Visit Dolni Morava

Visit Dolni Morava

Dolni Morava is a small village situated in Pardubice Region, Czech Republic. Being located in the northeast of the country, Dolni Morava has cold winters and cool summers. And that is one of the reasons why it is so popular. All winter enthusiasts love it because it offers so many diverse activities, and in the summertime, it is a real paradise for all of those who enjoy hiking, cycling and mushroom-picking.

Therefore, it is a perfect destination for anyone looking to spend their holidays practicing winter activities or wanting an active summer vacation.

How to get to Dolni Morava

Dolni Morava is located approximately 200 kilometers from Prague, 160 kilometers from Brno and 185 kilometers from Ostrava.

The easiest way to reach Dolni Morava, due to its geographical position, is by car. However, if you’re travelling on a budget, taking a bus or a train is a cheaper option but keep in mind that the journey lasts longer.

By car

Getting to Dolni Morava by car is the easiest and fastest way of travelling. If you’re driving from Brno or Ostrava, the journey should take around 2 hours. If you’re driving from Prague, the journey should last around 2 and a half to 3 hours. However, if you don’t have a car, but would love to travel with one, you can always hire a car in the city you’re staying in or rent a car online.

By train

Travelling by train is a relatively cheap option but the journey takes a bit longer than when travelling by car. There are numerous train lines operating every day and the duration of the journey depends on where you are travelling from. 

In order to get to Dolni Morava, the best train station to get off at is the Dolní Morava – konečná stop. Alternatively, there are the Králíky Červený Potok, U kostela and Králíky stops.

By bus

Dolni Morava is a popular destination among tourists, both domestic and foreign. Therefore, it is well connected to major cities such as Prague, Brno and Ostrava. There are several lines operating on those routes but not as often as trains. 

In order to get to Dolni Morava, the best bus station to get off at is the Dolní Morava – konečná stop. Alternatively, there are the Králíky Červený Potok, U kostela and Králíky stops.

What to see and do in Dolni Morava

Dolni Morava might be a small village but what it has to offer is quite the opposite. Being a popular ski resort, among other things, Dolni Morava offers a variety of facilities and activities to its visitors. 

Sky Walk

Sky Walk is by far the most famous attraction in Dolni Morava. It is situated between Orlické Mountains and Jeseníky Mountains, at 1116 metres above sea level. At 55 metres above the ground, you will feel like you’re standing among clouds, and while enjoying the beautiful view of the Králický Sněžník massif as well as the valley of the River Morava, you will feel like you’re dreaming.

In addition, if you get tired, to get off the Sky Walk you can take a slide down the 101-metre-long toboggan.

Furthermore, the Sky Walk is open year-round. However, it is advised to check the working hours in advance because it could be temporarily closed due to severe weather. 

Museum of Czechoslovak fortification K-S 5 U potoka

Museum of Czechoslovak fortification K-S 5 U potoka is a place of history that offers its visitors a peek into what it was like in the pre-war time. The museum is situated inside an entirely renovated bunker that once served as a Czechoslovak pre-war fortification system. Moreover, it is equipped as it once was. Namely, it contains anti-tank cannon, heavy and light machine guns, diesel generator or filter ventilation system. 

Sky Bridge 721

Sky Bridge 721 in Dolni Morava is the world’s longest suspension bridge. As the name itself suggests, it is 721 meters long. Furthermore, it stands 95 metres above a deep mountain valley which means the view is absolutely spectacular. Although it takes a lot of courage to walk the bridge, it is definitely worth it. What’s more, this one-of-a-kind experience is also a learning experience. There is an educational trail called “The Bridge of Time” which offers a unique and interactive game containing elements of augmented reality. Moreover, the game is also a great way to learn some Czech history. In order to play the game, all you need to do is bring your smartphone with you.

Mammoth Alpine Coaster

Mammoth Alpine Coaster is the second-longest coaster in Europe. That is, it is 3 kilometers of adrenaline ride and pure joy. During the ride, you can enjoy the views of the forest and open plains. Furthermore, the ride includes a 364-meter height difference, 25 lightning-fast turns, a 360° spin at 12 meters above ground, a figure-eight loop, and a 24 meters long underground tunnel. In addition, in certain parts of the ride, you can reach the speed of 50 km/h! What’s more, the Mammoth Alpine Coaster is open in the summer as well as winter months. 

Adrenaline Park

The Adrenaline Park in Dolni Morava is suitable for children of all ages, even adult children. Everyone is welcome and everyone is guaranteed a good time, except for those who are afraid of heights. It includes one of the largest ropes courses in the Czech Republic (400-meter long ropeway) as well as a climbing wall. However, the main attractions are the Double Big Swing with an elevation of 13 metres, and a Powerfan that allows you to experience a rapid free-fall jump with a soft landing.

Sky Walk Dolni Morava

Sky Walk, Dolni Morava

Where to eat in Dolni Morava

If you’re looking to try some traditional Czech food and, of course, beer, there are plenty of choices in Dolni Morava. The mountain resort has a wide offer of restaurants and bars such as Skalka Restaurant, U Slona Restaurant and Terezka Pizzeria. Besides these, there are the Penzion Moravanka and Penzion Krcma which serve mainly European and traditional Czech food. However, keep in mind that not all restaurants have card payment as an option so make sure you bring enough cash.


Finding accommodation in Dolni Morava shouldn’t be a problem. The options vary from hotels to private accommodation. However, it is advisable to book the accommodation in advance for better options.

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