Mostar to Sarajevo

New bus lines between Mostar and Sarajevo as well as the opposite direction are now online, from Mostar to Sarajevo there is 8 daily departures, first departure from 06:00 (6AM) and the last departure is 18:15 (6:15 PM). You can see most popular departure times here. From Sarajevo to Mostar there are 9 daily departure, […]

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Airport bus Mostar

Mostar Airport is located in Ortijes which is 7.5 km southeast from Mostar; it takes approximately 12 minutes to get there by car. Mostar Airport is mostly used by pilgrimage travellers; also low-cost seasonal airline companies from Italy have flights to Mostar Airport. These are the transport means from/to Mostar Airport: Airport bus: Mostar Airport […]

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Buses Jajce

Jajce municipality is located in central Bosnia&Herzegovina. Thanks to its historical importance, archaelogical findings and a beautiful scenery (mountains, waterfalls and lakes), the former royal town is now a tourist destination. The main characteristic are the twenty metres high waterfalls where the Pliva river flows into the Vrbas river. The waterfalls are in the very […]

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