50 Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia for 2023

You know that feeling when you find an interesting and appealing location, you take a look at more photos of it and the next thing – you’re planning your trip to that place! Well, we have to warn you that you might experience this about 50 times while reading this text!

Namely, Croatia is becoming a more and more popular tourist destination each year. This is mostly thanks to its beautiful scenery and impressive sights made for taking unforgettable photos! And is there a better way to perpetuate the loving memories on our trips?

All in all, dear influencers (and those who feel so), pack your bags and get to work! We have done the research and got a list of the 50 most popular Instagram locations in Croatia you surely don’t want to miss! 

How did we do it?

As we mentioned above, Croatia is an increasingly popular destination. Therefore, this year we decided to calculate exactly how much more popular it has become compared to last year.

Among different approaches to making a list of the most popular Instagram locations in Croatia, we have decided to pick sights instead of cities. That is why you will find Dubrovnik Walls instead of Dubrovnik city on our list. Anyway, we made a list of the most popular sights with help from Google Travel service

In order to define the most popular destinations, we used Google reviews. However, we only considered the destinations with more than 500 reviews. Therefore, we got a list of 190 locations. The next thing was collecting the number of Instagram mentions in both Croatian and English language. In the end, we sorted the locations according to the number of mentions and got our final list of the 50 most popular Instagram locations in Croatia. 

Below each sight, you can see information about whether its popularity has increased or decreased compared to 2022. Of course, on the list for the year 2023 we also have several newcomers who bravely fought for their places, thereby displacing several of last year’s favorites.

Top Instagram locations 50-41

50. Church of St. Donatus, Zadar

Total number of mentions: 7,278

Previous rank: New on the list

The Church of St. Donatus is one of the most famous symbols of the city of Zadar. It was built on the Roman forum, and has been adorning it since the 9th century. Although it has long ceased to be a sacred function, due to its extraordinary acoustics it is used as a concert stage for a classical music festival called Musical Evenings in St. Donat (Glazbene večeri u sv. Donatu).

Church of St. Donatus
Church of St. Donatus

49. Kasjuni Beach, Split

Total number of mentions: 7,315

Previous rank: 41 (↓8)

Kašjuni Beach is a popular pebbly beach located beneath Marjan Hill. Due to the easy access to the sea, it is a good choice for families with small children. In addition, the nearby parking lot makes it easier to carry all the necessary swimming gloves, flamingos and other much-needed props.

Kasjuni beach Split
Kasjuni beach Split

48. Lonjsko Polje Nature Park

Total number of mentions: 7,493

Previous rank: New on the list

Lonjsko polje nature park is extremely interesting for visitors due to its beautiful traditional wooden architecture and stork birds. Namely, in addition to perfectly preserved oak houses in the village of Krapje, the park also includes the village of Čigoč. Čigoč is known as the first European stork village. Almost every house has a stork’s nest.

Lonjsko Polje Nature Park
Lonjsko Polje Nature Park

47. Makarska Beach, Makarska

Total number of mentions: 7,817

Previous rank: 40 (↓7)

The beautiful, long beaches of Makarska Riviera are popular for their crystal clear sea. Pebbly or sandy, they are all bathed in sun and well-equipped with all kinds of amenities. In general, there are facilities for both children and adults. Besides that, the scenery will take your breath away.

Makarska beach
Makarska beach

46. North Velebit National Park

Total number of mentions: 8,057

Previous rank: New on the list

Velebit may not be the highest mountain in Croatia, but it is the largest. In addition, Northern Velebit National Park is one of the most diverse national parks in Croatia. It is influenced by Mediterranean, continental and alpine climates. In addition, it contains several reserves, the Velebit Botanical Garden and one of the deepest caves in the world – Luka’s Cave (Lukina jama).

North Velebit National Park
North Velebit National Park

45. Klis Fortress

Total number of mentions: 8,198

Previous rank: 39 (↓6)

Klis Fortress is one of the most prominent fortifications in Croatia and one of the best-preserved fortifications in general. It is best known for its role in the Turkish wars and the successful defence against the Ottomans. However, today the fortress is best known as a filming location for the popular Game of Thrones series.

