Island of Vis tourist collage, Dalmatia, Croatia

Buses Island Vis

Simplicity is what makes this Croatian island different from the other islands, especially during the summer when the islands are crowded with tourists. The popular places to visit on the island are the town of Vis and Komiza. The island is very well connected with the coast, especially with the city of Split (2-4 times a day by catamaran) and during the summer with Ancona (IT) also.

Vis is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, mostly because of its crystal clear beaches. If you plan to discover Vis by taking a walk, that won’t be a problem but in case you don’t have much time to spend on Vis, you should consider taking a bus.

Bus lines on the island of Vis: During high season, the number of ferry lines is increased, and thus the number of bus lines as well. In any case, no matter when you arrive in the town of Vis there is a bus line for Komiza which is 10 kilometers away from Vis.

Vis – Komiza: The trip takes around 15 minutes and the bus stop is located at the ferry pier. There are buses from early in the morning till early evening, as mentioned above the number of bus lines increase with the number of ferry and catamaran arrivals.

Other than direct line from Vis to Komiza and vice versa, there are also other lines that pass by local places, such as Podspilje, Marinje Zemlje, Zena Glava and Rukavac.

Bus fare prices on the island of Vis: The bus tickets cost 20 kuna per direction. You can buy them only directly from the driver.

Bus stations and bus stops on the island of Vis:

  • Vis – the bus station is on the ferry pier, on the right hand side of the disembarking gate
  • Komiza – the bus stop is located at the pier in Komiza
  • Zena Glava – it is very small village on the island, so you might consider asking the bus driver where the stop is
  • Podspilje – the bus stop is at the crossroad to Zena Glava and Borovik; GPS
  • Marinje Zemlje – also a small village so you should check with the driver for the info on the bus stop
  • Rukavac – the bus line that includes this stop is Vis-Rukavac-Komiza and vice versa, so it is basically the only stop between departure and arrival point

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