were collected within a day, so the list includes water parks with more than 5 000 reviews. In case two (or more) water parks have the same rating, we considered the number of reviews the water park had at the moment. Therefore, the water park with a higher number of reviews is ranked higher.

Best Water Parks in Europe

Among hundreds of famous water parks, aqua centers, and complexes, visitors chose the following 50 as the best water parks in Europe.

50. AquaMagis, Plettenberg, Germany

Rating 4.2

Among the best water parks in Europe is a German adventure and wellness pool AquaMagis. This aquapark consists of multiple water slides and activities, as well as a sauna and wellness area. In 2014, the park got the first standing slide in the world and later the world’s first wind slide in 2018. Hotel AquaMagis accommodates families who want to stay overnight.

Visitors of the park mostly praise the indoor swimming pool. They also love the sauna and discuss the entrance fees. However, it appears that the park is mainly popular among the German-speaking population.

“Nice place for family visit. Lots of attractions for kids. Queues were reasonable and fast going. They even have a pool with salt water.”

49. Water park Jungle, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Rating 4.2

Water park Jungle is an indoor aquapark with jungle motifs. It offers a huge choice of slides and water activities for all ages. Besides the adventurous part, the park offers wellness services as well. There are various facilities around such as a parking lot, a restaurant, cafe, and a hotel. Both exterior and interior are designed in a tropical landscape with motifs of ancient civilizations. 

Visitors are discussing all sorts of topics such as changing rooms, smoking areas, hotel rooms, etc. However, besides praising the slides and surrounding facilities, the smell seems to be a problem. 

“Pretty good experience. Nice rides and an awesome destination for a weekend getaway.”

48. Aqualand Freizeitbad, Cologne, Germany

Rating 4.2

Another German water park that ranked in the best water parks in Europe is a complex that offers both adventurous and relaxing programs. There are multiple pools and slides ideal for kids as well as a spa and sauna center for adults. Besides the rides, children can attend numerous events and courses, while adults can relax in restaurants, bars, or saunas. 

Many visitors love the swimming center and mostly praise the sauna. On the other hand, some discuss the prices having different opinions. The owners are trying to answer most of the reviews.

“Very clean and fun, if you don’t want to wait in line at the slides go in weekdays after 8pm”

Best Water parks in Europe: Water tubes az water park

47. Aquapark Pliazh, Lviv, Ukraine

Rating 4.2

One of the most popular Ukrainian aquaparks is a complex that offers both adrenaline slides and relaxing spa treatment. The place is located indoors and offers various facilities that both children and adults can find fun. If staying overnight, hotels are located nearby as well as several restaurants.

Sauna, gym, and slides are top attractions in the park most visitors love.

“The very popular place to relax and to work out. The only 50 m covered pool in Lviv, different types of water attractions, the gym, saunas, and so on!”

46. Aquapark center Parcs De Vossemeren, Lommel, Belgium

Rating 4.2

Aquapark center Parcs De Vossemeren is more than a water park. This complex is situated on two lakes and a beach offering an endless number of activities. The place is ideal for the entire family as it offers both adrenaline stuff and spa treatment. It is possible to stay overnight in the hotel and enjoy numerous dining options. 

Visitors are amazed by the indoor swimming pool, slides, and the subtropical swimming paradise. They also love the zoo, aquarium, and plenty of water activities. 

“I was proud to call this beautiful place home for three weeks. One of the most amazing experiences of my life so far.”

45. Zoomarine, Torvaianica, Italy

Rating 4.2

Zoomarine in Italy is a part of the Zoomarine brand, the most popular for its first water park in Algarve, Portugal. This complex is far more than just an aquapark. Besides numerous water slides and exciting water activities, the place is also an educational theme park. Children can enjoy adventurous activities while learning about nature and the environment through different science programs and workshops.

Visitors enjoy the various shows but they especially love the dolphins. They also love the place because of its variety of other animals. 

“Amazing water park with trained dolphins and jumping into the waters human swimmers. A lot of positive experiences for kids.”

44. Tropical Islands Resort, Krausnick, Germany

Rating 4.2

Tropical Island Resort is one of the largest indoor water parks housed in a former airship hangar as the third-largest free-standing hall in the world. It is located about 50 km from Berlin and attracts more than a million visitors a year. The offer is wide, from spa and sauna to all kinds of water activities suitable for both children and adults.