Fortress of Klis
Fortress of Klis

44. Ozalj Castle, Ozalj

Total number of mentions: 8,953

Previous rank: 38 (↓6)

Ozalj Castle is one of the most popular hidden gems in Croatia. It is located in the mediaeval town of Ozalj, above the River Kupa. The castle is surrounded by fairytale-like nature with a picturesque wooden bridge taking to the gates. Yes, just like the real castle! If you look up, you will notice the coat of arms with a dragon. Furthermore, the castle hosts a Native museum displaying collections of armoury and exhibits of the families Zrinski and Frankopan, as well as Slava Raskaj, the famous Croatian painter.

Ozalj castle
Ozalj castle

43. Zagreb Zoo

Total number of mentions: 9,821

Previous rank: 36 (↓7)

The zoo in Zagreb contains more than 350 animal species and more than 8000 animals from almost every continent. Among them you will find mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and more. Also, the zoo dedicates a lot of time into educating the visitors and promoting the ideas of nature and animal preservation.

Zagreb Zoo
Zagreb Zoo

42. Blue Cave, Bisevo island

Total number of mentions: 10,187

Previous rank: New on the list

The Blue Cave is located on the island of Biševo. It may be small, but its beauty is truly great. It is known for the wonderful play of colors that takes place in it thanks to the penetration of the Sun’s rays through the underwater opening. If you haven’t visited it yet, this is your sign.

Blue Cave, Bisevo island
Blue Cave

41.  Vransko Lake

Total number of mentions: 10,725

Previous rank: 35 (↓6)

Vransko Lake is a part of Vransko Lake Nature Park with its surroundings. It is the largest natural lake in Croatia. The biggest attraction is the wooden trail through nature. It is 600 m long and offers amazing views. Besides that, visitors can get familiar with bird species in the reserve. And in the info centre Crkvine you can rent binoculars or head to the adrenalin park with children.

Vransko Lake
Vransko Lake

Top Instagram locations 40-31

40. Marjan Forest Park, Split

Total number of mentions: 10,852

Previous rank: New on the list

Some say it’s a hill, some say it’s an extinct volcano, but one thing is certain – Marjan is the pride and joy of the city of Split. It is often called the lungs of the city, and it is also a favorite place for meditation and enjoying nature. In addition, it is located almost in the very center of Split which makes it a perfect choice for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Marjan Forest Park
Marjan Forest Park

39. Medvedgrad

Total number of mentions: 11,235

Previous rank: 34 (↓5)

There are two things called Medvedgrad – one is the beer factory, the other is the medieval town. Of course, we will stick to the latter. Namely, Medvedgrad is a magical place that will fascinate you, not only for its scenery, but also for its mystical legends and tales. Medvedgrad is located in Medvednica Nature Park, which additionally contributes to the atmosphere.

Medvedgrad Castle on Zagreb's Medvednica
Medvedgrad Castle on Zagreb’s Medvednica

38. Trsat Castle, Rijeka

Total number of mentions: 13,119

Previous rank: 32 (↓6)

On a 138 m high hill in Rijeka stands a mighty viewpoint called Trsat Castle. Besides the stunning architecture, the castle is full of interesting stories and tales, and it presents a symbol of the town. Also, the caste often hosts various events such as concerts, art exhibitions, performances and more. Considering the height and events, this is a true opportunity for cultural upliftment!

Trsat castle
Trsat castle

37. Skradinski Buk

Total number of mentions: 13,689

Previous rank: 31 (↓6)

Skradinski Buk is the most famous attraction of Krka National Park and the longest waterfall on the River Krka. You can visit it during the entire year, being different in all seasons. Also, beneath the waterfall is a natural pool, but unfortunately, visitors are no longer able to swim in it since 2021.

Skradinski buk
Skradinski buk

36. Znjan Beach, Split

Total number of mentions: 14,143

Previous rank: 47 (↑11)

Žnjan is a pebble beach divided into several bays and equipped with all sorts of facilities for an all-day stay at the beach. Some of these include volleyball courts, playgrounds, cafes and restaurants. In addition, part of the beach is adapted for people with disabilities, and there is a bus stop and a large parking lot nearby.

Znjan beach in Split
Znjan beach in Split

35. Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik

Total number of mentions: 14,382

Previous rank: 30 (↓5)

Fort of Lovrijenac is also known as the Gibraltar of Dubrovnik. Besides being a symbol of the city, Lovrijenac is a symbol of defence against the Venetians. This important fortification is one of the most visited sights in Dubrovnik and it is often used for theatre performances. What’s more, during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Lovrijenac becomes a stage for the popular Hamlet by Shakespeare.


