COVID 19 FAQ – Useful information, tips, and recommendations for bus travel

This article provides useful information, recommendations, and tips on how to protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus when transporting passengers on buses during the current coronavirus outbreak to protect both drivers and all bus passengers.

What did the bus operators do to enable me to travel safely?

As one of the first protection measures in regular passenger transport, the recommended physical distance in the bus was introduced. The number and distribution of passengers in the bus will be such that it will allow the prescribed distance between passengers at the very beginning of the operation of county and inter-county bus lines. Regarding the use of protective masks while traveling, the same is recommended, if possible, or if the passenger due to a justified medical condition has no difficulty in breathing while using the protective mask.

As far as the ventilation inside the buses goes, the bus crew will do that whenever possible, and it is recommended to open the windows inside the bus whenever the weather conditions allow that.

What is the distance of passengers on the bus?

The recommended physical distance of at least one meter is of great importance, and all passengers are expected to conscientiously follow the prescribed measures.

Bus seating plan during COVID-19

Bus seating plan during COVID-19

What do I have to do to protect my own health, as well as that of other passengers?

Increased maintenance of hand hygiene is recommended, and if washing hands with soap and water is not possible, it is necessary to disinfect the hands a little more often with a disinfectant, which can be in the form of gels, sprays, wet wipes, etc.

Hand sanitizer is applied to dry palms, rubbing the palms and the area between the fingers thoroughly until the disinfectant is completely dry.

What if my departure is canceled?

If the bus carrier cancels your departure, our customer support will contact you via the e-mail address you provided to us during the registration or purchase of the ticket and offer you two options:

  1. Use of the amount in the form of a voucher which can then be used to purchase tickets on our platform within a minimum of 6 months
  2. Full refund of the funds used when purchasing the tickets.

Do all carriers operate according to the old timetable?

Most carriers have had to reduce the number of their lines, i.e. adjust the timetable to the conditions we are currently facing. Details about all departures as well as the timetable can be found here.

Do I need to have an e-pass when traveling by bus within the territory of the Republic of Croatia?

Starting from May 11, e-passes have been abolished and all Croatian citizens no longer have to apply for an e-pass during a bus trip on inter-county lines.

What rules apply for crossing the borders of the Republic of Croatia for Croatian and foreign citizens?

The process of mandatory self-isolation lasting 14 days has been abolished for all Croatian citizens, however, it is recommended that the only form of social interaction remains that one with the closest family members and that you only go outside to perform the highly necessary business duties.

For foreign citizens, the rules are still somewhat different – in order for a foreign citizen to cross the border, you must have a documentation proving the ownership of a real estate in the country or have valid documentation explaining the reason for coming to Croatia (business meetings, personal/family reasons, etc.).

Of course, this reduction of the restrictive measures does not mean that the prescribed epidemiological measures should be ignored, so warnings remain valid that if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 virus such as fever, cough, respiratory problems, etc. – you need to contact a family doctor or the epidemiological service in charge as soon as possible.