Bus Companies North Macedonia

Bus Companies North Macedonia

In North Macedonia the domestic transportation is mainly handled by intercity bus companies. On many routes like Skopje to Bitola, they compete with the train, but as the trains are not high speed, buses are often a faster and cheaper way of getting around. On popular routes like Skopje to Ohrid bus is the only options. Majority of the international transport to and from North Macedonia is by bus, many bus operators serving routes to Greece, Serbia, Albania, Germany and Bulgaria

The bus companies in North Macedonia do not all operate schedule lines, some have specialized in bus charter, while others offer bus tours to a domestic audience. In the larger cities there are public owned companies providing city and regional transport.

The quality of the buses in North Macedonia vary from bus company to bus company, those who drive with foreing guest usually have the newest buses. Below we have listed some of the most successful bus companies in the country.

Classic Company OhridDurmo ToursEuro Bus
Eurolines Dooel Struga Galeb OhridHafet Tours
Hak busMakedonija SoobrakajNasir tours
Rasim TurizamRule Turs d.o.o.Senad Tours
Step ToursTranskopVarder Express

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