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Hvar is one of top destinations when it comes to islands, not only in Croatia, but in entire Europe as well. It is no wonder since its tourism is quite developed and nightlife on Hvar would interest even those who are not really fond of clubbing. On top of that, Hvar is the island with the highest number of sunny hours throughout the year. Another interesting fact about Hvar is that one out of 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Croatia is actually located on this island – the so-called Stari Grad Plain which got listed in 2008. Hvar has four main municipalities: Hvar (town), Stari Grad, Jelsa and Sucuraj and each of these municipalities has several settlements.

Bus routes on the island of Hvar

Buses on Hvar are operated by Cazmatrans Hvar and their buses connect all four municipalities, however departure/arrival point is always Hvar (town). These are all available lines on the island of Hvar:

  1. Hvar – Stari Grad, Stari Grad – Hvar
  2. Hvar – Jelsa, Jelsa – Hvar
  3. Hvar – Vrboska, Vrboska – Hvar
  4. Hvar – Sucuraj, Sucuraj – Hvar

NOTE: You can see here the schedule of all the above mentioned departures. The frequency of departures rises during the summer season.

Bus prices on the island of Hvar

Prices of bus tickets depend on the number of kilometres – the more kilometres you ride in a bus, the more you pay, but here are the fixed prices for some of the most frequent lines (per direction:

  • Hvar – Stari Grad: 27 kn
  • Hvar – Jelsa: 39 kn
  • Hvar – Vrboska: 33 kn
  • Hvar – Sucuraj: 65 kn
  • Hvar – Milna: 19 kn

NOTE: Bus tickets are bought on board, directly from the driver. Children (0-6) are free of charge.

Bus station and bus stops on the island of Hvar

  • Hvar – the bus station in Hvar town is located 5-minute walk from where the catamaran from Split, Korcula, Dubrovnik etc. arrives, it is the main bus station in the Old Town → GPS location
  • Stari Grad (town) – the bus stop in Stari Grad is located 350m from the town waterfront (Riva) → GPS location
  • Stari Grad (ferry terminal) – there’s another bus stop in Stari Grad, but this one is located right in front of the ferry terminal where the car ferry from Split arrives
  • Jelsa  – the bus stop in Jelsa is located near Konzum Supermarket, you can check exact location here
  • Vrboska  – the bus stop in Vrboska is located at the end of the bridge in Vrboska, near the waterfront. See here the approximate GPS location
  • Sucuraj – the bus stop is near the ferry port where the car ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj arrives → GPS location
  • Milna – the bus stop for Milna is located on the road above the village. It takes around 5 minutes (of walk) to reach Milna from the bus stop → GPS location

Other bus stops: Zarace, Dubovica, Brusje, V.Grablje, Selca, Dol, Vrbanj, Zencisce, Zagradace, Poljica, Gdinj, Bogomolje, Sv. Nedjelja, Zavala, Jagodna, Ivan Dolac, Pitve

Dalmatien, Blick auf Hvar


  1. Diego   •  

    Can you pay with a credit card on the bus?

    • Kristina   •  

      Hi Diego,

      Unfortunately, no. The payment can only be made in cash when you’re buying a ticket on the bus.

      Best regards,

  2. Francesca   •  

    Hi, is it possibile to have a sort of season ticket in order to take the bus anytime you want ?
    Last thing is it sure that the bus stops also at Zaraće Dubovica Jagonda ecc..?

    • Melani   •     Author

      Dear Francesca,

      As far as we know, there are no season tickets available for public transport on Hvar. There are different lines on Hvar Island so you should check which line stops at which stop directly with the bus carrier Cazmatrans Hvar.

      Best regards,
      Melani GBB Team

  3. Zhwan   •  

    are there busses I could take from Jelsa to Gdinj? Other internet sites only say I could only take the taxi. But its too pricey for everyday use.
    Best regards

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Zhwan,

      according to the official schedule for buses on Hvar island for 2020, there is currently no bus connecting Jelsa and Sucuraj (Gdinj is halfway from Jelsa to Sucuraj).
      Usually, there was a bus from Hvar to Sucuraj, that you can check directly with Cazmatans company.

      Best regards,
      Maja GBB Team

  4. Małgorzata Prociow   •  

    Hey, can you get to most of the beaches on the island by bus when staying in hvar town?

    • Maja   •  

      Dear Małgorzata,

      local buses operate between the towns and they do not make a stop specifically next to a beach. They arrive in the town’s centre from where you need to continue to the closest beach on foot.
      You can also consider renting a scooter or a car.

      Best regards,
      Maja, GBB Team

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