Airports in Canada

With a size of almost 10 M km2, travel distances in Canada can be long, so flying is often the best and only option. To enable flying throughout the country, Canada has a total of more than 500 airports and several hundred heliports. About half of the 500 Canadian airports have scheduled commercial flights. However, majority of those airports are relatively small. Commercial scheduled flights are in most cases small 9-15 person planes.

According to Transport Canada, here is the list of top 10 busiest airports in Canada, ordered by the total number of passengers:

  • Toronto International Airport
  • Vancouver International Airport
  • Montréal-Trudeau International Airport
  • Calgary International Airport
  • Edmonton International Airport
  • Ottawa International Airport
  • Winnipeg International Airport
  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport
  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
  • Kelowna International Airport

As for the airlines, Canadian airports, especially the bigger ones, are served by all the major world airlines. And for the Canada-based airlines, here are the top five airlines by number of destinations:

  • Air Canada
  • Westjet
  • Air Transat
  • First Air
  • Canadian North

Below you can find a list of all commercial airports in Canada. Click on the province name to see more details about airports. Also, make sure to check our map of Canada airports at the end of the text.

List of Canadian Airports

Airports in Alberta
Airports in British Columbia
Airports in Manitoba
Airports in New Brunswick
Airports in Newfoundland and Labrador 
Airports in Northwest Territories
Airports in Nova Scotia
Airports in Nunavut Territory
Airports in Ontario 
Airports on Prince Edward Island
Airports in Quebec 
Airports in Saskatchewan 
Airports in Yukon

Canada Airports Map


  1. Moloud   •  

    is there any information or a list that shows the flight routes between all airports in Canada?

    • Maja Tramontana   •  


      unfortunately we cannot provide you with such information on our website.
      Also, we do not know whether there is a website which provides information about all the flights within Canada in real time.
      However, on the official website of the airport you should be able to see all the routes to and from that destination. Hope that can help!

      GBB Team

  2. Rita   •  

    are there a easy way for people with disabilities to transfer from domestic terminal to international terminal at pearson, besides walking.

    • Marija Štrljić   •  

      Hi Rita,

      yes, assistance services such as wheelchairs and escorts are available. To obtain the most accurate and personalized information, though, you should directly contact the airport or refer to its official website.

      Marija, GetByBus Team

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