34. Risnjak National Park

Total number of mentions: 14,658

Previous rank: 33 (↓1)

For everyone who likes hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking or sport fishing, Risnjak is a real vacation for the soul. However, there are those who believe that is just fatigue for the body. Nonetheless, they can also enjoy the charms of Risnjak. Namely, in the charming town of Crni Lug, there is the Pension Risnjak, a true little oasis with a view of the beautiful lake nearby.


33. Sakarun Beach, Dugi Otok island

Total number of mentions: 14,790

Previous rank: 29 (↓4)

Considering its beauty, we like to say that Sakarun is located in the Adriatic Caribbean. In fact, it’s so picturesque you might think it’s actually in the Bahamas. It is covered with fine white sand, and the sea is crystal clear. Best of all, it is protected by a long bay. Therefore, in summer the sea is always at the perfect temperature. Could it be any better?

Sakarun beach
Sakarun beach

32. Kopacki Rit Nature Park

Total number of mentions: 14,899

Previous rank: 28 (↓4)

Kopački Rit Nature Park is one of the largest swamps in Europe. Besides biodiversity, the park is unique for the fact that its look is ever changing. Each time you visit it, you will see the different scenery of this remarkable zoo reserve. But one thing is for sure, it will always amaze you!

Kopacki Rit
Kopacki Rit

31. St Duje Cathedral, Split

Total number of mentions: 15,380

Previous rank: 42 (↑11)

Cathedral of St. Duje is one of the most popular attractions in Diocletian’s Palace. However, we must warn you to be careful when visiting. In addition to two lions at the very entrance, it is also guarded by an Egyptian sphinx. However, the most interesting part is the very top of the cathedral (only for the bravest who are not afraid of heights and lions) from where you will have the most beautiful view of the city.

Saint Domnius Cathedral
Saint Domnius Cathedral in Split

Top Instagram locations 30-21

30. St. Mark’s Church, Zagreb

Total number of mentions: 15,673

Previous rank: New on the list

St. Mark’s Church is an unmissable attraction when visiting Zagreb. It is located on the square of the same name, near the Croatian Parliament. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest buildings in the city. In the Middle Ages, there was even a pillar of shame in front of it. However, it is most famous for its unique appearance. Namely, its most beautiful attributes are the beautifully decorated portal and the multi-colored roof and bell tower.

St. Mark's Church, Zagreb
St. Mark’s Church

29. Nature park Telascica

Total number of mentions: 16,560

Previous rank: New on the list

Telascica Nature Park is a fairytale place on Dugi otok. It is located in the largest, safest and most beautiful natural Adriatic port. Furthermore, its uniqueness is also reflected in the astonishing rock formations that rise up to 200 meters. In addition, the park is adorned with the salt lake Mir, known for its healing properties, and 13 islets.

Nature park Telascica
Nature park Telascica

28. Maksimir Park, Zagreb

Total number of mentions: 17,150

Previous rank: 23 (↓5)

Maksimir is the most beautiful park in Zagreb, no doubt. It is also a favourite place for relaxation, meditation and hiking. Besides the oak forest, the park has 5 lakes and rich flora with many endemic species. Along with that, the park is home to several important buildings such as Kiosk Viewpoint, Swiss House and Jeka Pavilion, just to name a few. 

Maksimir Park

27. Mljet National Park

Total number of mentions: 17,406

Previous rank: 26 (↓1)

Mljet NP is located in the north-western part of Mljet island. It is known for its enchanting panoramic views of the indented coast, cliffs and numerous islets. However, the biggest attraction is the Big and Small Lake (Veliko and Malo Jezero). Besides the natural gems, the park has significant cultural and historical importance that dates back to the time of the Illyrians.

Mljet beach
Mljet beach

26. Zagreb Cathedral

Total number of mentions: 18,340

Previous rank: 24 (↓2)

If there was a competition in building importance, we are sure Zagreb Cathedral would be close to the top. Firstly because it is the biggest Croatian sacral building. Secondly, it is the first gothic building in Croatia. Finally, it is the most important gothic building in the country. But besides being a valuable monument of Croatian cultural heritage, it is really worth visiting for its impressive architecture.

