Makarska Riviera

Best Beaches in Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera with its 60 km long coast offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Many of them have Blue Flags as a certificate of great water quality. Besides the crystal clear sea, these beaches have all it takes to attract visitors. Whether pebbly or sandy, beaches are backed by the promenade and the magnificent Biokovo mountain.

If travelling to Makarska Riviera, we have chosen the following 10 beaches you should visit for the amazing summer holidays!

Nugal Beach 

Nugal is supposed to be a naturist beach, but don’t get surprised if the crowd decides not to follow those rules. You can reach the beach from Makarska or Tučepi. If you are in Makarska, a 30-minute hike through Osejava forest park will give you an amazing view. Another option is to get there by boat. In this case, make sure you bring food and drinks! One of the biggest attractions are the rocky cliffs on the side that create a stunning waterfall after heavy rain.

Punta Rata Beach 

Punta Rata puts Brela town on the map of “must-visits”. It was voted the most beautiful beach in Europe and one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world by Forbes magazine. The beach is pebbly with a sandy entrance to the sea. Punta Rata is a very “instagrammable” beach thanks to the turquoise colour of the sea. This is largely due to an unusual tree-covered rock called Brela that emerges from the sea, a symbol of Punta Rata.

Brela beach

Brela Beach

Tucepi Beach 

Tucepi beach is the longest beach of the Riviera and a quite popular one. It is 4 km long and located in the tourist resort Tucepi, 7 km away from Makarska. There is a long promenade with the trees of pines and tamaris stretching along the beach. Apart from sunbathing, you can opt for pedal boats or water slides. Therefore, families enjoy it here, as well as the scenery of beautiful Biokovo rising above the pines.



Velika Duba Beach

To get to Velika Duba in Zivogosce you can park your car for free along the main road.  If you’re adventurous, take a goat’s path through the forest from Blato or along the coast from Mala Duba. On Velika Duba Beach you won’t find shade so bring parasols. The beach can be naturist friendly, especially off-season, but it generally depends on the people visiting that day. There are no facilities, only one café bar, so the beach attracts those who want peace. The beach, regarded as Dubai beach because of its beauty, is curved inward which makes a really nice ambience.

Vruja Beach 

Vruja is an isolated beach situated 6 km north of Brela and one of the most beautiful beaches on the riviera and the whole country. To get here, you will have to park your car, for free, and go on a hike. The view from the top is definitely worth it. The beach with a bit colder sea than other beaches is partly for naturists but is also visited by families who want some peace and quiet. 

Makarska Beach 

The main beach in Makarska that extends from the city port to the hotels is very popular, especially with families. This long beach with shade will offer you numerous activities, from parasailing to windsurfing, rescue service, numerous bars and restaurants, as well as accommodation. Once you’re here, visit the Makarska Old Town nearby.

Amazing colorful sunset over the beach, near Brela, Makarska riviera, Dalmatia, Croatia, Europe

Colorful sunset over the beach, near Brela, Makarska Riviera

Ramova Beach 

Ramova beach on the outskirts of Makarska, where it meets Krvavica beach, offers peace from the crowds as well as shade. There are parts for nudists as well as for pets, where rocks separate the pebbles and the sand to mark parts of the beach. Other than the clear water, deep shade and the sound of crickets, you won’t find many facilities here. 

Garma Bay 

Garma Bay at the beginning of Podgora is perfect for naturists as well as for anyone who wants peace and quiet. The beach is beautiful thanks to its rocky landscape. A short macadam path from the parking lot will take you there. You can look for a cove where you can be separated from the others and enjoy the sound of the sea. If looking for facilities, there is a restaurant nearby, so don’t worry. Going north, there is another peaceful beach called Dracevac, naturist appropriate.

Podrace Beach, Makarska Riviera

Podrace Beach, Makarska Riviera

Ikovac Beach 

Ikovac Beach offers you turquoise and clear sea. It is ideal for families as it offers various recreational facilities like kayaks, canoes and jet skis. It also offers bars and restaurants, as well as parasols since the narrow beach offers little to no shade. It stretches 200 m along the promenade and the street that goes to Brela. Similar to that one in Punta Rata, you can photograph Ikovac stone. 

Igrane Beach

Igrane Beach is situated in a small town called Igrane that has around 400 inhabitants. It is situated 19 km away from Makarska, so you will find it quieter here and can be in tune with nature. You can visit Zale’s tower built to honour a hero from the Ottoman-Venetian war. You will find shade only on the eastern side. From here, you can also visit beach Djevičanska, which is nudist appropriate.

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