Visitors mostly discuss the tropical motifs, the lagoon, and the rainforest. They also love the eating options and the shuttle bus service connecting the water park and Berlin.

“We really enjoyed our stay at tropical Island..Plenty of things to do and you feel like you’re in a tropical place. Staff are very friendly and helpful. I will definitely come back here..”

43. Amarante Water Park, Fregim, Portugal

Rating 4.3

Parque Aquático Amarante is the largest mountain park on the Iberian Peninsula. The park is much more than just an aquapark since it is a complex of various facilities. Children can enjoy the high-speed rides, pools, and slides, all set in a beautiful landscape. Besides the adrenaline, visitors can enjoy the adult pool and a restaurant. It is also possible to stay overnight in the vicinity of the park.

Many visitors mention they spent quality time with their family in the park. Besides mentioning various features of the park, some discuss the queues

“Amazing place!! There were a lot of people but not overcrowded so we could enjoy a lot of the new slides and have a lot of fun.”

42. Kristall Palm Beach, Stein, Germany

Rating 4.3

Kristall Palm Beach is both an indoor and outdoor water park that features lots of facilities such as slides, pools, hot tubs, and more. Besides the water activist, visitors can relax in the spa and wellness area. The park often organizes interesting events and has a rich program throughout the year. Food and drink options are huge as well. 

Visitors seem to prefer the indoor swimming pool and the thermal baths. Visitors love the variety of water park services. The owners are doing a good job responding to the reviews.

“5 star waterpark. Free fall slides take you 70km per hour. They also have thermal water with magnesium. Great place to spend a weekend.”

41. The Caneva Aquapark, Fossalta, Italy

Rating 4.3

Caneva is one more Italian aquapark ranked in the best water parks in Europe. It offers facilities for both children and adults. While the youngest visitors can enjoy the adrenaline water rides and activities, parents and adults can chill on the lazy river, go for a swim or relax on the sunbeds or in a jacuzzi. The area also features Movieland and three themed restaurants. 

Many visitors love relaxing on the sunbeds and floating on the lazy river. Some visitors compare it to Gardaland.

“Nice and clean aqua park for young and old. Minimum height for most slides is around 140 centimeters. Price/food/value is good.”

40. Wodny Park Warszawianka, Warsaw, Poland

Rating 4.3

Wodny Park in Warsaw is a complex where water rides and slides are just a drop in the ocean of the park’s offer. Besides these, there is an endless option of activities such as aqua aerobic, gymnastics for seniors, aqua cycling, spa & wellness, multiple pools, and squash. There are also various events and group classes all visitors can attend. The emphasis is on fitness and health, accompanied by lots of fun and entertainment.

Apparently, visitors come here to primarily enjoy the spa and wellness treatments. Less but enough visitors love the slides and similar water activities.

“Perfect place for kids and adults! I have fun all the time I go there. Open swimming pools during the summer time makes me literally happy!”

39. Terra Natura, Benidorm, Spain

Rating 4.3

While Terra Natura seems to be primarily a zoo, Aqua Natura encompasses a huge part of the complex. A park is a great place for children’s entertainment and education. They can get in contact with various animals, but also enjoy the rich water park with plenty of things to do. Children will love the Mermaid School and the Little Turtles Pool

As expected, the water park is the main reason for visiting Terra Natura for a lot of visitors. Slides, shows, relaxing in hammocks, and sunbeds seem to be the most fun things the park offers.

“Massive water park with plenty for the kids and big kids to do. Really recommend it, we went everyday.”

Best Water Parks in Europe: child on the water slide

38. Aquatic Paradise, Brașov, Romania

Rating 4.3

The Romanian Aquatic Paradise is a spacious complex that offers all kinds of facilities, from sports and health to fun and entertainment. Therefore, visitors can choose between a spa & wellness area, gym, multiple indoor and outdoor pools, and several large slides. The park is suitable for all ages and entire families.

The spa and wellness area appears to be the most attractive to the visitors of the park. Some discuss the cleanliness and water temperatures

“Amazon activitatea centre, with different pools, Jacuzzis and sauna types for all tastes. Also great for children. Loved it there.”

