Best Beaches in Turkey - Hisar

Best Beaches in Turkey

Besides the rich culture and architectural spots, tourists visit Turkey for its amazing beaches that are a mix of clear water and flourishing nature. Moreover, Turkey is ranked the third country in the world with the most blue-flagged beaches, after Spain and Greece. A long Turkish coastline is bathed by four seas, Aegean, Black, Mediterranean, […]

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Beaches in Dalmatia

Over the years Croatia has become one of Europe’s most attractive tourist destinations. Its rich cultural and historical heritage, breathtaking landscapes and amazing beaches are just some of the reasons why people keep coming back to this fantastic country! And don’t forget delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife as well! If you’re thinking of visiting either […]

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Best rafting places on the Balkans

Dear adrenaline addicts – this article is just for you! We are giving you the list of top rafting 6 places on the Balkans. Bring your swimsuits and sunscreen and get ready for the best adventures this summer! 1) Vrbas river, Banja Luka Let’s start with rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the best […]

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