Best Day Trips from Sarajevo

Sarajevo, the capital of the Bosnia and Herzegovina and heart of the Balkans, attracts travelers for its unique, long and rich history of religious and cultural diversity. It is a place where east and west converge, where the skyline is pierced both with minarets and belfries. Being a lively and vibrant city, it offers an authentic […]

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

New bus lines from Tuzla

As of today, we have additional international bus lines available from Tuzla to Croatia, Austria and German and of course also departures in the opposite direction. Four times a week (During summer season) we have a night bus departure from  Tuzla, Zivinice, Kladanj and Olovo to Dubrovnik, the bus departure from its first station Tuzla […]

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Mostar to Sarajevo

New bus lines between Mostar and Sarajevo as well as the opposite direction are now online, from Mostar to Sarajevo there is 8 daily departures, first departure from 06:00 (6AM) and the last departure is 18:15 (6:15 PM). You can see most popular departure times here. From Sarajevo to Mostar there are 9 daily departure, […]

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Airport bus Mostar

Mostar Airport is located in Ortijes which is 7.5 km southeast from Mostar; it takes approximately 12 minutes to get there by car. Mostar Airport is mostly used by pilgrimage travellers; also low-cost seasonal airline companies from Italy have flights to Mostar Airport. These are the transport means from/to Mostar Airport: Airport bus: Mostar Airport […]

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Buses Jajce

Jajce municipality is located in central Bosnia&Herzegovina. Thanks to its historical importance, archaelogical findings and a beautiful scenery (mountains, waterfalls and lakes), the former royal town is now a tourist destination. The main characteristic are the twenty metres high waterfalls where the Pliva river flows into the Vrbas river. The waterfalls are in the very […]

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