Best rafting places on the Balkans

Dear adrenaline addicts – this article is just for you! We are giving you the list of top rafting 6 places on the Balkans. Bring your swimsuits and sunscreen and get ready for the best adventures this summer!

1) Vrbas river, Banja Luka

Let’s start with rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the best places to ride the wild waters is definitely Banja Luka, the second biggest city in the country. Banja Luka is situated on river Vrbas and rafting on this river can last up to three hours. Vrbas is a fast mountain river with several wild sections with high falls and it is one of the most attractive river streams in Europe. At the end of the route people usually take a swim in Vrbas river and have a picnic. There are three possible rafting routes you can pick:

  • Zvečaj – Karanovac: the shortest route since it is only 5 kilometres long. On this route you’ll get to see old Medieval fortress Zvečaj and nearby caves
  • Ada – Karanovac: this route is 11 km long and it’s takes you around 2 hours to finish it. Along the river you’ll pass the old rock bridge and other natural sights
  • Bijeli buk – Karanovac: the longest rafting route on Vrbas river, almost three hours long

2) Cetina river, Omiš

Probably the most popular rafting in Croatia is done on Cetina river in Southern Dalmatia. The mighty river which flows through the town of Omiš is the favourite place for adrenaline addicts. During summer, many traveling agencies in Split organise day trips to Cetina which include water activities such as kayaking, canyoning, cliff climbing, zip line across Cetina Canyon and the most popular – rafting. The starting point for rafting tour starts at Radman’s Mills or in Zadvarje village. Minimum age required for rafting on Cetina is 8 years and people are usually recommended to bring swimming suits, towels and clothes to change after the tour. Also, the water is quite chilly even in summer months (between 14°C and 17°C) so be prepared for a temperature shock in case you decide to take a swim afterwards.

3) Drina and Tara river, Foča

Rafting on Drina and Tara rivers is so popular that there is even a special rafting camp! The camp offers numerous possibilities and combinations for the visitors. You can either do one-day rafting or stay in the camp for two or three days. Other offers include combos with kayaking, canyoning, jeep safari or driving quads. The rafting center is located around 18 kilometres from the city of Foča. The center has bungalows where the visitors can stay overnight. The entire complex is situated on the bank of Tara river. For extra activities, there are even mini football and volleyball courts and a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the mighty river.

4) Neretva river, Konjic

Though Neretva is partly Croatian river too, the rafting trips are organised near the town of Konjic in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The starting point for rafting trip starts in Glavaticevo village and then people “raft” for around 24 kilometres back to Konjic. Actually, the final stop is in Dzajici village where people can rest after the adventure on the water and have a traditional Bosnian dinner for quite affordable prices. The rapids on the river are not too challenging which means the rafting on Neretva is suitable for all generations. If you are an absolute beginner, Neretva is your top one pick!

5) Soča river, Bovec

If visiting Slovenia, make sure not to miss rafting on wild Soča river. Soča is known to be one of the most popular Slovenian rivers for extreme water sport activities. During summer months there are three rafting trips daily on Soča river. The trip always starts at Bovec Rafting Team sports center where people go to get the necessary equipment and then they go together with the professional guide to the starting point. The trip lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes which makes it ideal for families with kids because it is not too long. What’s best, the agencies organising the trips give you the possibility to use their professional camera to get free photos and videos of your mini adventure on Soča!

6) Una river, Bihać

If you want to save some money but have a blast on a rafting trip, then rafting on Una river is the best choice for you! Compared to other rafting centres, the one in Bihać in Bosnia and Herzegovina is pretty cheap. For only 60 KM (around €31) you can test your rafting skills on 15 km long route. The trip lasts about 3 hours but during the trip there are few breaks intended for swimming and cliff jumping. This route is also the “warmest” because the water stream is not that cold like in the other rafting routes, so it is perfect for families. The most popular route is the one which includes the visit to the National park Una. This route is more suitable for experts since you get to “ride” the 24 meter high waterfall called Štrbački buk. Each participant gets a welcome drink and if you’re in group of ten people and more, you get free cevapi (traditional Bosnian meat dish). Bosnians sure know how to attract people!

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