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Best Beaches in Turkey

Besides the rich culture and architectural spots, tourists visit Turkey for its amazing beaches that are a mix of clear water and flourishing nature. Moreover, Turkey is ranked the third country in the world with the most blue-flagged beaches, after Spain and Greece.

A long Turkish coastline is bathed by four seas, Aegean, Black, Mediterranean, and the sea of Marmara. Whether you opt for a resort or a more inexpensive stay, it doesn’t matter. Turkish hospitality and untouched nature will have you visiting multiple times. 

Here are our top 10 suggestions of the best beaches in Turkey for the amazing summer holidays!

Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz 

Oludeniz sandy beach is situated on the stretch of shore that separates the Blue Lagoon from the sea. It is a commonly photographed gem because the clear shallow water changes suddenly to topaz and sapphire colour. The lagoon is a nature reserve so you will have to pay an entrance fee. Yet, only canoes and paddleboats are allowed. The area offers paragliding, henna tattoos, massages, bars and restaurants. However, Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz is more suitable for those looking for a laid-back vacation, rather than a party spot. 

Cirali Beach 

Cirali is a quiet, pebbly beach in the middle of the almost untouched nature of Cirali village. Instead of hotels, you can choose to stay in wooden cabins, usually family-owned. The beach is ideal for families with children who can enjoy seeing turtles that lay their eggs every summer. At the end of the beach, you can see the ancient ruins of Olympo, a Lycian city from the Hellenistic period. If you’re even more adventurous try hiking to the Chimera flames that inspired the fire-breathing Greek mythological creature. 

Cirali Beach

Cirali Beach

Butterfly Valley 

The beach that got its name from the butterflies, which don’t visit so often anymore, is a breathtaking spot. This small beach has a view of incredibly steep cliffs and Babadag mountains. Since it is a bit harder to reach, you can get there by boat from Oludeniz. This is a spot for experienced climbers or any backpacking enthusiasts who would like to discover waterfalls while hiking.

Iztuzu Beach 

The beach separates the freshwater delta of the Dalyan river and the sea. Since it is one of the main breeding places for loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) in the Mediterranean, it is also known as Turtle Beach. Protected animals lay their eggs so the beach isn’t available from 8 pm to 8 am. Besides being a conservation area, it has a rich history. In the past, it was the harbour of the ancient city of Caunos.

Cleopatra Beach 

At the foot of Alanya Castle, the medieval fortress in Alanya city centre, Cleopatra beach is luring the tourists. The beach is named after the Egyptian queen that supposedly bathed here with Mark Anthony. Aside from surfing and paragliding, you can have fun with the waves that tirelessly splash the sandy shore. The spotlessly clean beach offers bars, restaurants and a long walkway. After relaxing at the beach, enjoy the numerous restaurants or visit the nearby Damlatas Caves.

Alanya Harbour

Alanya Harbour

Icmeler Beach 

Icmeler beach is situated along the coastline of the Datcha Peninsula. It is one of the most attractive destinations, quieter than the Marmaris, which flourished so much that Icmeler became an escape spot. Other than 6 km of golden sand, the beach offers free sunbeds. It is surrounded by a pine forest where you can go hiking and get a view of the whole bay. Activities which are available, other than sunbathing, are scuba diving and water skiing.

Kaputas Beach 

Kaputas is a beach situated at the foot of the canyon, only 5 minutes from the city centre of Kalkan by bus. The water also varies in colour from turquoise to blue. To get to the beach there are 170 steps from the road that connects the two parts of the canyon. The beach offers huts and bars, while many opt for the deck chairs. After soaking up the sun, be sure to photograph the narrow walls of the canyon that have been eroded by the water for centuries. The golden walls of the canyon are protected, as it is the only place where a special kind of yellow flowers grows.

Kaputas beach

Kaputas beach

Patara Beach 

Patara beach is situated in Patara village, 17 km from the city of Kalkan. The beach is 20 km long, therefore, not very crowded.  Here, you will find untouched nature because of the loggerhead turtles. To get to the beach, you will have to go through the ancient ruins of the city for which you will have to pay a small admission fee. The ruins of the city that belonged to the Roman Empire, famous for its temples, collonaded streets and a triumphal arch will fascinate you.

Konyaalti Beach 

One of the two biggest beaches in the city of Antalya is 7 km long and offers you a view of the cliffs and the Beydaglari Mountains. Pebbles make the sea, which has got the Blue Flag for the water quality, seem even clearer. After you finish sunbathing, you can take a long walk or go cycling along the promenade, with the sight of palm trees and hibiscuses and the smell of pines.

Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach

Kabak Beach 

Kabak beach is a true hidden gem. Surrounded by rich pine forest and mountains, it is a spot where other than the sea waves, crickets and a few more animals, you won’t hear much. Silence is your friend, especially if you decide to go camping at night. During the daytime, you can go to a bar where you could meet locals or international backpackers. The best way to get here is by bus from Fethiye and when you reach the Kabak village take a taxi or a bus from the top because the roads can be a bit slippery. 

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