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The national park Krka has no official bus stops but that does not mean you can not travel by bus to visit the national park. The national park Krka has 5 official entrances, two main of which are Lozovac and Skradin which are also the ones you can reach by bus.

Lozavac can be reached by regional bus (operated by Autotransport Šibenik) from Šibenik and a few other small towns in the area. Tickets and schedules for those buses can be found at the bus station in Šibenik, and normally at the bus stops in the smaller neighbouring cities. If you travel from Šibenik please check whether the bus stops directly at the park entrance or just at the main road. If the latter is the case, you will have to walk about 1.5 km to get to the entrance. The approximate journey time is 15 min.

National park Velebit

Krka entrance Lozavac

Hiking trail Paklenica

The entrance in Skradin is where you have to sail with a boat to the lower part of the national park, during summer the boat sails very frequently, during winter less often, so if you are visiting the park outside of the main season, you might want to contact the park and ask about the departure times of the boat.

There are buses to and from Skradin from the following cities: Šibenik, Split, Zadar, Zagreb and even from National park Plitvice lakes. In Skradin there is no bus station, just a bus stop located 150 meters from the National park office and 200 meters from where the boat departs. As Skradin is never the starting point of the bus lines, delays can occur especially during the summer season, so make sure not to plan your schedule so tight that you depend on the bus arrival and departure according to the timetable.

On the busiest travel dates between Šibenik  and Skradin, there are more than 7 daily departures. The earliest departure time is at 09:00 and the latest arrival time is at 20:45. The journey takes 10 min and costs 3€ (22 HRK).

You can see some selected bus timetables here:

  • Split – Skradin  – here
  • Zadar – Skradin  – here
  • Zagreb – Skradin  – here
  • Šibenik – Skradin – here

All bus departure from main bus station in the respective cities.

Krka Entrance Skradin

Good to know when visiting National park Krka:

  • A walking tour following the walking path at the lower part of the park area, takes between 2 and 3 hours. If you arrive in Skradin you can add two hours to get back and forth with the boat, which means you need a minimum of 5 hours for visiting the park.
  • At the lower part of the waterfall you are allowed to swim, so remember to bring a swimming suit. Next to where you swim there is a large green area where you can sunbathe. (During summer season it can get very crowded)
  • There is a restaurant area at the lower part of the waterfalls and by the Etno village which you will pass following the walking path.
  • The walking path is not suitable for people in a wheel chair.
  • From entrance Lozavac there is a NP park bus to the Ento village.
  • Krka Monastery is an interesting site to see while visiting the park.
Brijuni islands national park nature view collage, Istria, Croatia

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