Top Things to Do in Amsterdam

Known also as the ‘Venice of the North’, the capital of the Netherlands is one of the favourite party destinations in Europe for a reason. Amsterdam has more than 250 canals and more than enough reasons to win your heart over in a second. World-class museums, vintage shops, quirky festivals, lovely houses, delightful restaurants and […]

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A Day in San Marino

As you probably already know, San Marino is among the smallest countries in the world. More precisely, it is the fifth smallest, but probably the most curious one. This micro-country is a sole survivor of Italy’s former (and powerful we must add) city-state network and it is still holding on as the world’s oldest surviving […]

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Street in Zakopane

Visit to Zakopane

It’s time you met Poland’s best-known mountain resort, Zakopane, situated only few miles from the Slovak border! This charming place is an excellent place for all sports enthusiasts, thanks to its base for hiking in summer and skiing in winter. Moreover, in addition to outdoor facilities, Zakopane is known for its wooden villas, dating from […]

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Top reasons to visit Iceland

The name itself says almost all you need to know about Iceland, but don’t let the cold scare you off – the country may be just below the Arctic Circle, but the temperatures in winter are often higher than in New York, for example. Iceland is much more than just freezing weather and splendid glaciers, […]

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Cesky Krumlov Vltava

Trip to Český Krumlov

Ever heard of Český Krumlov, one of the most picturesque cities in Europe? Well, this gem hidden in Bohemia’s deep south is a miniature version of Prague and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showing off with a breathtaking castle on the Vltava River, baroque and Renaissance architecture and countless tourists. It’s a perfect summer getaway […]

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Riga Cathedral

24 Hours in Riga

If you’ve been to Riga, Latvia’s capital and one of the Baltic beauties, you’re probably already a fan. It takes much more than 24 hours to see everything this city has to offer you, but if that’s all you have, no worries. We’ve planned a great day trip for you and all you need to […]

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