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Bus national park Una

National park Una is one of the 3 national parks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Una national park is located in the western part of Bosnia along the Bosnian / Croatian border just south of the city Bihać. Only 40 km from NP Una the famous Croatian national park Plitvice lakes can be found.

How to get to National park Una?

By Car: The easiest way of getting to the Una National park is for sure by car. The national park has 6 entrances which all can be reached by car. The main entrance is Gorjevac, which is the one to take when you are heading for the waterfalls in Štrbački buk; also the entrance in Martin brod is one to consider as this one is by the waterfalls in Milančev Buk.

Here are all entrances to NP Una:

  • Entrance 1 – Gorjevac (Štrbački buk)
  • Entrance 2 – Ćukovi
  • Entrance 3 – Ćelije
  • Entrance 4 – Račić
  • Entrance 5 – Martin brod (Milančev Buk)
  • Entrance 6 – Lohovo

Excursion / Day trip: Another easy way of getting to National park Una is to join an organized trip available from Bihać and other towns; if possible find a tour which takes you both to Štrbački buk and Milančev Buk.

By Bus: Getting to National park Una by bus is not an easy task, but is semi doable. From Bihac ‘Bedem’ (not the bus station) there is a local bus towards Kulen Vakuf. This bus passes the 2 entrance in Ćukovi where you could ask the driver to drop you off; from Ćukovi there is a 4.5 km walk to get to Štrbački buk, getting back you will have to do the reverse or if possible get a lift. Timetable for the bus you can find at the bus station in Bihać; usually there is about 5 daily departures. Taking a bus directly to Martin Brod is also possible from Bihać bus station.

Una national park Waterfalls

Waterfalls of Martin Brod

How to travel from Plitvice lakes to National park Una?

Travel from Plitvice lakes to national park Una by regular bus is not possible, but the following is:

From National park Plitvice there is a morning bus driving to Bihac (departure time from Plitvice stops is around 08:00), the only drawback is that tickets for this line cannot be purchased online and as the bus arrives from Zagreb with FD in Bihac, you can not be 100% sure that there is space on the bus, but usually most people get off the bus in Plitvice, so if you wait at Entrance one you should have a fair chance of getting on the bus. The bus is operated by the company Autopromet d.d. Slunj. NOTE: the above mentioned bus drives Monday to Saturday, in July and August all 7 weekdays.

Other options by bus is to catch one of the other buses driving between Zagreb and Bihac. As these buses follow another routes, you will have to get on the bus in either Slunj or Rakovica. As mentioned earlier, from Bihac you then have to catch a bus to either Kulen Vakuf or Martin Brod.

Taxi or transfer from Plitvice lakes to National park Una:

Taking a taxi from Plitvice to Una is possible if you are able to catch one. The price for a taxi to Bihac is about 50 Euro and to Una about 70 euros (Štrbački buk). You also have the option to pre-order a transfer which will then pick you up from the entrance or from a hotel or apartment in the area.


“Waterfalls” in Bihać

Good to know when visiting National park Una:

  • Plan some time also to see the small waterfalls in Bihać
  • If possible try to find accommodation along the river Una, there are several options in beautiful nature surroundings.
  • Entrance ticket Štrbački buk 6 KM (3 Euro) / Martin Brod 2 KM / 1 Euro
  • If your given name is Una, you have free entrance when showing a valid ID.
  • Some people are living within the national park, so respect their privacy.
  • Currency in Bosnia is Convertible Mark (KM); one KM equals 0.50 euro cent, in Bihac you can exchange currency or withdraw from an ATM machine.
  • Visiting the whole national park even by car takes quite a bit of time as it covers an area of 196 km2 and has a length of around 40 km.
  • Štrbački buk (opposite side of the river Una) can also be reached from Croatian side without entering Bosnia, the place in Croatia you will have to go to is called UNA MAMEA Park Arboretum (is off track in relation to larger roads).


  1. Jonathan   •  

    Hi. Is it possible to enter from Croatia and do not cross Bosnias country boarder? We will be deiving a car from Treviso and this does not permit us to croos Bosnias border but we wish to visit Štrbački buk

    • Melani Grubić Mikulić   •  

      Dear Jonathan,

      The access to Strbacki bus from Croatian bank of the river is not in a good condition because people usually access the waterfall from the Bosnian bank. You could try but we advise to ask the locals for more information.

      Best regards!

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