37. Aqua Park Zakopane, Zakopane, Poland

Rating 4.3

One of the most popular aqua parks in Poland is located in Zakopane and offers a wide offer of water activities. The place is great for adrenaline seekers as it has long adventure tubes and slides. Besides the fun in the water, visitors can enjoy so many other facilities such as a sauna, gym, salt cave, and baths. There is also a bowling room and a restaurant. 

Sauna and jacuzzis are the top things the park offers. Visitors seem to enjoy the relaxing aspects of the park more. The owners are responding to the reviews frequently.

“Great place for couples and families. Nice slides and the possibility to eat and drink there. Beautiful view on the mountains/sunsets from the warm jacuzzi outside.”

36. Miramar, Weinheim, Germany

Rating 4.3

Miramar is a salt-water complex that hosts a water park and a spa & wellness center. The park is located at Waidsee Lake in Weinheim with more than half a million visitors per year. There are about 11 pools and 9 water slides, as well as 2 children’s areas. Additionally, there are more than 10 saunas where adults can relax while their children play. 

Indoor swimming pools are mostly mentioned by the visitors. They also love the relaxation area, but also the nudist special evenings. The owners are making sure to respond to all the reviews.

“The best swim pool ever! Many water slides for little and big ones 😉 Artificial waves were a great attraction! I am so glad that I was there.”

35. Aqualandia, Benidorm, Spain

Rating 4.3

One of the most popular water parks in Spain is located in Costa Blanca with water entirely sourced directly from the sea. Aqualandia attractions are sorted by intensity, from children’s attractions over moderate to radical attractions. There are numerous rides and activities with the most extreme ones being Verti-Go and Big-Bang

However, visitors love the amusement rides, especially Verti-Go. Many also like the fact that the water park contains natural saltwater

“Amazing place to visit, plenty to do with stunning views around. Slides, rapids and more, decent food too and a great day out – will definitely be returning soon!”

34. Water Park in Krakow SA, Krakow, Poland

Rating 4.3

The water park in Krakow is a largely popular theme park in Poland and apparently one of the best water parks in Europe. The huge hall consists of numerous slides, pools, games, and activities for children and a relaxing spa area. The park guarantees fun for the whole family. While children explore the 800 m of slides, adults can enjoy massages or a jacuzzi. 

Slides are the top attractions, but the sauna, gym, and jacuzzi are among the most praised features of the water park, as well. 

“Lots of slides for young children and older. Water and changing rooms were clean. No change needed for the lockers as your wristband is your locker key. Would visit again.”

33. Aqualand Moravia, Pasohlávky, Czechia

Rating 4.3

One of the two Czech water parks that ranked as the best water parks in Europe is a water park set on the site of Roman Baths. Accordingly, the main offer is the spa and wellness center with geothermal waters. However, the park doesn’t lack adventurous activities and slides, artificial waves, and wild rivers. There is also a 7D cinema, shops, and restaurants within the complex.

Visitors come here to primarily relax and enjoy the sauna, thermal baths and wellness benefits.

“ The best water park I’ve been to. Great fun for all the family. Incredible, fantastic waterslides, even if I did fear for my life.”

Best water parks in Europe: multilanes water slide

32. Isla Magica, Seville, Spain

Rating 4.3

Isla Magica has already ranked in the top 50 best theme parks in Europe, but it is also a part of this list since its water park Aqua Magica occupies a large and important area. This water area consists of wave pools, water slides, a sand beach, and much more. Besides, there are plenty of other facilities such as shops and restaurants.

Visitors praise the shows organized by the park, they especially love the aquatic area among other things.

“Fun place. Great to go with kids of all ages. Also the waterfall is a lot of fun. Grad slides and rides.”

31. Aquapark Reda, Reda, Poland

Rating 4.3

Reda is one of the most popular water parks in Poland that also combines wellness and entertainment. There are many adrenaline rides and activities for both children and adults. The adults can enjoy the saunarium and aqua spa. There is also an educational zone Aquacentrum where families can learn together. 

The slides are the top attractions, especially Shark Slide. Visitors also love the sauna, some discuss the tickets.

“Good place to visit. Lots of slides… including shark slide and new aqua spinner. Outside terrace, play area for kids – everyone will find something.”

30. Aquafan, Riccione, Italy

Rating 4.4

Aquafan is a popular water park in Italy known for its water games for both children and adults, artificial beaches, and countless events. There are both adrenaline and relaxing activities, the majority of the park is child-friendly so they offer targets the entire family. When the night falls, the area is also known for nighttime events for adults.