Cathedral of Zagreb
Cathedral of Zagreb

25. Bacvice Beach, Split

Total number of mentions: 18,775

Previous rank: 27 (↑2)

Bacvice, locally known as Baće, is so popular among locals that they even wrote a song about it. Visitors can find all kinds of facilities and amenities, but also try one of the most famous local sportspicigin. Namely, picigin is played in the shallow parts of the beach, and Bacvice is the perfect place for that. If you decide to go for a swim, we suggest you go to the sides of the beach. Otherwise, you will walk for a while to get deeper into the sea.

Bacvice beach
Bacvice beach

24. Jarun, Zagreb

Total number of mentions: 20,417

Previous rank: 22 (↓2)

Jarun is a lake in Zagreb, but the name also stands for its surroundings. The lake has 6 islands and 5 beaches proudly awarded by Blue Flags. The area around the lake is ideal for all sorts of activities such as jogging, hiking, cycling etc. Besides that, Jarun is known for its rich nightlife.

Jarun lake
Jarun lake

23. Stiniva Beach, Vis island

Total number of mentions: 21,874

Previous rank: 21 (↓2)

Stiniva is a small bay in the island of Vis, surrounded by high cliffs. The bay is protected together with a few more abandoned fishermen’s houses and functions as a nature reserve. Furthermore, to get to the beach, visitors have to get down the steep descent, so flip flops are not recommended. However, visiting Stiniva totally pays off because the scenery is breathtaking. Those interested in snorkelling should try it here!

Stiniva Vis island
Stiniva Vis island

22. Zumberak-Samobor Mountains Nature Park

Total number of mentions: 22,653

Previous rank: New on the list

This historical gem full of natural beauty is new to the list and immediately found itself in the 22nd place. Namely, this area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, so the park is overflowing with archaeological finds. Furthermore, it contains many diverse (and rare) species of plants and animals. In addition, it is the right choice for all recreationists as it offers visitors a variety of activities, from hiking to parasailing.

Zumberak-Samobor Mountains Nature Park
Zumberak-Samobor Mountains Nature Park

21. Greeting to the Sun, Zadar

Total number of mentions: 24,449

Previous rank: 20 (↓1)

Greeting to the Sun is a famous installation by Nikola Bašić that is a must-see while visiting Zadar. Namely, three hundred solar panels are placed on the Zadar waterfront and through them, light communication with nature is achieved. In other words, the panels collect sunlight during the day and play a magical dance of light after the sunset.

The Greeting to the sun
Greeting to the Sun

Top Instagram locations 20-11

20. Papuk Nature Park

Total number of mentions: 24,814

Previous rank: 13 (↓7)

Papuk Nature Park is located on the mountain of the same name, considered the most beautiful in Slavonija. The area is known for its plains, once a part of the Pannonian sea. Because of its location, Papuk is rich in flora and fauna. Besides natural beauties, the area has a good number of mediaeval fortifications that contribute to the picturesque scenery.

Papuk Croatia
Papuk Croatia

19. Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park

Total number of mentions: 27,338

Previous rank: same

Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park is a place made by gods. That is the only way to describe this magnificent place. Namely, the sea is so clear that the visibility reaches up to 50 m into the sea. Moreover, the panoramic view from Hum is endless. The dramatic, yet serene landscape is bathed in blue and green. The coast is framed by high cliffs reminding us of the power of nature.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Lastovo island Croatia
Lastovo island Croatia

18. Bundek, Zagreb

Total number of mentions: 27,613

Previous rank: same

Bundek Lake and Park in Zagreb is one of the favourite beaches during the summer. Besides that, access to the lake is suitable for the disabled. Also, visitors can find an amusement park with all kinds of facilities such as trails, barbeque, benches, playgrounds and more.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Bundek lake
Bundek lake

17. Ucka Nature Park

Total number of mentions: 32,793

Previous rank: 25 (↑8)

This year, the Ucka Nature Park rightfully holds the title of Mister Popularity. The number of mentions compared to last year is more than double! Considering that the park abounds in natural beauty, this does not surprise us at all. In addition, the most famous attraction in the park is the Vojak tower, located on the highest peak of Ucka. The view from top is outstanding! If you want to see even more beauty, you’re in luck- there are telescopes. In addition, there is an info-center in the tower.


