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Ferry Split to Hvar town

The popularity of Hvar Island, and especially Hvar town, has been constantly increasing in the last decade. There are great options to get there today, by taking the ferry from Split to Hvar town.

When I visited Hvar town first time almost 20 years ago, the place was a fairly quiet little oasis. At that time, getting there in the first place was complicated, as there were very few ferries, which made it more or less impossible to make a day trip to Hvar town. Your only option was to spend 5-6 hours traveling via the Split to Stari Grad car ferry connection or take an expensive private boat trip.

Nowadays, the situation is very different. Hvar town has become one of the absolute top locations in Croatia, which also means getting there is way easier today. 

P.s. If you prefer a visually captivating experience, make sure to check out our video guide at the end of the post, featuring summarized tips and insights for your unforgettable trip from Split to Hvar!

The Fastest Way From Split to Hvar Town

The fastest way to get to Hvar town from Split is with the fast ferry. The sailing time with the fast ferry is about 1 hour. In the main summer season there are up to 15 daily departures.

The fast ferry sails with a speed of about 30 nautical miles, and due to safety reasons, it is not possible to be outside during the trip. The route is served by 3 ferry companies, so the easiest way to figure out when the ferry will sail is to check at GetByFerry, which has all of the ferry timetables.

Depending on the ferry company, there is either a manned coffee bar or vending machines with coffee, soft drinks and snacks. Each fast ferry also has areas for luggage and toilet facilities.

The Cheapest Way of Getting to Hvar Town

Everything in Hvar town is quite expensive, especially compared to the Croatian average salary. For people coming from European countries or the US, prices are reasonable.

Nevertheless, saving a few Euros, Pounds or USD is never a bad idea, so here is how to get to Hvar town the cheapest way:

● There is one daily fast ferry which is subsidized by the state. This ferry is 50-60% cheaper than any of the other departures. (the downside is that this particular departure can not be used for a day trip as it leaves Split in the middle of the afternoon)

⟶ The price for this trip is less than 10 Euros.

● The second cheapest option is to take the car ferry from Split to Stari Grad and then a bus from Stari Grad to Hvar town. This trip takes about 2 hours and 30-40 minutes. The benefit of this trip is that you have the options to sit outside during the 2-hour ferry ride. 

⟶ The price for this trip is about 11 Euros (Ferry ticket and bus ticket included)

⟶ The bus will be waiting at the pier for the ferry to arrive.

Tips for the Departure From Split Port

When traveling to Hvar town from Split, you should know the following:

1. The Split port has about 25 berths, so the port is relatively big. The fast ferries to Hvar depart from berth 10, 11 or 12, which is more or less at the middle of the port.  An exception is the ferries operated by Jadrolinija, they usually depart from berth number 6.

2. If you arrive at the bus or train station and need to catch the ferry, cross the street and take a right turn to walk to your ferry. The distance to the pier with berths 10-12 is less than 100 meters away.

3. If you arrive by Uber or Bolt you should select “Gat Sv. Petra” as your destination (Gat Sv. Petra is the name of the pier)

4. If you wish to catch a window seat, be at the correct berth 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

5. There are plenty of coffee bars, fast food restaurants and shops by the port. Also, there are several options for storing your luggage near the port.

Arriving From Split Airport to Hvar Town

If you are looking to travel from Split airport to Hvar town, you have the following options, sorted according to price.

1. Airport shuttle + Ferry

2. Taxi / Private Transfer / Uber + Ferry

3. Private transfer by car (Via Stari Grad)

4. Boat transfer from airport to Hvar town

The first two options are of course way cheaper, but the latter is the most convenient. The private boat transfer is for sure something to consider if you are a group of 8 people or more.

Seasonality of Ferries

The number of ferry departures between Split and Hvar varies a bit, depending on the season.

November to March: 1 daily departure (The subsidized line operated by Jadrolinija)

April: 4 to 5 daily departures

May: 6 daily departures

June: 10 daily departures

July and August: more than 15 daily departures

September: up to 15 daily departures

October: up to 7 daily departures

The above-mentioned number might vary a bit, but you get the general picture of when the most ferries are available to the city of Hvar.

In this Video you can check more information about the Ferry from Split to Hvar Island:

Other Ferries to Hvar Island

Split – Stari Grad

As mentioned above, there is a Car ferry between Split and Stari Grad. This connection is actually the most important ferry route to the Island, as the majority of goods for the Island is transported via this route. This route operates year-round

The travel time from Split to Stari Grad is about 2 hours, the ferry operating the route is in great condition, with a very nice salon and sitting area outside. 

Pro tip: Due to the high number of travellers from the Split port in the main season, reaching the port can take a lot of time, so remember to go early.

Drvenik – Sucuraj

At the southeastern peak of the island of Hvar, there is a car ferry connection from Drvenik to Sucuraj. This is actually the fastest ferry connection to Island Hvar, but it is not really suitable if you are a foot passenger traveling to Hvar. Sucuraj is more than 70 km away from the town of Hvar.

If you are traveling to Hvar by car and arriving from the south, you should for sure use the Drvenik to Sucuraj route, as it is the cheapest car ferry connection to the Island.

Split – Jelsa

Throughout the year, there is one daily fast ferry from Split to Jelsa, via Bol on Island Brac. This line is a subsidized line which means it operates with the purpose of enabling the people in Jelsa to maintain a job in Split.

The departure from Jelsa to Split is in the early morning and the return from Split is late in the afternoon.

From Jelsa there are buses to Hvar town, so you can use this as an alternative to the other options I’ve mentioned above.

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