Visitors talk about sunbeds and umbrellas as well as their prices, They love the events and rides with an emphasis on the Black Hole

“100% insured fun. For all age groups. I recommend going there around 9am if not before to not find queining at the tills. Dance in the pool and laughter for sure.”

29. Aquarama, Benicàssim, Spain

Rating 4.4

Water parks in Spain largely enter a list of best water parks in Europe, so does Aquarama. The park is known for one of the highest slides in the world named The Devil’s Drop. There are pools, ground slides, rivers, whirlpools, twisters, and much more interesting stuff for all ages. Besides the rides, the park is host to various events. 

Unexpectedly, the most praised thing in the park is – waffles. However, visitors don’t recommend it in August as it is crowded. The owners are responding to most reviews.

“We had a fantastic day and will go back soon. Great variety of slides and rides, good food and prices not over the top.”

28. Wodny Park Tychy, Tychy, Poland

Rating 4.4

Another Polish water park is way more than just an aquapark. The park is divided into several zones such as sports zone, surf zone, fitness zone, spa zone, and recreational area. In the latter, the entire family can have a lot of fun. There are also cosmetic areas and Water Academy, but also a good offer of cafes and restaurants.

Slides appear to be the top attraction but the sauna and spa are praised as well.

“Nice aquapark, smaller one but nice, new clean. Great water academy – museum style interactive learning. Ideal for families and everyone.”

27. Zolotaya Bukhta, Gelendzhik, Russia

Rating 4.4

One of the best Russian water parks is located in Gelendzhik, on the Black Sea, north of the famous Sochi resort. This is one of the biggest aqua parks in Russia that consists of numerous outdoor pools, water slides, and children’s areas. There is a wide offer of all sorts of water activities suitable for children and adults.

Evidently, most visitors to the park are Russians or neighboring nations. Many would recommend the place for the entire family.

“From the moment when they decided to build a new Slide from ProSlide… Again It’s the No.1 of waterparks in Russia!”

Best water parks in Europe: Lazy River

26. Waterpark Piterlend, Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Rating 4.4

Piterlend is one of the biggest water parks in Russia and apparently one of the best water parks in Europe as well. This huge indoor park is suitable for both children and adults. The central theme is Pirates of the Caribbean with numerous water slides. Pools are warm, some rather hot and the vibe is tropical. There are also several cafes where you can rest.

Visitors love to come here especially in winter, as the park is very warm. They also love the variety of saunas

“Pretty good place for the kids and adults. It is much better to go there but not on a weekend. Location is really good, park and shop center right in there and around.”

25. Aquapalace Prague, Čestlice, Czechia

Rating 4.4

Aquapalace Praha is the biggest water park in the Czech Republic but also in Central Europe. It consists of both indoor and outdoor areas and the overall park is divided into three palaces – Palace of Treasures, Palace of Adventure, and Palace of Relaxation. The park also features the longest slide in Czechia along with plenty of other attractions. There are also bars and restaurants within the park.

Sauna seems to be the biggest attraction among visitors. Also, indoor swimming pools are often praised. However, the relaxation and spa area is slightly more popular. The owners are responding to the reviews.

“Very good aquapark. There is everything you can expect. Best water slide is Canyon, never seen anything like this in other aquaparks… XD”

24. Fala Aquapark, Lodz, Poland

Rating 4.4

Fala Aquapark consists of several indoor and outdoor pools that offer a good number of slides, tubes, and artificial waves. The best-known water slide is Kamikaze. There is also a spa and wellness area with different kinds of sauna, jacuzzis, and several other attractions. The park is also disabled-friendly.

Visitors love to come here to enjoy all kinds of sauna, relaxation is the priority for many visitors. Also, they enjoy the slides and recommend it during the summer.

“I like it. Saunas in winter and outside swimming pools and water park during summer time :-)”

23. Moreon, Moscow, Russia

Rating 4.4

Another Russian water park that ranked among the best water parks in Europe is located in Moscow. It is a huge indoor aquapark that offers several pools, a number of water slides, but also activities such as a gym, fitness classes, and bowling. There are also other facilities such as bars and restaurants.

Relaxing in spas and saunas are among the top things to do in the park. Visitors love the slides and some discuss the prices.