16. Trakoscan Castle

Total number of mentions: 34,290

Previous rank: same

Trakoscan Castle is also one of the favourite hidden gems in Croatia. It is located near the city of Varazdin. Furthermore, it is one of the most impressive and most visited castles in Croatia. Considering its beauty, no wonder it was listed among the 12 most beautiful castles in Europe by Conde Nast Traveler in 2017.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Trakoscan castle
Trakoscan castle

15. Pula Arena

Total number of mentions: 38,116

Previous rank: 17 (↑2)

Pula Arena is one of the biggest monuments of ancient architecture in Croatia. What’s more, it is the 6th largest Roman amphitheatre in the world as well as one of the best-preserved ones. This magnificent architectural piece is often compared to the Colosseum in Rome. The legend says that it was built by the fairies that once lived in Istria.

Arena Pula
Arena Pula

14. Baška Beach, Krk island

Total number of mentions: 38,587

Previous rank: same

Baska is considered one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Croatia. It is located on the island of Krk and it is mostly known for its beaches. One of the most popular beaches is Vela Beach (Vela Plaža) which is often referred to as the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic and Europe in general. The beach is almost 2 km long, offering all kinds of facilities. However, its popularity is gained by the crystal clear sea. Besides Vela Beach, Baska boasts about 30 more beaches.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Baska Beach
Baska Beach

13. Sea Organ, Zadar

Total number of mentions: 41,868

Previous rank: 15 (↑2)

Sea Organ is one more fascinating installation in Zadar invented by Nikola Bašić. It is actually an experimental instrument which looks like a staircase into the sea. So, the organ plays as the waves are crashing into the stairs, providing a dreamy atmosphere accompanied by the magical sunset and the lights of the Greeting to the Sun.

Sea Organ Zadar
Sea Organ Zadar

12. Paklenica National Park

Total number of mentions: 47,968

Previous rank: 11 (↓1)

Paklenica NP is located on the southern side of the mighty Velebit mountain. It is known for being the largest forest complex in Dalmatia. Its outstanding beauty lies in geomorphological forms, rich flora and fauna and fascinating landscapes. Moreover, the untouched nature formed the beautiful scenery which impress the visitors since 1949.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Paklenica national park
Paklenica national park

11. Medvednica Nature Park

Total number of mentions: 47,974

Previous rank: 12 (↑1)

Medvednica Nature Park is part of the Medvednica Mountain overlooking Zagreb. The highest point is Sljeme, a famous skiing destination that hosts famous skiing competitions. The park is known for its natural beauty and it is very popular for outdoor activities. Besides nature, there are several fortifications such as Medvedgrad, Susedgrad and Orsic Castle.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Medvednica

Top 10 Instagram locations

10. Brijuni National Park

Total number of mentions: 57,078

Previous rank: same

The top 10 of our list of the most popular Instagram locations in Croatia starts with a synonym for glamour. Namely, many famous people, celebrities and government officials have enjoyed this archipelago since the 20th century. Brijuni NP comprises 2 islands and 12 islets in the northern part of the Adriatic, Istria. It is an example of beautiful nature, rich history and biodiversity. However, Veliki Brijun is the most visited island and it is the best example of nature and humans being in perfect harmony.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Brijuni national park
Brijuni national park

9. Dubrovnik City Walls

Total number of mentions: 57,292

Previous rank: same

When the city is known by its wall, which is also protected by UNESCO, then that wall must be very important. And it really is! Dubrovnik City Walls were built from the 13th to 17th century. However, they surround the Dubrovnik Old Town even today. The wall is about 2 km long with many towers and bastions. Obviously, the view is unbelievable, but the fact that it portrayed one of the most popular on-screen places – The King’s Landing – is even more fascinating.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Dubrovnik city walls
Dubrovnik city walls

8. Biokovo Nature Park

Total number of mentions: 61,850

Previous rank: same

Biokovo is a mountain that rises from the sea, and its viewpoints offer unforgettable views. Besides being known for its natural wonders, it is also known as a mountain where visitors, for reasons unknown, like to wear flip flops! So, if you decide to hike the beauties of Biokovo safely (and you don’t want a mountain rescue helicopter ride) wear trainers and bring enough water!

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Biokovo nature park
Biokovo nature park

7. Cape Kamenjak

Total number of mentions: 67,900

Previous rank: same

Did you know that dinosaurs were living on Cape Kamenjak a long time ago? That is exactly what Kamenjak is mostly known for. Namely, Pinzula Beach is known for its dinosaur trail but also for its beauty. Besides this one, Kamenjak has many peculiar bays and coves such as Velika and Mala Kolumbarica with caves. Also, there is a safari bar known for its “Bali” swing which is a perfect thing for a great photo!

