Legoland Deutschland

Want to give your child an opportunity to become a pilot, or a knight, or an explorer? Well, then Legoland Deutschland is the place to go! In this magic place children can slip into the roles of their heroes and do things which usually are meant for the grown-ups, like taking a driving test, going on a jet-ski ride, designing Lego robots or competing in a tournament. It takes about 12 hours to enjoy all the Legoland attractions, watch all the shows and 4D films and take part in all the workshops in the park.

LEGOLAND® Germany situated itself in the Bavarian town of Günzburg and it’s a colourful world full of fun and adventure. Eight exciting themed adventure worlds are waiting for you with more than 50 attractions and models made of over 50 million Lego bricks.

Put on your hero’s mantle and drive through Jungle X-pedition in a canoe, ride on the back of a fire-breathing dragon or explore the underwater world of Atlantis by Sea Life. The BIONICLE™ Power Builder is spectacular as well. Two passengers sit together in a giant robot arm after having first selected and programmed the motions for themselves on a computer.

Other highlights among attractions, that require active participation too, are the Kids Power Tower, where visitors pull themselves up by their own strength, and the Pedal-A-Car, an overhead railway where you go as fast as you pedal.

In the Build & Test Centre you can test your creativity by constructing your own buildings and racing cars. And for those of you who dreamt of being a captain of a ship, there is the Harbour Cruise, where every visitor gets to steer his own boat.
Faithful replicas of buildings, figures and animals leave all visitors amazed. Legoland Miniland, a world in miniature, in which famous buildings and cities, like Berlin, Venice or Neuschwanstein Castle, have been recreated to the smallest detail.


  • Adults: €36.50
  • Children: €32.50
  • Free admission for children under 3 years

Opening hours:

How to get to Legoland:

  • By car: LEGOLAND® Deutschland is right between Stuttgart and Munich in Germany. You can reach LEGOLAND directly via the highway A8 between Munich and Stuttgart. Just exit at Guenzburg.
  • By train: Your can reach LEGOLAND® easily by train to Günzburg, Germany. A shuttle bus commutes regularly between the train station and LEGOLAND. Driving hours are available here for shoulder season and here for high season.

For further information and deeper insight into what this amusement park has to offer, visit its official website.

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