“Nice variety of attractions. Take the thermo set to aqua park entry to explore the best of Moreon offer.”

22. Aquapark Nymphaea, Oradea, Romania

Rating 4.4

The water park in Oradea is one of the most popular ones in Romania. The park consists of the spa & wellness area and the recreational area. The latter contains outdoor and indoor pools, as well as exterior and interior slides. There is also a children’s area with all sorts of activities for kids, but also restaurants and shops where adults can spend their time. 

Saunas and relaxing are favorite things among visitors. Some complaint about the queues, but many would say it is well-organized.

“The best aquapark in Romania! For only 60 lei/day you can relax on 7 hectares of attractions and heated pools! It’s amazing, don’t hesitate, try it!”

Best Water Parks in Europe: Teen girl on water slide

21. Badeparadies Schwarzwald, Titisee-Neustadt, Germany

Rating 4.4

Badeparadies Schwarzwald is a tropical-themed water park located indoors. It features both an aquapark and wellness zone, there are more than 18 pools, 12 saunas, and more than 300 palms all over the park. Visitors can freely explore, but also join various organized programs and enjoy different facilities. 

Visitors love the indoor swimming pool, they mostly praise the palms and cocktails. The wellness area with its relaxation techniques is among the favorite things in the park. Many visitors discuss the prices, though.

“Amazing! Been here two times. Nice for both action (slides) and relaxing. Although the price is high… Everything is expensive. We still think it is worth it.”

20. Aquapark Tatralandia, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

Rating 4.4

The biggest aquapark in Slovakia, located close to the Tatra Mountains, is also one of the biggest ones in Central Europe. The water park is based on the natural thermal water spring coming from a 2500 m deep bore. Therefore, the park consists of several open-air thermal pools available all year round, offering a number of slides and other fun activities.

Visitors love the pools, they come here in winter in order to relax. Saunas, bars, and other facilities are praised. Many recommend the place for adults

“Lots of rides, lots of pools, restaurants within the park both indoor and outdoor. Lots of fun for the entire family.”

19. Tropikana, Mikolajki, Poland

Rating 4.5

Tropikana is another popular Polish water park that ranks among the best water parks in Europe. It also features a recreational area and a wellness & spa zone. Children can enjoy the slides in the pool, outdoor playground, and different games in Mini Las Vegas. Besides the casino, adults can enjoy the outdoor gym, sports pools, horse riding club, mini-golf course, beach volleyball and more. 

The sauna, jacuzzi and the rest of the relaxation area are the main attractions. Some visitors expected more slides in the pools.

“Absolutely beautiful hotel, an amazing location to visit and stay. Swimming pool is great for families with a range of options for everyone.”

18. Aquapark Nessebar, Nessebar, Bulgaria

Rating 4.5

As the owners like to put it, Aquapark Nessebar is the water park with the greatest variety of water attractions in Europe. It is also the only water park in Bulgaria on the list. However, the park really boasts numerous slides and activities that range from easy and children-friendly to extreme and fast & furious ones. There are also various theme bars and food corners, as well as events.

Visitors love staying in the hotel and the bus service that takes them around. However, some discuss the queues

“Positive surprise! Quite a lot of different attractions, a lot of space to chill, decent choice of fast food, too.”

17. Livu Akvaparks, Jurmala, Latvia

Rating 4.5

Livu Akvaparks is one of the largest indoor water parks in Eastern Europe and one of the biggest attractions in Latvia. The complex consists of more than 40 attractions, including about 20 water slides, over 10 pools, children’s playgrounds, a sauna, spa, and a bar. The park also offers a hotel and various rental services.

Visitors come here to relax in a sauna and a bar, as well as experience a spa treatment. Many visitors recommend buying a ticket in advance.

“Very nice place, with lots to do even in the winter. I was actually surprised with the amount of activities compared to the price. Definitely worth it.”

16. Slide & Splash, Estombar, Portugal

Rating 4.5

The name Slide & Splash almost says it all. This leading attraction in Algarve has several pools, numerous slides, jacuzzis, and much more. The most popular attractions are Banzai, Blue Hole, Tornado, and Disco River. There are bars and food corners, as well as a lot of green areas where visitors can relax. 

Visitors praise the attractions and facilities, many recommend not visiting during August as it is too crowded. However, Many would agree that the queues are long. The owners tend to respond to all reviews.

