Best Beache in Bulgaria: Nessebar

Best Beaches in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country with a growing number of visitors who come to enjoy the beauty of the oldest country in Europe! The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. Moreover, a majority of the Bulgarian beaches are rated among the best beaches on the Black Sea. From party beaches to hidden coves, check out the best beaches in Bulgaria!

Golden Sands Beach

Golden Sands, or Zlatni pyasatsi in Bulgarian, is one of the most popular and the largest seaside resorts, located about 20 km from Varna. The beach is part of the Golden Sand National Park and known for the perfect sand and lush greenery. The beach is well maintained and offers several rental options such as sunbeds and umbrellas. There is also a water park in the area, as well as numerous hotels to stay at.

Getting to the beach is easy by public transport from Varna. Bus lines such as no. 9, 89, 109, 409, 209 and 309 connect the beach with different parts of Varna.

Sunny Beach

The largest and probably the most popular resort in Bulgaria is Sunny Beach. It is located about 30 km from Burgas, in Nessebar, one of the most attractive towns in the country. It all started as a family beach for the locals, but today it is the main tourist hub of the country. Visitors can enjoy hundreds of bars and restaurants along the beach, plenty of facilities for children and adults, an endless offer of sports and activities and a rich cultural and musical program.

Sunny Beach is easily accessible from both Burgas Airport and Varna Airport. There are also multiple bus lines operating between the beach and the cities such as Varna, Burgas and Sofia.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach

Sozopol Central Beach

Sozopol is often visited by those who look for the ideal summer destination. There are several beaches in the town and some of them are among the most popular beaches in Bulgaria. However, if visiting Sozopol, do not miss the central beach located between the Old and New Town. The beach is sandy and offers sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. In case you don’t find the spot at the beach, Harmanite Beach nearby offers a larger sandy surface. Due to its vicinity to the city centre, expect a lot of facilities around.

The beach is very easily accessible thanks to its position. You can easily walk to the beach from the city.



Albena Beach

The beach resort Albena is often listed among the best beaches in Bulgaria. It is located about 30 km from Varna, on the same stretch as the mentioned Golden Sands Beach. The beach is more than 5 km long and it is known for the clear sea and perfect sand. The beach is suitable for families with children as there are plenty of facilities for both such as an aquapark, beach library and sports courts.

There are regular bus services operating to and from the beach. You can also take a little train and explore the surroundings.

Bolata Beach

Bolata is a picturesque small cove on the northern Bulgarian coast near Kavarna and Balgarevo. The beach is ideal for those looking for a less popular beach spot. It is recognizable for its semi-circle shape and brick-red rocks. The beach is sandy and protected from the winds. However, it is an ideal location for all outdoor enthusiasts as the surrounding nature, cliffs and caves offer numerous opportunities to remain active.

The beach is remote and about a 10-minute ride from Balgarevo and about a 20-minute ride from Kavarna.

Veleka Beach

One of the best beaches in Bulgaria is located in Sinemorets and it is recognizable for its distinct shape. This iconic beach is located close to the Turkish border and it is unique as it lies at the mouth of the River Veleka. Therefore, this beach ‘in’ the sea is surrounded by a river on one side and sea on the other. Green nature surrounds the beach making it perfect for everyone who wants to hike or cycle through the area. There are no plenty of facilities around but you will find a beach bar.

The beach is located just outside of the city centre which can be reached on foot.

Sinemorets coast

Sinemorets coast

Irakli Beach

If looking for a spacious beach with little to no facilities, but at the same time boasting the perfect golden sand and crystal clear sea, then Irakli Beach is the place to go. The beach is surrounded by lush vegetation so outdoor enthusiasts can spend the day actively in nature. The beach is located about 4 km from the village of Banya, as well as close to the famous and crowded resorts Nessebar and Obzor. However, the beach is protected, it has a nudist area and is suitable for camping.

Buses operate between the beach and Obzor, but getting a taxi is also an affordable option.

Silistar Beach

Very close to the Turkish border lies a remote and secluded beach Silistar. The beach and surrounding area are protected due to the significant forest ecosystem. The beach is sandy and surrounded by picturesque cliffs. However, it is a paradise for nature lovers who can explore the diversity of flora and fauna. The beach is also known as the “Beach of the Pirates”, it is very calm and serene. There are not many facilities nearby but there is a campsite.

Silistar beach is located between the towns of Sinemorets and Rezovo, both can be reached by car.

Ahtopol Beach

A little south of Sinemorets is the picturesque beach of Ahtopol with golden sand and lush pine forest. Ahtopol town is less crowded than the most popular resorts but it is charming and has a long history. There are several beach bars and restaurants at the beach, but not many other facilities. However, peaceful Ahtopol offers plenty of accommodation options which makes it a perfect summer destination away from the city hustle.

Reaching the beach is easy as it is located basically in the city centre.

Pomorie Beach

A 5-kilometre long beach in Pomorie is located on the upper end of Burgas Bay. The town is situated on a narrow peninsula, about a 30-minute ride from Sunny Beach and Nessebar. The town is significant for its rich history and tradition of fishing, wine growing and salt production. Together with the long, sandy beach offers the perfect summer vacation in Bulgaria. Since the beach is located close to the city centre, you can find numerous facilities and accommodation options around.

Also, thanks to its position, the beach is easily accessible on foot.

Pomorie Beach

Pomorie Beach

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