Prague city skyline and Charles Bridge - Prague - Czech Republic

City break Prague

After London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome, Prague is the fifth most visited city in Europe. The capital of Czech Republic has a long and rich history including the era of Bohemian kingdom, Habsburg Monarchy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire when Prague played an important role. The historic centre of Prague is included in the UNESCO list […]

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Night bus Zurich – Prague – Zurich

If you are travelling from Zurich to Prague or in the opposite direction you have the opportunity to travel with one of the most luxuries scheduled bus lines, operating in this part of Europe. The bus lines which travels overnight is operated by Nobless line each day year around. What makes this bus route so […]

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Carls Bridge

Bus Prague

Prague as the capital of the Czech Republic and a population of approximately 1.25 million has an excellent transport infrastructure which includes metro lines, trams, buses, funiculars and ferries. Public transport usage rate in Prague is among the highest in the world. The city is also very popular as a tourist destination; in fact it […]

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