“Excellent day out. We didn’t stop all day. Managed all the slides. Waiting times were reasonable. Reduced numbers in the park but still quite busy. Felt safe throughout.”

15. Aquashow Park, Quarteira, Portugal

Rating 4.5

Aquashow Park is the largest water park in Portugal with attractions and facilities suitable for entire families. There are various slides suitable for both children and adults, outdoor and indoor sections as well as many other facilities. The park also hosts the biggest Free Fall in entire Europe.

Although this is a big complex with various things to do, visitors primarily come here to enjoy the water park and its slides and roller coasters. They praise the amusement rides, a wave pool, and a swim ring.

“It is the best place to take the kids on holiday. Kids loved every minute of their stay. We can’t wait to go back again.”

14. Waterpark Park Bešenova, Bešenova, Slovakia

Rating 4.5

This popular Slovak resort consists of indoor and outdoor pools, adult and children water slides, a pebble beach, and plenty of other facilities. There is a family hotel attached to the water park and facilities for spa & wellness as well as bars and restaurants. 

Pools, slides, and thermal water are praised in the reviews, visitors love the park’s attractions and relaxation it offers, especially during the winter

“Amazing place with more than 15 waterpools, some of them with thermal water. Fantastic for kids as well as for adults.”

Child on water slide at aquapark

13. Termy Gorący Potok, Szaflary, Poland

Rating 4.5

Another large complex in Poland that ranks in the best water parks in Europe consists of three main areas – attractions, spa, and restaurants. The area includes pools with thermal waters and some of the attractions include childrens’ spring, water kindergarten, water slides, rope park, and much more. 

Visitors come here to relax in the hot pools and sauna, several visitors discuss the prices and temperatures

“The kids loved it. Thermal pools, water over 40°, we were there and it was raining, that was fun. Nice water sliders.”

12. Waterpark Lebyazhy, Minsk, Belarus

Rating 4.5

The only water park in Belarus that ranks in the best water parks in Europe is a large indoor and outdoor complex with multiple pools and slides, a lazy river, and a spa & wellness area. It is also the largest water park in the country offering fun and entertainment for an entire family. 

Visitors mostly enjoy the spa and saunas, but also the slides. Some visitors complain about the prices and temperatures.

“A great place to spend a day with the kids. Make sure to check out tsunami surfing on the level down below.”

11. Aquapark Wrocław, Wroclaw, Poland

Rating 4.5

The most popular water park in Wroclaw and probably Poland is a complex that offers a combination of fun and relaxation. The park consists of a recreational zone, spa, and fitness. Therefore visitors can enjoy numerous slides, wave pools, paddling pools for children, as well as sports pools, gym, and many more diverse facilities.

Apparently, visitors come here primarily to relax in the spa & fitness facilities. Adrenaline seekers love the slides and fitness enthusiasts come to the gym. The owners are trying to respond to the reviews.

“Very cool waterslides and wave pools. Several saunas and outside pools. Water in the sports pool is warm also.”

Top 10 Best Water Parks in Europe

The following list presents you with the top 10 water parks in Europe. As many as two Russian water parks ranked in the top 10, while many of the best ones are located on the Mediterranean. 

10. Therme Erding, Erding, Germany

Rating 4.5

Undoubtedly, Therme Erding is among the most popular water parks in Germany and the largest thermal bath complex in Europe after Therme Bucharest. It is located about 30 minutes from Munich and consists of four main areas – the water slide area Galaxy, pools Thermenparadies and spa area Saunaparadies.

All visitors praise the slides as the top attraction of the park. They love the wave pool and come here primarily for fun. A good number of visitors come here for a vacation. A lot of visitors mentioning the price give it 5/5.

“Best wellness in Europe. The place is so huge that I keep finding new corners and saunas. Good beer, lots of space to park. Come for the whole day!”

9. Aquapark Istralandia, Nova Vas, Croatia

Rating 4.6

The only Croatian water park that ranks in the best water parks in Europe is located in Istria, close to the Adriatic Sea. This first Croatian water park is suitable for the entire family. There are attractions suitable for kids only, as well as adrenaline pools and slides for adults. There is also a good gastronomical offer and a rich animation program. 

Visitors love the foam party and animation events, some discuss the prices being mostly satisfied.