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Kamenjak

6. Golden Horn Beach, Bol

Total number of mentions: 73,598

Previous rank: same

Golden Horn or Zlatni Rat is the most popular beach in the Adriatic and a symbol of Croatian tourism. The beach is famous thanks to its unusual look and crystal clear sea. Namely, the beach is known for changing its shape depending on the winds. It is long for about a kilometre and it is one of the top locations for windsurfing.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Zlatni rat beach in Bol
Zlatni rat beach in Bol

5. Diocletian’s Palace, Split

Total number of mentions: 92,147

Previous rank: same

Diocletian’s Palace in Split is one of the best-preserved examples of Roman architecture in the world. It is protected by UNESCO and it is full of interesting attractions such as temples, crips and sphinxes. During the summer, visitors can meet the gladiators always in the mood for a good photo. If you’re lucky enough, you can witness the tsar’s speech in the main square Peristil. 

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Diocletian's Palace
Diocletian’s Palace

4. Kornati National Park

Total number of mentions: 117,280

Previous rank: same

Kornati NP is famous thanks to its outstanding landscape consisting of geomorphological forms and plenty of islets. Namely, the Kornati archipelago is the most rugged part of the Adriatic coastline. This sunny sea labyrinth is popular among sailors and scuba divers thanks to its magnificent underwater world

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Kornati

3. Zrce Beach, Pag island

Total number of mentions: 332,589

Previous rank: same

Zrce is definitely the most popular party beach in Croatia. It is located on the island of Pag and it is awarded a Blue Flag. Also, this pebbly beach can accept thousands of party animals who come to visit the popular clubs such as Papaya, Kalypso and Aquarius. Besides that, the place often hosts various events, usually with famous DJs. While not partying, visitors can try all kinds of activities such as bungee jumping, jet skiing and parasailing. 

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Zrce, Novalja
Zrce, Novalja

2. Krka National Park

Total number of mentions: 570,250

Previous rank: same

The title of first runner-up goes to the beautiful Krka NP! It stretches along the River Krka, the biggest attraction being Skradinski Buk and its famous trail. Besides that, Krka NP is home to the oldest hydropower plant in Europe, Jaruga. Considering the rising popularity of the park each year, crowds are inevitable. However, the park is wonderful in all seasons, especially in autumn when nature changes its colours.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia: Krka national park
Krka national park

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Total number of mentions: 1,182,857

Previous rank: same

For the second year in a row, the title of the most popular Instagram location in Croatia deservedly goes to- Plitvice! Plitvice Lakes NP is the most visited national park in Croatia and one of the most visited places in this part of Europe. This magical place comprises 16 lakes and plenty of waterfalls of which the biggest one is Veliki Slap (Big Fall) 78 m high. Furthermore, the outstanding natural wonder and beauty were recognized by UNESCO as well, so it has been protected since 1979.

Most Popular Instagram Locations in Croatia:
Plitvice lakes National Park

The most popular locations in 2022 that didn’t manage to rank this year

Although our top 10 of the 50 most popular Instagram locations in Croatia for 2023 are the same as last year, some things have changed. That is, several of last year’s favorites were just below the line in terms of the number of mentions and did not make the list. Nevertheless, we think they definitely deserve a mention:

  • Kolovare Beach, Zadar- the most famous beach in Zadar and a popular gathering spot among youth.
  • Paradise Beach, Rab Island- considered one of the best beaches in Europe and the birthplace of skinny-dipping or naked swimming.
  • Slanica Beach, Murter- a popular beach with volleyball and tennis courts, an amusement park, bars and restaurants and many more.
  • Crikvenica Beach, Crikvenica- a favourite spot for many beachgoers who don’t mind the crowds.
  • Rucica Beach, Pag Island- a sandy and shingly beach surrounded by picturesque scenery that will leave you breathless.
  • Pasjaca Beach, Konavle- an ideal spot for those who want to spend a holiday in peace and solitude, enjoying the surroundings.
  • Art Pavilion in Zagreb– the oldest gallery in the southern east part of Europe(temporarily closed, but holding exhibitions and events throughout the city).
  • Kumrovec Village- designed as an ethnographic open-air museum which authentically depicts the villages of the Zagorje region.


Infographic. most popular Instagram locations in Croatia

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