“Great pools, staff were great and friendly. I will definitely be returning. One warning. Don’t pay for sunbeds. There are a lot of trees so you are bound to get some shadow!! All in all great!”

8. Druskininkai Aquapark, Druskininkai, Lithuania

Rating 4.6

During the winter, Lithuanians can head to a large water park that offers swimming pools, lots of water activities and attractions, a sauna, and a nightclub. The park is set on a location overlooking the impressive Nemunas River. On weekends, there are nudist programs as well as a nudist beach during the warm season.

According to the visitors, the primary purpose of the park is to offer the ultimate relaxation. Slides are secondary but still a huge attraction.

“Great aquapark. Many attractions. Very nice part for small kids. Incredible saunas area. Recommend to take a full day pass.”

7. Etnaland, Belpasso, Italy

Rating 4.6

Although Etnaland in Sicily is best known as an amusement park, this complex also hosts one of the most popular water parks in Italy. Some of the most popular attractions in Etnaland Acquapark are Dragon River, Jungle Splash, and Crocodile Rapids. Besides that, there are plenty of pools and slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools. 

For Etnaland, visitors generally praise the attractions being good for children’s development. Slides are among the top attractions. 

“Loved this Waterpark. It was big, lots of water slides and clean. Went off season which was great because I had enough lido to rent and sit on. Really enjoyed the Water Zumba.”

6. Kva-Kva Park, Mytishchi, Russia

Rating 4.6

Kva-Kva Park is a Russian aquapark with attractions that are especially dedicated to small children. The park is filled with pools, slides, and other facilities where adults can spend their time such as a cafe. The whole complex is located indoors.

Visitors love saunas and slides the most. The owners are doing a good job answering the reviews.

“Nice place, good price/comfort. Cool water slides with excellent traffic management unlike other places.”

5. Zoomarine Algarve, Albufeira, Portugal

Rating 4.6

The first water park of the Zoomarine brand is located in Albufeira and it is both a water park and a dolphinarium. Therefore, the park is home to more than 20 dolphins that visitors can meet in the park. There are also numerous other attractions such as water rides and activities for both children and adults. Also, there are various educational programs and activities for everyone. 

Visitors come here to meet the dolphins, sea lions, seals and attend the spectacular shows. Among all the animals in fun and educational programs, water rides are secondary.

“This is not just a zoopark, and not just an aquapark. Interesting mix of everything with education elements and learning about sea life. Recommend!”

4. Siam Park, Costa Adeje, Spain

Rating 4.6

Siam Park is the only water park on the Canary Islands that ranks on the list of best water parks in Europe. Visitors of the park can choose between the family attractions, relaxation area, and adrenaline activities and rides. The park also hosts various events and contains many facilities. The second park is being planned for the neighboring island of Gran Canaria.

Firstly, visitors recommend the fast passes in order to save your time. The favorite slide is Dragon and the most attractive activity is swimming with the sharks.

“Awesome experience! Deserves to be named the best waterpark in the world for the last couple of years!”

3. Chocholowska Baths, Chocholow, Poland

Rating 4.6

One of the largest baths in Poland offers all kinds of health-promoting facilities, along with a lot of entertaining attractions. From thermal pools, jacuzzis, and saunas to slides and childrens’ areas. Other facilities such as restaurants and a gym can fulfill your stay and experience. 

This popular complex is praised for its saunas and other spa facilities. There are visitors who admire the spectacular view of the mountains

“The most beautiful “termy” I ever visited. Highly recommend it. Friendly staff and very well organized, no long line ups, amazing pools, lots to choose from. We will definitely come back :)”

2. Therme Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

Rating 4.6

Just 10 minutes from Bucharest lies the largest thermal complex in Europe called Therme Bucharest. This spectacular wellness center offers so many things, you could spend days in it. The list of wellness facilities and treatments is long and accompanied by many other facilities such as bars and restaurants. However, this is not just a destination for pampering yourself, there are several slides and all sorts of water activities to keep you entertained.

Although being a spa and wellness in the first place, most visitors praise the slides and the water park in general. Many recommend it for adults. Visitors also discuss tickets and bracelets, as well as lockers and inevitable flip-flops.

“5 Star Resort just outside downtown Bucharest! I had lunch, several saunas, a hot stone massage. Swam up to the bar for a beer. Free bus to and from a pickup stop in town. Else take an Uber.”

1. H2O, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Rating 4.7

The best of all water parks in Europe appears to be located in the European Russian area. H2O is a big Russian attraction that consists of pools, pool bars, artificial waves, slides, and splash pads. There is a section Aqua Tower dedicated for children with warm, shallow pools and lots of attractions. The complex also offers popular Turkish and Roman baths, as well as other spa facilities. There is also an outdoor section that can be accessed on foot or diving. 

Visitors love the spa facilities and thermal baths. Some discuss the tickets and prices, but the overall rating indicates great satisfaction.

“Loved it! The prices are not expensive at all and you will have a great time. Went to both spa and waterpark but on different days. The saunas are amazing!”

Largest Water Parks in Europe 

According to the data that we managed to collect, the biggest water park in Europe appears to be Zoomarine in Italy, followed by Etnaland in Italy as well. Check out our full list of water parks by size with more than 5000 reviews.

Zoomarine Italy 40 ha 4.2 ★
Etnaland Italy 28 ha 4.6
Siam Park Spain 18.5 ha 4.6
Therme Erding Germany 18.5 ha 4.5
Zoomarine Algarve, Portugal Portugal 18 ha 4.6
Zolotaya Bukhta Russia 15 ha 4.4
Aquafan Italy 15 ha 4.4
Aqualandia Spain 15 ha 4.3
Aquopolis Costa Dorada – La Pineda Salou Spain 11 ha 4.1
Waterpark Lebyazhy Belarus 10 ha 4.5
Slide & Splash Portugal 10 ha 4.5
The Caneva Aquapark Italy 10 ha 4.3
Aquapark Istralandia Croatia 8 ha 4.6
Tatralandia Slovakia 7 ha 4.4
Aquapark Nymphaea Romania 7 ha 4.4
Terra Natura (Benidorm) Spain 7 ha 4.3
Aqua Magic Moldova 6 ha 4.2
Miramar Germany 5 ha 4.3
Aquapark Nessebar Bulgaria 4.6 ha 4.5
Tropical Islands Germany 4.6 ha 4.2
Aquarama Spain 4.5 ha 4.4
Amarante Water Park Portugal 4.4 ha 4.3
Therme Bucharest Romania 3.7 ha 4.6
Druskininkai Aquapark Lithuania 3 ha 4.6
Parque Warner Beach Spain 3 ha 3.9
H2O Russia 2.8 ha 4.7
Aqua Magic Mamaia Romania 2.75 ha 4.2
Moreon Russia 2.5 ha 4.4
Aquatic Paradise Romania 2.4 ha 4.3
Livu Akvaparks Latvia 1.8 ha 4.5
Wodny Park Warszawianka Poland 1.8 ha 4.3
Aquapark Wroclaw Poland 1.5 ha 4.5
Aquapark Pliazh Ukraine 1.4 ha 4.2
Badeparadies Schwartzwald Germany 1.3 ha 4.4
Water park Jungle Ukraine 1.1 ha 4.2
Isla Magica Spain 1 ha 4.3
Aquapalace Prague Czechia 0.9 ha 4.4
Aqualibi Belgium 0.7 ha 4
Aquaboulevard de Paris France 0.7 ha 3.7
Aqua Club Dolphin Turkey 0.6 ha 3.7
Waterpark Park Bešenova Slovakia 0.5 ha 4.5
Waterpark Odesa Ukraine 0.5 ha 4.2
Kva-Kva Park Russia 0.4 ha 4.6
Aquapark center Parcs De Vossemeren Belgium 0.4 ha 4.2
Chocholowska Baths Poland 0.3 ha 4.6
Aqualand Moravia Czechia 0.3 ha 4.3
ARRIBA Erlebnisbad & Saunadorf Germany 0.3 ha 4.2
Termy Goracy Potok Poland 0.2 ha 4.5
Waterpark Piterlend Russia 0.2 ha 4.4
Wodny Park Tychy Poland 0.2 ha 4.4
Aquapark Reda Poland 0.2 ha 4.3
Water Park in Krakow SA Poland 0.2 ha 4.3
Tropikana Poland 0.1 ha 4.5
Aqua Park Zakopane Poland 0.1 ha 4.3
Aquapark Sopot Poland 0.1 ha 4.1

Map of the Best Water Parks in Europe

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